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Puerto Rican Food Delivered: The 25 Best Restaurants In The US

There might be restaurant closures and other dining restrictions across the country right now, but if you can’t get to the restaurant then, you might as well have the food come to you! When you have a craving to get authentic Puerto Rican food delivered, these places are the best of the best.

Puerto Rican food is made for sharing, so invite your friends and family over to enjoy these stunning feasts. Add in the fact that you will be helping support great restaurants through tough times and everybody is a winner.

So, if you feel like empanadas or tostones or the ever-classic national dish of arroz con gandules, then take note of your nearest PR restaurant. When it comes to getting Puerto Rican food delivered, the food just doesn’t get any better than at the restaurants below.

The Best Puerto Rican Food – Delivered!

1. Mofongos – Los Angeles, California

Fancy experiencing a bit of Puerto Rican food, music, and tradition while you’re in Southern California? Head to Mofongos. First, you’ll be welcomed by a wonderful atmosphere that oozes charm and culture. Then, you’ll tantalise your tastebuds as you indulge in a unique blend of native Taino, Spanish, and African cuisine that defines Puerto Rican cuisine.

2. Adobo Puerto Rican Cafe – Dallas, Texas

From Austin to Houston and all the way up to Dallas, the Lone Star State is filled with little restaurants oozing of Puerto Rican flavours and rhythm. For example, Adobo has long been serving quality food to Dallas locals. The Martinez family moved from Puerto Rico to Texas in 2010 and brought their family recipes with them. The result? Mouthwatering food that’s full of passion.

3. Made in Puerto Rico – New York

While ranking the best Puerto Rican restaurant in New York is pretty difficult, Made in Puerto Rico is a highlight. They’re famous for blending modern Latin cuisine with traditional spices in a way that truly highlights all of Puerto Rico’s amazing flavours. Savour all of the traditional Puerto Rican dishes you love along with their famous signature dishes and cocktails.

4. Cocina El Jibarazo Latin Cuisine – San Antonio, Texas

Dig into Puerto Rican & Caribbean comfort foods & Cuban sandwiches at this funky food truck that also delivers. The beef empanadillas are a must-order, as is the pernil. Start with those, then, make your way through the entire rest of the menu. Everything here is worth a try.

Cocina El Jibarazo has truly delightful dishes. One bite and you’ll be a regular customer for life!

5. Vejigantes Restaurant – Boston, Massachusetts

The owners of this restaurant note that dining here is a culinary experience inspired by Puerto Rican cuisine. The experience, which highlights the island’s rich culture, passion, and even ingredients, is all fuelled by the restaurant’s main dishes. They’ve mastered the art of putting a fine-dining spin on traditional Puerto Rican flavours. And, the result is something you simply have to taste for yourself.

6. Lechonera Latina – Orlando, Florida

Your mouth will be watering as soon as you walk in here, with the aroma of roast pork, pernil and chicken simmering in the background. The food is a mix of Cuban and Puerto Rican bites, with hearty dishes such as oxtail mofongo and meat pastels.

You can eat in, or order huge plates to takeaway for a family feast at home.

7. El Coqui Panaderia y Reposteria – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Though pretty much a bakery, this Harrowgate spot also serves savoury dishes such as sandwiches, mofongo, empanadas and pollo guisado. So far, so good. What’s even better though, is the sweet goods. The temptation of the fresh and homemade flan, pan de agua and stuffed tornillo pastries here is undeniable.

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8. Chago’s Caribbean Cuisine – Austin, Texas

Chago’s was one of the restaurants responsible for introducing Austin locals to the Puerto Rican food scene. Chago and his wife Solemar run the place, and they do with energy, passion, and love. And, it’s evident that they infuse that same kind of passion and love into every dish they cook. The chef’s specialty is a pernil asado, so you can’t visit Chago’s and not try the dish.

9. El Palmar Restaurant – Elizabeth, New Jersey

For traditional Puerto Rican food in New Jersey, head to El Palmar Restaurant. While they’ve been serving quality Cuban food since the 1970s, they added Puerto Rican dishes to their menu a while back. Sample any one of their sandwiches, sides, and main dishes to experience authentic flavours that taste as if they’ve just come straight from the island.

10. Manà Escondido Cafe – Boston, Massachussetts

If you’ve craving authentic, home-style Puerto Rican food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then this is the place to go. Manà Escondido Cafe is a local fave when it comes to tasty Puerto Rican restaurants in Boston. On the menu there’s all the best things to eat: from salted cod fritters to pernil horniado (roasted pork shoulder).

11. La Casa Del Mofongo – Houston, Texas

Caribbean food reigns supreme at La Casa Del Mofongo, one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in Houston. What makes this place so special is that, aside from serving famous Puerto Rican dishes such as the ever-classic mofongo, you’ll find savoury, scrumptious dishes from other places in the Caribbean as well. The fusion of Dominican, Colombian, and Caribbean flavours melt together to create truly delightful dishes.

12. La Bomba – Chicago, Illinois

There’s nothing at La Bamba that’s not downright delicious. Beginning with the mouthwatering lechon, morcilla, and alcaprrias and straight through to the famous Arroz con Gandules, everything here is cooked to perfection. And, it’s served with just the right balance of flavour and tradition. If you find yourself out and about and craving La Bomba, look for their twenty-eight food trailer around town.

13. Phoenix Coqui – Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix’s first authentic Puerto Rican food truck is slinging their signature dishes like nobody’s business. Authentic flavours run over and through every plate they serve here, and it’s all due to the hard work and passion of the family behind the truck. Simply put, they bring the flavour and fun from Puerto Rico and cook it into the food they so lovingly serve locals and visitors.

Best Puerto Rican Restaurants in Arizona

14. El Lechon de Negron – Union Township, New Jersey

If you’re after authentic Puerto Rican pig roast, there’s no better place to get your fill than at El Lechon de Negron in New Jersey. Their Pernil is delicious, for instance, but their Chuletas Fritas are equally as divine. Our best tip is to head here extremely hungry and try to eat your way through as many menu items as possible.

15. El Nuevo Fruitlandia – San Francisco, California

Delicious Puerto Rican and Cuban flavours melt together at El Nuevo Fruitlandia to form some of the most delectable dishes in the Bay Area. While their Cuban sandwiches and Ropa Vieja are second to none, it’s the Puerto Rican dishes that truly shine. Stop by to sample their mouthwatering Lechon. It’s some of the best you’ll taste outside of Puerto Rico.

16. Ponce Restaurant – Chicago, Illinois

Chicago’s best Puerto Rican restaurant is also one of the best Puerto Rican restaurants in America. This family-owned business has been serving authentic food to residents of Chicago for over 15 years now, which means that they’re experts at delivering dishes packed with flavour and authenticity. Try their famous Pollo Guisado con Arroz y Gandules. You won’t regret it.

17. La Cosinita Latina – Palm Beach, Florida

This is the ideal place to try a myriad of dishes that are prepared using authentic recipes.  Come experience the many flavors Puerto Rican Cuisine has to offer in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

18. Andres Restaurant – San Diego, California

If you’re new to Puerto Rican food, then it might be easy to confuse it with Cuban cuisine. At Andres Restaurant, you’ll have the chance to sample both in a slightly upscale, delightful setting. Alongside their standard Puerto Rican dishes, they offer a pretty comprehensive beer and wine list. A glass of wine and delicious food from the island? It doesn’t get any better.

19. Metropol Restaurant – Miami, Florida

Metropol Restaurant was actually founded in San Juan back in 1965. The original concept combined the ideas of good service at good prices, a family ambience, and excellent Puerto Rican food to create one of the most popular restaurants on the island. Now, they serve hungry guests all over the world, but their Miami location is truly top-notch.

20. Congas Restaurant – San Antonio, Texas

When it comes to casual comfort food in the city, you’ll never go too far wrong here. Congas Restaurant are experts at delivering dishes full of flavour and authenticity. Try their famous tender and juicy chicken with fluffy rice, or Cubano sandwiches. You won’t regret it.

21. Dolce Pan Bakery – Huntsville, Alabama

It’s hard to find a traditional Puerto Rican restaurant and bakery more authentic and charming than Dolce Pan Bakery. Tucked away in Huntsville, Alabama, this might not be where you’d expect to find quality Latin food, but they sure to deliver. From Puerto Rican-style sandwiches and street food to delectable sweets, everything here is bursting with flavour and served with style.

Best Puerto Rican Food in the US

22. El Nuevo Bohío Tropical – The Bronx, New York

You can’t have a list of the best Puerto Rican Restaurants in New York and not include El Nuevo Bohio in the Bronx. It’s a classic for good reason. The pulled pork here is the main attraction and is a must-order. It’s made fresh daily and is seriously juicy and tender. You’ll struggle to find any better in the city.

23. Pal Campo – Orlando, Florida

You’re going to want to start your wonderful tour of Puerto Rican flavours and restaurants in America at Pal Campo in Orlando. More than a mere restaurant, dining here is a bit of an experience. Enjoy all of your favourite traditional Puerto Rican dishes that they craft to the utmost perfection. There’s a reason why this place has been named the Best Puerto Rican Restaurant in Central Florida for years.

24. Adobo – Irving, Texas

The Lone Star State is full of little restaurants oozing of Puerto Rican flavours and rhythm. But, Adobo reigns supreme when it comes to serving quality food to North Texas locals. The Martinez family moved from Puerto Rico to Texas in 2010 and brought their family recipes with them. The result? Mouthwatering food that’s full of passion.

25. Taino’s Kitchen – Newark, New Jersey

From the ambience to the food and straight through to the superb service, there’s nothing that diners don’t like about Taino’s Kitchen, one of the best Puerto Rican Restaurants in New Jersey. While their menu sticks to the basics, they offer weekly specials that guests seem to really love. Each day of the week you can enjoy something delightfully delicious and special.

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