The 7 Best Puerto Rico Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Puerto Rico

Nothing beats sitting on a paradise island in the Caribbean, having a feast, and Puerto Rico burgers are the perfect treat for a perfect location.

Given the close ties that the country has with the USA, it isn’t hard to see how hamburger culture has filtered through here. Gourmet toppings and simple-yet-tasty bites are the name of the game.

We’ve picked out the seven best burgers on the island, so all you have to do is grab a couple of friends and work up an appetite. Puerto Rico burgers don’t get any better than these…

Best burgers Puerto RicoHow do these rankings work?

1. Yam Burger

A brilliant venue that focus on comfort food served on streets around the world. You’ll find hot dogs, porchetta loaded fries being served in relaxed settings.

Your main focus though should be their classic bacon cheeseburger. Huge flavour, perfectly sized and seriously juicy patties. A classic.

Puerto Rico Burgers

2. La Burguett

A fine-dining restaurant with a big focus on steaks. Given that they are so good at handling beef, it is no surprise their burger is an absolute classic.

They make their patties fresh daily and the home cut fries really round off this world class foodie experience.

La Burguett Hamburger in Puerto Rico

3. El Hamburger

It’s all about the quality of their beef and the unique smokey taste that their grill gives the finished burger.

You don’t need lots of toppings or excess when the core product is this good. As good a cheeseburger as you’ll ever taste.

El Hamburger in Puerto Rico

4. Buns Burger Shop

A proper American-style joint where they serve dogs, hand cut fries, sandwiches, shakes,  wine and craft beers. Those are all absolutely superb but it is the burger you are really after.

Throw in brilliant service and the fact their venues are always buzzing and it is the sort of place you’ll hang around for a couple of extra drinks.

Buns Burger Shop

5. Air Buns Burger

This is the place to come to if you want exciting toppings, lots of creativity and an inventive burger.

They even serve a stuffed burger with the cheese inside the meat patty. Add in one of their portions of loaded fries on the side and you will be absolute heaven.

Air Buns Burger

6. Waldos Food Truck

Waldos is an iconic and famous local spot to get a burger. The line of people waiting for the burgers gives you an indication of just what everybody thinks of them.

Double patties, great toppings and perfect fries. Eating one of these with the sun on your back is one of life’s great burger experiences.

Waldos Food Truck Hamburger

7. The Place

This is one of those places that excels at everything they do. From brunch to cocktails through to desserts, pizzas and burgers. The sort of place where you want one of each thing on the menu.

The burgers are stacked high, feature the very best of ingredients and will absolutely melt into your mouth.

The Place Burger in Puerto Rico

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