The 7 Best Qatar Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Qatar

When arriving in a new city, one dish that many people turn to is the humble burger. It’s known all over the world and offers comfort away from home. But where are the best Qatar burgers that you should know about?

We’ve done the hard work and narrowed it down to the 7 very best burgers. All you have to do is go and eat them… Simple.

Best Burgers Qatar

1. Burger Gourmet

The huge range of toppings and varieties here means that there’s something for everybody. Throw in some great shakes and side dishes and you can forget about the diet – but have a wonderful meal.
Qatar Burgers

2. Burgeri

This is a UK franchise that has really exploded in popularity. Their burgers are simple but big on flavour and combined with the cheesy American style fries they make the perfect treat.

Burgeri in Qatar

3. Jones The Grocer

This popular deli restaurant has locations all over the world and their Australian-themed menu is super popular with punters. The burger is big on flavours and classic in style. A real winner.

Jones The Grocer Hamburger in Qatar

4. Big Smoke Burger

Big Smoke Burgers places ahuge emphasis on the quality of their ingredients and it shows in the end product. Their shakes are probably as good – if not better – as you’ll find in Qatar too.

Big Smoke Burger

5. Burger Boutique

The do super original burgers here (including ones served in red buns!) but you’d be foolish to look past the Classic. Unlike the name suggests, there is lots of other stuff on the menu for your non-burger loving friends.

Burger Boutique in Qatar

6. Duke Burger House

Their burgers are flame grilled to perfection and between their American-style diner menu and quirky¬† location, you’ll feel like you are actually in the USA when having food here.

Duke Burger House

7. Market By Jean-George

Many people come for the sushi, the steaks or the other high end food…. Well, we’re sorry, but you’re ordering the wrong thing: the burger is the real star of the menu.

Market By Jean-George in Qatar

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