The 7 Best Qatar Coffee Shops

The 7 Best Qatar Coffee Shops

The first port of call for many when arriving in a new city is a good cup of coffee. Qatar coffee options are seriously varied, from large chains to small local independents so the choice is huge.

Caffeine lovers rejoice: we’ve picked out the 7 best spots in Qatar for you, so you can just focus on sipping these beautiful brews…

Best Coffee Qatar

1. Coffee Beanery

There’s three locations around Doha, so you’ll never be too far away from a cuppa. While all their coffees are great, they make especially good iced brews and frappes. A real treat.

Qatar Coffee

2. Meesh Cafe

Meesh Me-Time Cafe does amazing coffee and lots of treats with the added bonus that the recently started opening 24 hours a day so you’ll never be short of your coffee fix.

See you there for a 4am espresso?

Meesh Cafe in Qatar

3. Flat White Specialty Coffee

You’ll find seriously good coffee here, that would hold its own in any city in the world. There’s also the added bonus that can sit outside and enjoy one of their epic iced brews in the sunshine.

Flat White Specialty Coffee in Qatar

4. Caribou Coffee

This Canadian franchise has multiple locations around the city and serves up some seriously good treats. Try some of their cakes along with the coffee ,and you’ll be in heaven.

Caribou Cafe

5. Mokarabia

Mokarabia is the place to come for some Italian-themed coffee, with the added bonus that they have a library in their stores for you to grab a book and linger over your drink reading.

Mokarabia Cafe

6. Chemist Café

As the name would suggest, Chemist Cafe puts a lot of effort into their exact recipes and the science behind their drinks.  The result? Award winning coffee that is hard to beat.

Chemist Café

7. W Cafe 

It’s well worth a special trip to this superb coffee shop. Alongside great drinks, they have amazing brunch options, tasty cakes and nice smoothies and juices. W Caafe ticks every box and you’ll never want to leave.

W Cafe  Shop

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