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The 7 Best Spots For Ramen In Los Angeles

Looking for the best ramen in Los Angeles? You’re in luck, as the City of Angels is home to some of the best ramen spots in the country. 

LA’s home to the best ramen scene in the country, which makes it the ideal spot for those new to ramen and for those who plan a specific noodle night each week. Innovative bowls are standard here, but you’ll also find quality classic ramen at pretty much any spot on this list.

Ready to dive into some of the most delicious food in the city? Check out one of the seven best spots for ramen in Los Angeles.

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DAIKOKUYA Ramen serves, without a doubt, some of the best ramen in Los Angeles. The ramen bowls here have customers lined up out the door. So, head there early and be sure to head back often.

Best Ramen in Los Angeles

2. Tatsu Ramen

Ramen with soul is what they serve at Tastu, and you sure do taste the soul. It’s the gourmet ingredients they add that create such an intriguing flavour profile. And, they’ve got options for vegans and gluten-free foodies, too.

Ramen Spots Los Angeles

3. Orochon Ramen

Orochon claims to have the spiciest ramen in Los Angeles for those who love a little thrill with their meal. Their ramen is slow-cooked with 13 different spices, which explains why it’s so full of flavour.

Spiciest Ramen in LA

4. Okiboru

Located in Chinatown, you’ll find that the ramen at Okiboru is pretty superior to other ramen spots in Los Angeles. Critics think so too, which is why it was listed as one of the Michelin Bib Gourmand restaurants in 2019. They couldn’t get enough fo the tsukemen-style ramen.

5. Ippudo Santa Monica

This world-renowned noodle shop has been serving ramen to hungry guests for years. The best part about becoming a fan of the ramen at Ippudo is that you can enjoy their noodles in other parts of the country as they’ve got stores in San Francisco, Berkeley, and New York.

6. Menya Musashi

Menya Musashi is pretty popular in Asia, with 14 locations in Japan and numerous in other countries. However, their flagship North American store was opened in Los Angeles last year and it’s been a huge hit. Their large, delicious bowls taste convincingly authentic.

Tasty Ramen Los Angeles

7. Tengoku Ramen Bar

The bowls here practically overflow with perfectly-cooked broth and tasty noodles. Take your taste buds on a journey here and dive into some of the best ramen in Los Angeles.

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