Ribs In Las Vegas

The 7 Best Places For Ribs In Las Vegas

This is a city that is packed full of amazing foodie options, but we’re gonna focus on the best Las Vegas ribs. The racks that are so big they fill the plate, and so tasty that you’ll be licking your fingers and savouring every single mouthful.

From sports bars and diners to high-end BBQ joints, there is something for everybody on this list.

It’s time to grab your friends, work up an appetite and dig into some of the top places to eat the best Las Vegas ribs…

Best Places for Las Vegas RibsHow do these rankings work?

1. John Mull’s Meats & Road Kill Grill

This super popular local restaurant has two locations and there is always a line of happy customers. As well as brisket, chicken and other BBQ classics, they offer both pork and beef ribs.

One thing we would say is make sure you come with a serious appetite, because the portions are massive.

2. Lucille’s Smokehouse

They use hickory wood and cook their ribs low and slow to ensure maximum flavour. What really sets them apart though, are all the exciting sides you get to choose from.

The food is only half the story because they combine it with the finest Southern hospitality. An all-round fantastic experience from the second you walk in the door.

3. Virgil’s Real BBQ

With locations in Times Square New York, The Bahamas and Vegas, you would have to admit that they pick their venues well!

The food is unfussy and exactly what you want to eat with a group or friends or family before a night out in Vegas. The ribs come with a dry rub and are best served with the mac and cheese.

4. Rollin Smoke Barbeque

It’s all about the fall off the bone hickory smoked bbq ribs, which they have perfected over two decades. They serve them up with classic sides and some seriously tasty homemade sauces.

The father and son team behind the business have a real passion for what they do, and it shows in every great dish.

Ribs In Las Vegas

5. Big Ern’s BBQ

You’ll find them located in the downtown container park where they smoke all their own meats daily. They have one of the best mac and cheeses you will ever taste, which will go perfectly with your ribs.

They also offer outdoor seating which is a must-do on a fine day to enjoy your ribs in the sun while people watching.

6. Famous Dave’s

They are best known for their chicken wings, pulled pork, chicken sandwiches and of course, their ribs. This is the sort of place you come if you fancy some serious comfort food.

Do make sure to keep some room for their desserts too though, because they are utterly delicious.

7. Mabel’s BBQ

You can have the ribs on their own or as part of the amazing smoked meat platter seen below. This is BBQ of the very highest standard with every detail thought of.

Throw in great craft beers and a huge selection of bourbon and it is the sort of place you will never want to leave.

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