The 7 Best Rotterdam Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Rotterdam

The food scene in this vibrant city has been taking off in recent years with some brilliant new restaurants, with some places churning out the best Rotterdam Burgers.

Let’s be honest – burgers are one of the tastiest foods that just never lets you down. Well, good burgers never let you down. And you should never settle for a mediocre burger. So, we’ve selected all the best to eat right here: from the huge stuffed burgers with lots of toppings down to a classic cheeseburger.

All you have to do is pick one from the list, grab a buddy and go and try one of the seven best Rotterdam burgers

Best burgers in RotterdamHow do these rankings work?

1. Roffa Streetfoodbar

The word ‘Roffa’ is slang for Rotterdam and even since they opened the first “Roffa” they’ve been growing super fast. You’ll now find them in three locations across the city, including Foodhallen.

For a really special and different burger experience, try the smokey burger which comes unveiled in a cloud of smoke with great fanfare.

Roffa Streetfoodbar In Rotterdam

2. Ter Marsch & Co

You know you are going to be into a serious burger when you are handed a bib before eating your meal. In fairness, that is more of a brilliant marketing tool than anything because the burgers are perfectly formed and far from super messy.

Great craft beers, a buzzing terrace and a hip crowd make this one of the very best burgers you will ever taste.

Ter Marsch & Co Hamburger

3. Hamburg

Their huge main focus here is on the raw ingredients. That means 100% fresh and antibiotic-free beef which is formed fresh daily on the premises. Even their sauces, toppings and condiments are made fresh wherever possible.

Big, tasty portions with wonderful french fries make these the perfect burger to have with friends before a night out. A real classic.

Rotterdam Burgers

4. Burger Club

Burger Club is home of the tastiest burgers in the city since and are constantly winning awards.

For something really special try their Rossini burger which has a slice of Fois Gras on top of the meat and which will melt in your mouth. *drools*

They also have a super happy hour from 3pm-6pm every day with big discounts on their burgers.

Burger Club In Rotterdam

5. Ellis Gourmet Burger

The name is a reference to Ellis Island near New York which was the main place for Europeans immigrating to the US during the last century. The founders believe the best burgers are in America and want to bring that culture back to Europe, hence the name.

They have two locations in the Netherlands and two in Belgium with plans to expand further in the future. If you live near one of these you’re pretty lucky.

The burgers themselves have juicy patties, thick crispy fries and great dipping sauces.

Ellis Gourmet Burger

6. Firma Pickles Burgers & Wines

They aim to do what very few burger restaurants do and that is focus on the wine offering and pair them accordingly. That means 30 different types of wine by the glass to choose from and knowledgeable staff to help choose.

Their burgers can either be ordered as they are or you can make your own from a long list of toppings. You’ll find them in several cities and towns across the Netherlands.

Firma Pickles Burgers & Wines in Rotterdam

7. Ferry Store

Ferry once started as a magazine, but has since evolved into a place where food, work, drink and dance all come together. During the day you can relax or co-work and enjoy super coffee and a terrace in the summer. In the evenings, things shift gear with great cocktails and a chilled vibe.

The burger itself is super classical with delicious french fries. Ferry has the whole package.

Ferry Store Hamburger

After all that eating you’ll want to walk it off so why not check out the 7 most Instagrammable spots in Rotterdam.

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