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The 7 Best Places For Brunch In Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City brunch is up there with the very best in the world, which is hardly surprising when you consider what a great food scene this city has.

There are many things that the world disagrees on these days, but brunch being one of the greatest meals of the week is not one of them. Who doesn’t love huge portions of food with coffees and cocktails in the early morning?

With so many places to choose from it was hard to narrow it down, but these are the very best Salt Lake City brunch spots you absolutely can’t miss out on.

1. Pig & A Jelly Jar

The best brunch spot in Salt Lake City? This Southern-influenced diner that’s totally brunch-driven. Here, they serve breakfast and lunch all day long. Simply put, this is the kind of place that has such a huge range of delicious dishes on the menu you could easily order three or four without skipping a beat. Their innovative drinks menu even includes beer cocktails. Brunch really doesn’t get much better than this.

2. Hub and Spoke Diner

Fancy diving into a huge plate of chicken and waffles? At Hub and Spoke Diner, they offer a chicken and waffle sandwich which features a sweet potato waffle, fried chicken thigh, fermented chile syrup and fried eggs. One of the greatest brunch dishes in Salt Lake City? We think so. They also make most of their food in-house. This includes fresh made bread and pastries, shakes and ice-cream specials.

3. Publik

While you might first be attracted by Publik’s reputation of serving some of the best coffee in the city it is the brunch that will wow you even further. Here, the excel at simple baked goods and lovely sweet treats. Enjoy brunch classics such as tasty, mouthwatering avocado toast. As soon as you wash it down with the coffee you will be in absolute heaven.

4. Penny Ann’s Cafe

Penny Ann’s Cafe is most famous for their signature “Heavenly Hot Cakes,” which are light and airy sour cream pancakes. You simply cannot come here and not eat one, or two, or three. However, they do savoury dishes incredibly well, too. Enjoy some great homemade corned beef hash, breakfast nachos or any other the other favourites that locals in Salt Lake City love so much.

5. The Park Café

The Park Café has been an integral part of Salt Lake City’s culture, and more specifically part of Liberty Park’s culture, since 1984. So, it comes as no surprise that they’re used to serving quality breakfast and brunch food to happy customers. Order literally anything off of the menu for a filling, tasty brunch. However, we suggest starting with their French toast. It’s famous for a few delicious reasons.

6. Pago

Pago is an intimate, farm-to-table restaurant where they focus on world-class produce and truly great service. The high service comes without the formal or stuffy atmosphere, just laidback vibes and some of the most delicious brunch food in all of Salt Lake City. Simply put, brunch is a spectacular affair at Pago, and if you manage to grab one of their outdoor tables in the warmer months, you will be in absolute heaven.

Salt Lake City brunch

7. Garden Café

Head to Garden Cafe for something different and truly spectacular for your Salt Late City brunch experience. What makes it so great? Brunch is served buffet-style. So, you’ll want to come with a serious appetite.  You’ll find waffles, pancakes and lots of other brunch classics, but the dessert station is the true masterpiece. The big question is…how many times can you revisit it?

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