The 7 Best San Antonio Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In San Antonio

This Texas city has some of the best food in the country and San Antonio Burgers are right up there when it comes to quality.

From the classic cheeseburgers to the burgers stuffed full of delicious toppings, we have something for every burger lover in the Lone Star State on this list.

These are the seven best San Antonio Burgers. Prepare to get seriously hungry…

Best burgers San Antonio
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1. Armadillos Texas Style Burgers

Texas-style portions (read: huge) where they place just as much emphasis on the sides as the burger itself. Sides include classic French fries, tator tots, onion rings, chili cheese fries, or bacon cheese fries. Their burgers and cheeseburgers become miniaturised to a 1/3 pound for smaller hands. One thing is certain and that is that you won’t be leaving here hungry.

Armadillos Texas Style Burgers

2. Tycoon Flats

Rich with local history and heritage, this original 1920’s Iconic Gas Station was successfully transformed into a unique and popular family restaurant 35 years ago. They’ve always been known for live music but the burger is what keeps the happy customers coming back.

Tycoon Flats Hamburger

3. Big’z Burger Joint

They pride themselves on being a family friendly restaurant and it is a great place for parents to sit back, enjoy home cooked delicious burgers, and watch their children play. The room is always buzzing, the staff super attentive and there is a huge range of burgers to choose from which are all delicious.

San Antonio Burgers

4. Burger Boy

Burger Boy is a proper old school drive through burger joint (you can eat in too) that has a wildly passionate local following. Their burgers are simple, delicious and you won’t hear anybody in the area say a bad word about them. A great excuse to visit Texas.

Burger Boy in San Antonio

5. Fattboy Burgers & Dogs

As the name suggests, they focus on two main American classics – burgers and hot dogs. They do them both super well. Just an easy going restaurant where the service is always top class, the selection of local and imported beer impressive and the portions big.

Fattboy Burgers & Dogs

6. Sam’s Burger Joint

Sam’s Burger Joint & Music Hall is all about three of the great thing you need in life: burgers, beer, and bands. The burgers are the perfect size to pick up and eat without cutlery in a casual style. The brilliant cocktails are an added bonus.

Sam's Burger Joint in San Antonio

7. Mark’s Outing

Since 2005, Mark’s Outing has been serving up thick and juicy burgers, on their signature home-style buns, capturing the taste buds of burger lovers. The beer battered onion rings and complementary beans are also true crowd pleasers which keep their loyal customers coming back.

Mark's Outing Hamburger

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