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The 7 Best Brunch Spots In San Diego

Nothing beats meeting up at the weekend with friends for some food and drinks, so we wanted to pick out the best San Diego brunch spots. The foodie scene in this beautiful city has been exploding in recent years0-and brunch is a prime example of that.

From perfect eggs to great coffee and cocktails, there is something on this list for every type of brunch lover.

So, grab your friends, work up an appetite and get ready to eat in one of the very best San Diego brunch spots… Is it the weekend yet?!

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1. Cafe 21 Gaslamp

A proper farm-to-table restaurant that serve amazing food at all times but where the brunch really is something spectacular. All their focus is on being sustainable, and finding local and organic produce.

The menu is colourful, packed full of original cooking and is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the brunch format.

San Diego brunch options

2. JRDN Restaurant

Enjoy luxurious accommodation and award-winning dining in a room that is absolutely buzzing, and beautiful in its design. If you are lucky enough you can also grab a table outside on the terrace for brunch.

The menu is packed full of original dishes like their jumbo sticky buns (seen below), which are a taste sensation.

3. Breakfast Republic

With multiple locations around the city, they serve up wonderful breakfast and brunch options. The portions are always big so do make sure to bring an appetite with you.

Dishes include American classics such as Oreo pancakes, shrimp and grits and S’mores French Toast. The perfect place to come and treat yourself.

San Diego Brunch

4. Queenstown Public House

A quaint and whimsical restaurant located in San Diego’s Little Italy neighbourhood that specialises in New Zealand-inspired dishes and offerings. That includes one of the best San Diego brunches you will ever taste.

You’ll find dishes like this fried chicken with biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs and tater tots (seen below) on an exciting and diverse menu.

5. The Corner Drafthouse

People flock here all week long for a choice of 70 beer taps and daily happy hour specials. The food is great all week long, especially their bar snacks, but brunch is something even more special.

Served from 10am-3pm on the weekends, the menu is packed full of classics. If you were to try one thing we’d suggest the Huevos Rancheros.

Best San Diego brunch options

6. Great Maple

Their big focus is on using seasonal and sustainably sourced ingredients. For brunch they offer great salads, burgers, brunch classics and a selection of healthy dishes for those watching their figure.

They do also happen to have some of the best desserts and cakes you could ever wish for. It would be rude not to try them!

7. Trust

They serve up what is the perfect balance between fine dining and comfort food. The cooking is superb but it comes in a relaxed atmosphere without any stuffiness whatsoever.

The brunch menu is an absolute delight and one of the very best in San Diego. It features beautifully lush dishes including their brioche French toast (seen below).

Brioche french toast

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