The 7 Best San Jose Coffee

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In San Jose

Third Wave coffee is sweeping through San Jose, with cafes that rival New York and Seattle.

This hub for speciality coffee is great news for both locals and visitors to the city, with new independent roasters popping up regularly. Whether you’re a devout espresso drinker or feel like a cold brew, you’ll find it here.

Get exploring – and get caffeinated – at these seven best coffee shops in San Jose…

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1. Paper Moon Cafe.

Newly renamed to Paper Moon Cafe it’s a one-stop shop for coffee geeks in San Jose. Sip on eco-friendly, responsibility sourced coffee from around the globe. They source carefully and locally when possible, but also bring coffee from Central and South America, Yemen, and Ethiopia – a great variety to try.

They are dedicated to raising money to buy housing to rent out to Baristas at 50% of the market price. Currently, the Bay Area is the most expensive in the country, and their Baristas can’t afford to stay there.

San Jose Coffee

2. Academic Coffee

Just off of the SOFA District in Downtown San Jose, you’ll find Academic Coffee, where coffee is pure perfection. Try the sumptuous mochi muffins, freshly-baked croissants, or order your coffee as a roasted marshmallow “s’more.” The blends here are rich and absolutely delicious.

Academic Coffee in San Jose

3. Hannah Coffee & Sweets

Hannah‘s is the neighborhood coffee shop always with locals having coffee, desserts & breakfast. They are famed for their cute latte art and great food.

This is the perfect spot to hang with friends or catch up on a good book and nibble one of their delicious cupcakes!


4. Voltaire Coffee

Voltaire Coffee looks almost as incredible as their coffee tastes, with a bright and airy room that matches the simple-yet-perfect brews. They try to use organic products as much as possible, so you can be sure that each cup is full of goodness. Glorious, caffeinated goodness.

Voltaire Coffee in San Jose

5. Philz Coffee

How could this not be on the list? Philz is a Bay Area staple. With several locations around the Bay Area, this is not your normal coffee shop -they make each brew just to your liking. If it’s your first time here we recommend ignoring the lengthy menu and just asking the barista to make you up something special.

Philz Coffee in San Jose

6. Caffe Frascati 

Regulars rave about the coffee selection here; this traditional Italian cafe is like a little taste of Italy in the heart of downtown San Jose. Want a fool proof espresso? Caffee Frascati is the ideal place to have it. As well as coffee, it’s also ideal for a tasty lunch or snack.

Caffe Frascati in San Jose

7. Crema Coffee

Crema Coffee Roasting Company opened a second location on The Alameda, so now you’ve no excuse to stop by for one of the delicious brews. They have an intensely loyal fanbase who all flock from miles around for one of their coffees. One sip and you too will be hooked.

Crema Coffee

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