The 7 Best Saudi Arabia Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Saudi Arabia

With a huge transition starting to take place in the country and a vibrant foodie scene, we thought we would focus on Saudi Arabia burgers.

Mostly for the simple reason that they’re so tasty. When arriving in a new country with new cultures, a classic burger can be comfort food that none of us will ever get tired of.

From huge, stuffed burgers to simple cheeseburgers, you will find something on this list for all tastes. Get ready to feast on the tastiest Saudi Arabia burgers

Best burgers in Saudi ArabiaHow do these rankings work?

1. Century Burger

The key to the incredibly tasty burgers here is that they make all the patties fresh in house everyday. They also bake their buns everyday, so you can see that they are not cutting any corners.

Throw in perfect fries and this really is a place you are going to be coming back to on a regular basis.

Century Burger in Saudi Arabia

2. BurgerFuel Al Doha

A quickly growing chain that have locations in the Middle East and New Zealand. Their burgers are stacked with toppings and feature only the freshest of ingredients.

Whatever you do, make sure to keep some room for their delicious desserts.

BurgerFuel Al Doha Burger

3. The California Burger

These burgers have to be the prettiest in the country, with every single one of them being Instagram-worthy. They come served in boxes with seriously tasty fries on the side.

The burgers are classic and the perfect size without being overloaded with toppings.

The California Burger in Saudi Arabia

4. Best Burger

This is a super popular restaurant that does great burgers, pastas and loaded fries. While the rest of the menu is great, you come here for one reason and that is the burger.

They do pile them high with toppings though, so make sure you have a serious appetite.

Best Burger in Saudi Arabia

5. 160 Burger

You can enjoy great fried chicken and beef burgers here, as well as some of the best fries and onion rings in the city to drool over.

The portions are just the right size, with the burgers absolutely perfectly formed, juicy beyond belief and with classic toppings. Easily one of the best Saudi Arabia burgers.

160 Burger in Saudi Arabia

6. Burger Boutique

With locations in UAE and Kuwait, these are some of the prettiest and tastiest burgers in the entire Middle East region.

They even have a health conscious burger called the “Zap It burger”, which features fat free cheese, low fat sauces and toppings, lean grass-fed beef patties and 60% less oil.

Burger Boutique

7. Crave

The whole menu is comfort food heaven. So you are in for killer hot dogs, gorgeous shakes and of course some of the best burgers in the Kingdom.

They keep the toppings classic, don’t overload them with toppings and ensure everything is always wonderfully fresh. An absolute joy of a burger.

Crave Hamburger


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