The 7 Best Saudi Arabia Pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Saudi Arabia

When it comes to great food you are going to be spoilt for choice in the kingdom, and there’s nothing better than a perfect slice of pizza. So, we’ve focused on finding the best Saudi Arabia pizza spots. And oh-boy have we succeeded.

From the traditional Italian Neapolitan-style pizza to the simple slice and everything in between, there is something here for everybody.

So work up an appetite, grab a friend and get read to try out these tasty Saudi Arabia Pizza spots.

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1. Finzione da Pizza

They serve up Italian food that is just as delicious as any great restaurant in Rome. Their pastas and risotto are stunning, but you come here for the pizza first and foremost.

Classically Neapolitan in style with big thick spongey crusts, with toppings that are as fresh as it gets. World class.

Pizza Saudi Arabia

2. Verra Pizza

They make their pizzas thin and crispy and cook it in a wood fired oven for a perfect crispy crust. What more could you possibly want from a pizza?

This family restaurant is the perfect place to come and enjoy some of the best Saudi Arabia pizza you could ever imagine tasting. A real treat.

Verra Pizza in Saudi Arabia

3. Turnstone

Turnstone have a manic focus on importing and finding the best ingredients. They then focus on the dough which is proved for 24 hours, before being cooked in less than two minutes in their incredible oven.

They’re real masters of their trade; it’s a wonderful pizza experience.

Turnstone Pizzeria

4. Rolando’s Pizzeria

This is simple, stripped back pizza joint which is just as popular for takeaway and delivery as it is for sitting in.

Their pizzas are thin and crispy, and you can watch them being made and cooked right in front of you. Super inventive toppings make this a place you will always be coming back to.

Rolando's Pizzeria in Saudi

5. Piatto Restaurant

A brilliant Italian restaurant where they cook brilliant meat, fish and pasta dishes in a very traditional style.

While all the options on the menu are fantastic, it would be a travesty not to try their pizza. Super classical in style with wonderfully fresh toppings mean that this is not one to miss.

Saudi Arabia Pizza

6. Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza is a new chain that is sweeping the world, and to a large extent, starting to define what fast food style pizza means to a whole new generation.

They have a wonderful dough and a mixture of toppings from the classic through to the super inventive so there is something for everybody. If you haven’t had one yet you should do!

Blaze Pizza

7. 8Portions Pizza

Their pizzas are so good and so authentically Italian that if you closed your eyes you could easily be sitting in Naples.

Proper bases with chewy yet spongey crusts and piping hot toppings that will leave you absolutely drooling when you taste them. Quite simply superb.

8Portions Pizza in Saudi Arabia

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