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The 7 Best Seafood Restaurants In Sydney

Considering this is one of the most iconic cities in the world when it comes to great food, we thought we would shine the light on the best places to eat seafood in Sydney.

With so much open water nearby, the produce that local chefs get to work with is second to none. We’re celebrating the restaurants creating incredible foodie experiences and elevating seafood to a whole new level. From simple bites to high-end cooking, the variety is incredible.

Food really doesn’t get much better than this. It’s time to reveal the very best places to eat seafood in Sydney

Best seafood restaurants in SydneyHow do these rankings work?

1. Saint Peter

Named after the patron saint of fisherman, Saint Peter is an Australian fish eatery serving sustainably sourced seafood all day, every day. The dream restaurant, right? The menu changes daily depending on what’s fresh off the boats, but expect juicy oysters, fish rillettes and raw wild Kingfish.

If the 1.2kg Cleveland Bay Halibut, order it for a real feast.

2. Flying Fish

Flying Fish has been a staple of Sydney’s fine dining scene for over 10 years, with a menu packed full of the very best ingredients from Australian and New Zealand waters. The beautiful Harbour views don’t hurt, either.

For the ultimate showcase of what’s good to eat here, order the seafood platter. Oysters, sashimi, charcoal roast scallops and more.

3. Aces Seafood

This is an essential place for seafood in Sydney. Aces Seafood prides themselves on serving the freshest seafood that is delivered daily from the Sydney Fishmarkets, and you can taste the quality in every bite. It’s nothing fancy, but it’s superb. Flaky fish in golden breadcrumsbs with crispy chips, or a garlicky lobster are must-eats.

seafood in Sydney

4. The Boathouse

One of the most iconic spots in Sydney during summertime, The Boathouse (the original at Palm Beach FYI) has incredible views and even better seafood. An ever-changing menu of Australia’s best seafood includes their famous Snapper Pie, chargrilled swordfish with broad beans and blood orange and heaving platters of oysters.

5. Cirrus Dining

Cirrus at Barangaroo is one of Sydney’s finest seafood restaurants, with creative dishes that will have you returning here again and again. The menu is always changing, but the skill and passion for unique flavours stays the same. Think: barbecued Sand Flounder with mussel butter or a droolworthy Rock lobster with spiced pumpkin and kaffir lime.

6. Sydney Cove Oyster Bar

Sydney Cove Oyster Bar is the only seafood restaurant positioned right on the water’s edge at Sydney Cove. So, you get amazing views along with delicious bites to eat. It’s a win-win. It’s been in business since 1988 and is just as popular now, with loyal fans who swear by the fresh fish here. Kick things off with one of their boozy oyster shots!

seafood in Sydney

7. Masuya

Shy away from the typical Sydney-style of seafood and come Masuya for truly incredible spread of Japanese cuisine. The seafood is sourced locally and sustainably, with a key focus on raw ingredients here. The Kingfish carpaccio dish is one of the best things you’ll eat in the city. Thin slivers of tender fish with pickled cucumber and yazu.

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