The 7 Best Seville Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Seville

When you think of Spain and the food you’ll eat there, it tends to be tapas and seafood but Seville burgers can more than stand up on their own. From the classic American-style to local specialities, there is something here for everybody.

All you have to do now is grab a friend, work up an appetite and get stuck into this list. Just looking at the photos is going to have you drooling all over your screen. Time to start eating your way through these very best Seville burgers

The best burgers in SevilleHow do these rankings work?

1. House Of Burger

Their burgers are cooked in a coal oven and made with 100% Black Angus veal. The end result? An absolute taste sensation; it is easy to see why they are expanding across Spain.

Make sure to keep some room for their desserts, because they are a seriously tasty end to a meal.

House Of Burger in Seville

2. Burguett

There’s some of the prettiest burgers you will ever see in this minimalist style restaurant. They also happen to taste seriously good, with super fresh meat and wonderfully original sauces.

Wash it down with one of their beers and some of their home made fries and you will be leaving with a big smile on your face.

Burguett in Seville

3. Nickel Burger Arenal

You can choose form beef, chicken or pork and have your burger in one of twelve delicious house styles. To add even more customisation, you can add more of your own toppings, so no two burgers are really ever the same in here.

They also have great veggie options and they deliver. The perfect Seville burger experience.

Nickel Burger Arenal in seville

4. Café Bar Mega

The place to come if you have a serious appetite. Their food is seriously wholesome and there is something on the menu for everybody. You’d be foolish to ignore the burger though.

Two juicy beef patties with crispy bacon and a wonderfully runny, melted cheese sauce. Divine.

Café Bar Mega burger

5. Milonguitas

They are right in the heart of Seville and serve grilled meat, tapas and burgers. We’d urge you to try the burgers because they are like works of art.

Their burger with melted goat’s cheese and lightly cooked tomatoes is easily one of the best things to eat in the city.

Milonguitas burger in seville

6. Chip’s Bar & Burger

They cook very traditional American-style burgers, hot dogs and salads. This is the place to go if you want to grab something quick and tasty while on the go.

The burgers are juicy, feature classic toppings and are just cooked to perfection every single time.

Seville burgers

7. The Good Burger

They serve up amazing burgers, hot dogs and milkshakes – it can be hard to choose what you actually want because it all looks so good.

The meat is super fresh as are the buns, and with their simple but classic toppings added you are onto a winner. Sometimes you don’t need to overcomplicate a burger and they don’t. Simple perfection.

The Good Burger

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