The 7 Best Burgers In Sheffield

Sheffield is a city that has been coming out of its shell in recent years, developing a serious foodie culture with some wonderful restaurants. When it comes to Sheffield burgers they are as good – if not better – as any in the country.

We wanted to find the seven best so you can just head out and focus on working your way through the list. The tasty, droolworthy list.

Grab a couple of mates, have a few beers and enjoy these seven cracking Sheffield burgers

Best burgers in SheffieldHow do these rankings work?

1. Twisted Burger Company

They focus on burgers and great music and have been leading the charge on top class burgers since 2011. Twister Burger Company are still independent and their creations are like works of art, with imaginative toppings and big portion sizes.

Double up with a side order of their loaded fries and you’ll be sorted – leaving a seriously happy camper.

Twisted Burger Company

2. Unit

Unit is a Halal gourmet burger joint where they also make great chicken wings, shakes, loaded fries and nachos. In short, all the food that most of us dream of eating on a daily basis.

Their burgers are big and juicy and packed full of flavour. The only question you’ll have is should you pop it all in your mouth in one go or think of another way of tackling it?

Sheffield Burgers

3. Smoke

As the name suggests, they are all about smoked meat and BBQ. Low and slow cooking at its very best in the heart of Sheffield.

While many will get tempted by the wings or the meat platters we say go for the burger as it is a thing of beauty. Throw in one of their craft beers and you’ll be in heaven.

Smoke Hamburger In Sheffield

4. Smokin Bull Burger and Grill

You’ll find some of the most inventive burgers in the city here, in terms of the originality of their toppings and sauces. An absolute flavour sensation.

The portions are massive though, so you might want to have an appetite worked up and a gym session booked for the next day. Truly epic Sheffield burgers.

Smokin Bull Burger and Grill

5. Bungalows & Bears

This is the perfect place to come to start a night out or at the weekend with friends. They have lovely sharing food and the cocktails are to die for.

The burgers themselves are epic in proportion and absolutely rammed full of toppings between the softest buns you can imagine. If only all burgers were this good.

Bungalows & Bears Hamburger In Sheffield

6. The Common Room

The Common Room is probably one of the best sports bars in the entire country, given all the things they offer. 50 big TVs, ping pong and pool tables as well as a huge selection of beers on tap and by the bottle.

That’s all before you even get to the burger which is a thing of beauty. Use this masterpiece as the perfect fuel before watching sports with your friends for the day.

The Common Room Burgers

7. Lucky Fox

We snuck a chicken burger in at the end for those who prefer something different to beef. #sorrynotsorry

Their chicken comes in all shapes and sizes from wings to nuggets and salads but the burger is king here. There’s a brilliant buzz in the room; washed down with some craft beer you will be in absolute heaven.

Lucky Fox Burgers in Sheffield

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