The 7 best Slovakian Ice Cream shops

The 7 Best Ice Cream Parlours In Slovakia

Slovakia is a country with some incredible food and drink options, so after finding the best burgers, coffee and pizza we wanted to find the very best Slovakian ice cream parlours.

There really is no better way to cool down during the summer months than some tasty ice cream. From classic Italian gelato to creamy locally made scoops, there is something on this list for everyone.

So grab a friend and get ready to try one of the best Slovakian ice cream parlours from the following seven tempting spots…

Best ice cream parlours in SlovakiaHow do these rankings work?

1. KOUN – Bratislava

A beautiful, bright minimalist shop that is matched by the stunning ice creams that they produce. They look every bit as good as they taste.

If you want something extra special, they even do an ice cream sandwich. Throw in some great coffee and this place really has it all.

2. Luculus Ice Saloon – Bratislava

They’ve been in business since 1954 so they clearly know what they are doing when it comes to ice cream.

They make a classic Italian style gelato – it’s all about the huge range of delicious flavours. The only hard part here is choosing which ones you want.

Slovakian Ice Cream

3. Arthur Ice Cream – Bratislava

Their ice cream is bright and colourful and it is easy to see why there is a queue outside most days of the week.

Choose from loads of brilliant house suggestions or you can just have a couple of scoops of your favourite. Life doesn’t get much better than eating a cone and walking around people watching.

Best Slovakian Ice Cream

4. i Nonni – Bratislava

A classic Italian gelato shop in every sense of the word. Their flavours are what set them apart, including mad creations like the parma ham and melon pictured below.

They also have all the simple classics. You’ll have a huge smile on your face as soon as you taste their ice cream.

5. Zmrzlináreň Monalisa – Piešťany

They have a beautiful and creative menu featuring ice lollies, summer drinks, great coffee and of course, the best ice cream in town.

Their flavours are all original and super colourful. The sort of place that will brighten up your day instantly.

6. Gio Caffè – Nitra

Their cakes, coffee and sweet treats are all superb year-round, but it is their ice cream that steals the show.

Rich, creamy and made using only the freshest ingredients, this is the ice cream of your dreams. Choose classic flavours or try one of their regular specials.

7. Sion Gelato – Bratislava

They make some of the best cakes in the city, but the homemade ice cream is the main reason for visiting.

Made using the very best ingredients, the end result is ice cream that is silky smooth. With scoops this tasty, you’ll savour every single mouthful.

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