The 7 best Slovenia pizza spots

The 7 Best Pizzas In Slovenia

This small European country is home to an amazing foodie scene, so we wanted to focus on the best Slovenia pizza spots. The sorts of places that the pizza will absolutely blow your mind.

From the classic Italian Neapolitan-style pizza to simple slices that you can grab on the go, there is something here for everybody.

So grab a friend, forget about the diet for a day and start working your way through the best Slovenia pizza spots.

The best places for pizza in SloveniaHow do these rankings work?

1. Pizzeria FoculuS – Ljubljana

Their bases are thin and crispy and cooked in a super hot oven to ensure they are perfect every single time.

They also place a big emphasis on the freshest toppings possible which means you can keep it simple when ordering. Why over complicate things when they are this perfect?

Slovenia pizza

2. Verace – Ljubljana

A truly Neapolitan-style pizza which is every bit as good as anything you’d get across the water in Italy.

The dough is proved for over a day to ensure it gets that wonderful puffy texture. They cook the pizzas in less than two minutes to get that perfect charred base. If only every pizza in the world tasted this good.

The best pizzas in Slovenia

3. Pizzeria Rustika – Bled

They have a wonderful selection of pastas, meat dishes and salads but the pizza is the only way to go when you come here.

Classic in style, it comes with a medium crust and some of the freshest and most delicious toppings you could imagine.

Slovenia Pizza

4. Pizzeria Etna – Divača

A super stylish and sleek restaurant with a menu that features some modern fusion cooking.

Their pizzas feature some carefully sourced ingredients. The fact that you see them getting made in an open kitchen seriously heightens the expectation.

5. La Pizzeria – Maribor

A casual room that is the perfect place to bring the family or a group of friends for an affordable and superb meal.

Their pizzas feature a thin crust and they have a huge amount of toppings to choose from. For those of you who are a fan of a white pizza it is well worth checking out.

The 7 best Slovenia pizza spots

6. Pizzeria Porto Konoba – Portorose

Some of the very best Italian -style cooking in the entire country. Their fish specials that change daily are well worth checking out but the pizza is the star of the show.

It’s all about their fresh toppings and keeping things classical. A quite simply delicious pizza.

7. Gostilna & Pizzerija Bor – Kranjska Gora

One of the prettiest settings you will ever find for a restaurant. They are known for both their local Slovenian dishes and their pizza so there is something here for everybody.

Sitting outside with a pizza having a glass of wine in the warmer months is one of life’s great pleasures.

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