The 7 Best Sofia Pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Sofia

Looking for the  very best Sofia pizza joints when visiting the city? Well the good news is you are going to be spoilt for choice, so we’ve helped you by narrowing it down to the seven best pies in the city.

This is one of those cities that surprises and delights you at every turn. You’ll find great coffee, top quality bars and lots of entertaining and unmissable things to do when here.

So work up an appetite, grab a friend and head out to try one of the best Sofia pizza spots…

Best pizza in SofiaHow do these rankings work?

1. Franco’s Pizza

This is the perfect place to come with a group of friends to start a night out and eat some of the most tasty and authentic pizza you’ll find outside Italy. Get the drinks flowing and sit back and enjoy a truly special place.

Franco’s Pizza In Sofia

2. Ristorante Pizzeria Felicità

A wonderfully authentic Italian restaurant, where they serve world class pasta dishes and grilled meats.

To come here and not have the pizza would be seriously missing out. Thin and crispy with wonderfully authentic toppings, you will instantly be in heaven. As good as it gets when it comes to Sofia pizza.

Ristorante Pizzeria Felicità

3. Mr. Pizza

With multiple locations around the city, Mr. Pizza is a family friendly restaurant that always has a great atmosphere.

They have an extensive menu beyond just their pies, but the pizza is so wonderfully light and crispy with delicious toppings, that you simply can’t afford to miss it.

Mr. Pizza In Sofia

4. Leo’s Pizza “Il Rustico”

Leo’s is probably the most authentic Neapolitan-style pizza in the city. They prove the dough for 24 hours, before cooking it in less than two minutes in their piping hot oven.

The sort of pizza that needs very few toppings because the dough, tomato sauce and cheese are of such outstanding quality.

Leo's Pizza in Sofia

5. Olio D’oliva Pizzeria

Their pizza is cooked in a coal-fired oven and comes out airy and soft, with a delicate taste. They pride themselves on importing some of the best olive oils which are the perfect way to finish your pizza.

Olio D'oliva Pizzeria in Sofia

6. Pizza Lab

Pizza Lab is the place to pick if you want a takeaway pizza that is every bit as good as one you’d have in a restaurant. Better, in fact.

There’s dozens of toppings to choose from, so this is the perfect place to grab a couple of slices and sit out in the sun enjoying it.

Sofia pizza

7. Quattro Stagioni

They first opened in 1995 and are still going strong close to half a century later. Any restaurant that lasts that long with happy customers is certainly doing something right.

The pizzas are thin, perfectly crispy and come with the freshest of toppings. A delight.

Quattro Stagioni Pizza in Sofia

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