South African dishes

7 South African Dishes You Need To Try When Visiting

Great travel memories often revolve around food, so be sure to try these traditional South African dishes if you’re in the country. With some of the best produce in the world, this is a country tailor-made for foodies.

If you want to recreate that food when home or even try some recipes without visiting , we have some brilliant dishes for you. These aren’t just any recipes either, as they come from some of the world’s best food bloggers. Foodies at the very top of their game.

Make sure to bookmark the recipes and follow their other dishes; you will be in for some serious treats. Prepare to drool…

South African Food to Try

1. South African Milk Tarts

Milk Tart is just the most delicious South African dessert ever. It is a staple in every single South African grocery store, coffee shop, bakery and cafe. Try this recipe to make it at home and see for yourself how good it is.

Recipe created by Aurelia.

2. Smoked Boerewors & Mieliepap Recipe

Firstly, Boerewors are made with red meat, and they must contain at least a whopping 90% meat, and no more than 30% of that meat may contain fat! They are ideally cooked on the BBQ and big on flavour. It’s a classic South African braii dish.

Recipe created by Nate.

3. Koeksusters (South African Donuts)

Think you’ve had tasty donuts? These South African-style donuts will be even better. These fritters are spongy and are soaked with a tasty syrup. They are wonderfully crispy on the outside and rich and doughy in the middle.

Recipe created by Lizet.

4. Lamb sosaties

Lamb sosaties are a common feature of a classic South African braai (BBQ). The apricot and curry marinade might sound unusual, but it adds a wonderful flavor to these tasty kebabs. So easy and delicious!

Recipe created by Caroline.

South African dishes

5. Vetkoek And Curried Mince

If there is anything quintessentially South African it must be vetkoek (traditional South African fried dough bread) and curried mince! Vetkoek is such a versatile vehicle for all kinds of toppings. Curried mince, chicken mayonnaise or even golden syrup. It all tastes amazing.

Recipe created by Daryl.

South African dishes

6. South African Chicken With Chakalaka

A yogurt based marinade filled with those South African curry flavours–fresh ginger, coriander, turmeric and cinnamon. When it comes to South African dishes it doesn’t get much better than this!

Recipe created by David.

South African dishes

7. Malva Pudding With Cranberries & Ginger

This is best one of the best South African autumnal and winter desserts. It’s actually perfect all-year round and will melt in your mouth. It contains apricot jam and has a spongy caramelized texture.

Recipe created by Sam.

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