The 50 best South American Burgers

The 50 Best Burgers In South America

Want to know where to find the best burgers in South America? We’re seriously passionate about burgers here at Big 7 Travel and know our readers are obsessed with what’s one of the simplest yet tastiest meals in the world.

After releasing our rankings for countries across the globe – including the USAAustralia, South Africa, Canada and Europe, as well as 50 different cities – it’s time to select the very best burger in South America. These are the burgers that you’d travel miles to eat and the absolute best in their class.

It’s a long list but one that you should consider working your way through, one superb burger at a time.

50th. Mr. Jack – Vitacura, Chile

They have been in business since 2006 and make some of the hugest and tastiest burgers you can ever imagine.

They make the patties themselves, and do make sure you come with an appetite as the portions are huge.

South America Burgers

49th. Ugly American Bar & Grill – Bogota, Colombia

This place does traditional food from the USA with a particular focus on the Southern states. Great chicken wings, nachos and tacos but you only come here for one thing: the burger.

The perfect size to grab in two hands and devour all in one go.

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Ugly American Bar & Grill Hamburger

48th. Williamsburg Burger Bar – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Williamsburg Burger Bar has locations across the city where they serve up their fast casual offering to their loyal fan. As well as burgers they have wraps, doughnuts and a great selection of beers.

The burgers are classic in style and absolutely melt in your mouth.

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Williamsburg Burger Bar

47th. Holy Moly – Santiago, Chile

Holy Moly is an absolutely buzzing room where they put all their attention on creating a world class burger and perfect home fries.

The patties are made fresh daily and you can really taste the difference when you bite into them and the juice flows. Divine.

Holy Moly in South America

46th. Best Burger Co. – Quito, Ecuador

Perfectly formed burgers that are nearly too pretty to eat. Nearly!

They come served on trays with their home cut fries and delicious dipping sauces. Just a good honest burger restaurant where you can’t help but leave with a smile on your face.

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Best Burger Co

45th. Tierra de Nadie – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Their burgers are packed full of super creative toppings and come piled high with pulled meats, BBQ and classic ingredients.

The only hard decision you face is which exact burger to order; if you can get it all in your mouth or should you turn to the knife and fork? Absolutely delicious every single time.

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Tierra de Nadie in South America

44th. Brados Burger – Montevideo, Uruguay

Their patties are massive – combined with the large volume of toppings you are going to a have a tough job getting this into your mouth.

If you want a real treat, combining their delicious burgers with a side of their loaded fries will blow your mind away.

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Brados Burger

43rd. Parrilla Burger – Brasília, Brazil

They make all of their products every single day including freshly grinding meat and baking their own buns.

The end result? An absolute flavour sensation and a burger that never lets you down. The only issue is you might never be able to find a burger this good elsewhere ever again.

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Parrilla Burger

42nd. Beco do Hamburguer – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

They grind all their own meat to ensure maximum freshness and serve it up in a . freshly baked potato roll.

Their classic burger with melted cheese and caramelised onions is an absolute sensation and will melt in your mouth with flavour.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Rio De Janeiro

Beco do Hamburguer

41st. Juicy Lucy – Miraflores, Peru

Brilliant grilled chicken, burgers and a selection of craft beers that is as good as you’ll find. Those are all sideshows however to the burger, which is the real star of the show here.

Perfect sized patties and original toppings that add so much extra punch to every burger.

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Juicy Lucy in South America

40th. Rudy Burgers – Montevideo, Uruguay

They serve their burgers on trays with sides and the whole combination is so pretty you simply have to get a photo. Remembering to do so is hard when you just want to dive in and start eating.

They don’t overload the burgers with toppings and instead focus on pure quality which never lets you down.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Uruguay.

Rudy Burgers

39th. Zus & Zo – Paramaribo, Suriname

A super fun place to spend time eating and drinking with friends, There are always interesting people passing through and the place has a great buzz about it.

Food wise they serve super pastas and their fresh juices are divine but the burger is the real showstopper. Eating one of these outside on the terrace in the sun is the dream.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Suriname.

Zus & Zo Hamburger

38th. El Banco Rojo – Buenos Aires, Argentina

With fresh tacos, wraps and inventive specials, this is some of the most exciting and honest cooking in the city.

The here burgers take things to another level and use the famous local meat as a base to create a burger that is so good it beggars belief.

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El Banco Rojo in South America

37th. The Publik – Georgetown, Guyana

The Publik is a really fun place to spend time with friends especially as a place to start a night out. Their wings, shakes and cakes are superb but people know it best for the burgers.

Make sure to get lots of food to share so you get a taste of everything and wash it down with their delicious ice cold beers.

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The Publik Hamburger

36th. La Burger Factory – Asunción, Paraguay

The first Paraguayan burger shop specialising in stuffed burgers, with a variety of more than 20 flavours on the menu.

Their meats are all free of preservatives and once you bite into that stuffed centre you are going to be in absolute heaven.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Paraguay.

La Burger Factory

35th. Hamburgueria da Alfândega – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Three brilliantly lively bar and restaurants that serve great burgers, shakes, craft beers and nice sides in a chilled set of venues.

The burgers are classical in terms of toppings and big in size, so you’ll want to make sure you have a serious appetite.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Rio De Janeiro

Hamburgueria da Alfândega

34th. Vg Burger – Santiago, Chile

They’ve tapped into the global trend of moving towards vegan products and restaurants and created an entirely vegan burger.

You don’t feel as if you are missing out on anything when eating here. As good – if not better – as any other South American burger, despite the absence of meat.

Vg Burger in South America

33rd. Avila Burger Los Palos Grandes – Caracas, Venezuela

You can choose form beef, chicken or even salmon as the main filling to your burger and then extend it out from there.

They also serve milkshakes, hotdogs and some great breakfast items. You only come here for one reason though and that is the burger. Just LOOK at it…

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Avila Burger Los Palos Grandes

32nd. Top-Ten – Quito, Ecuador

A small chain that is wildly popular and one you start eating their burgers you will see why. Their avocado topped burger is a thing of sheer beauty.

Top Ten also serve up soft serve ice cream and really good milkshakes. Something for everybody and a real family vibe to the place.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Lima, Peru.

Top-Ten Hamburger

31st. El Gringo Bar – Asunción, Paraguay

Serving up some of the most authentic street style mixed with diner food you will find outside America. All the classics are here from mac and cheese to fried chicken, nachos wings.

The burgers are over the top in how big and tasty we are. You will never ever get bored of eating here and the only problem is choosing only one thing to eat!

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El Gringo Bar Burger

30th. James Burger – Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Their burgers are super inventive and will really push you taste buds to new levels. They include specials that rotate on a regular basis, so there’s plenty of reason to return.

The portions sizes are massive so make sure you come with an absolutely huge appetite. You will be well rewarded.

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James Burger in South America

29th. The Grill Station Burger – Medellín,  Colombia

These are classic burgers that combine some of the best parts of North and South American culture into one.

They meat and quality of the toppings is what make these burgers perfect every time. Also well know for their lush desserts so make sure to keep some room for those!

The Grill Station Burger

28th. Burger Kill – Bogotá, Colombia

Burger Kill is a casual hamburger joint with both indoor and outdoor seating. They also serve up hot dogs and some great sides but the advice here is to keep it classic in terms of your hamburger choice.

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Burger Kill

27th. La Burgueria – Asunción, Paraguay

They flame grill their burgers, serve some amazing loaded fries as side orders and always have beer specials on. What more could you possibly want from a restaurant?

Super succulent burgers that deliver every single time.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Paraguay.

La Burgueria Hamburger

26th. Bucaneiros Hamburgueria Artesanal – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

They place great focus on sourcing the very best ingredients and that is especially true of the beef. They grind and shape it every single day to ensure maximum freshness.

Their cheese toppings melt perfectly into their home made buns and you will find yourself wondering if you have ever had a better burger.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Rio De Janeiro

Bucaneiros Hamburgueria Artesanal

25th. Comuna – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A restaurant that always has a buzzing atmosphere with people packed in and waiting in line. The burgers are what keep people coming back (they do also do great stuffed sandwiches).

Every single person leaving here has a huge smile on their face. A world-class South American burger experience.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Rio De Janeiro

Comuna Hamburger in South America

24th. Fuego, Burgers and Barbecue Restaurant – Cusco, Peru

A restaurant that focuses on some high quality meat dishes including steaks, roasts and most importantly burgers. They absolutely nail them.

Combined with a great selection of craft beer and super friendly service this is the sort of place you will quickly fall in love with.

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Fuego, Burgers and Barbecue Restaurant

23rd. Burgers Pocitos- Montevideo, Uruguay

Every single part of this burger experience is focused in quality. They make everything they can from scratch and have stuck with very classic techniques.

The end result is a burger that is pure perfection and would hold its own with any other in the world.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Uruguay.

Burgers Pocitos

22nd. Dellepiane Bar – Caba, Argentina

To say they absolutely load the toppings on here would be an absolute understatement. Some of their burgers are as big as anything you will ever see.

The classic bacon cheeseburger though is all you need because served with their home cut fries you will be absolutely blown away.

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Dellepiane Bar in South America

21st. DonDoh – San Isidro, Peru

A Japanese-style restaurant that cooks many dishes including some classics and fusion food. The burger is by no means the main dish on the menu but it seriously stands out.

Some of the best beef and cheese you will ever taste all served in a charcoal bun. Utterly delicious.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Lima, Peru.

DonDoh Hamburger

20th. Pennyroyal Burger – Quito, Ecuador

As soon as you see these burgers arriving to the table you know they are going to be something special. You eat first of all with your eyes and their burgers are super visually appealing.

They stack up on taste levels too with the bacon, mushroom and cheese melt being an absolute winner.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Ecuador 

Pennyroyal Burger

19th. Araxi Burger Grill & Gourmet – Caracas, Venezuela

Araxi Burger is the place to come in the capital if you really want to treat yourself. The shakes, ice creams and other cheat meals are the stuff of legend.

The burgers have inventive toppings; served with string onions are just what you need after a long hard day at work or traveling.

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Araxi Burger Grill & Gourmet

18th. Vinil Burger – São Paulo, Brazil

They opened in 2012 and have been taking the city by storm since then with their fresh, tasty and stacked burgers.

Their concept is unique in that you can choose your toppings but the price will always be the same. Simple and utterly delectable. What more could you ask for?

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Vinil Burger

17th. La Maestranza Sandwich & Burger Bar – Región Metropolitana, Chile

They are all about sourcing the best produce and that includes the bread which they say is key to the burgers and sandwiches they serve.

A buzzing room packed full of happy people, great dipping sauces and some of the best desserts in the city to round off your meal.

La Maestranza Sandwich & Burger Bar

16th. Papacho’s – Cusco, Peru

Really imaginative food that blends some of the best parts from Northern and Southern America. Their menus are the type where everything looks so good and you struggle to nail it down to just one dish.

The burgers are juicy, fresh and oozing with flavour at every bite.

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Papacho's Hamburger in South America

15th. BOCADESANTO Burgers & Craftbeers – Departamento de Colonia, Uruguay

They serve the burgers up on casual trays with sides and sauces and you can eat either inside or out.

It’s all about the quality of the meat here which always shines through and makes the burger what it is. An absolute treat every single time.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Uruguay

BOCADESANTO Burgers & Craftbeers

14. Paris Burger – Argentina

These are brilliant burgers where great things start right with the bread buns; French in style and baked daily, it offers the perfect crunch. Throw in great local beef and some generous portion sizes and there is no way you’ll be leaving here unhappy.

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Paris Burger

13th. RED Burger N Bar – Salvador, Brazil

Lively spot with indoor and outdoor seating which although only opened in 2016 has become wildly popular.

Their burgers focus on elegant simplicity and they use only the very best beef. You’ll fall in love with this spot instantly.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Rio De Janeiro

RED Burger N Bar

12th. Streat Burger – Región Metropolitana, Chile

They serve their burgers up on beautiful trays or in perfect little cardboard boxes to go. Always as pretty as a picture.

Add in their curly fries or their crinkle cut fries on the sides as well as some top sauces and this is a serious operation.

Streat Burger

11th. Chef Burger Poblado – Medellín, Colombia

They’ve built a brand that has burgers at it’s core and always using the very best products and having the best service.

Their legions of fans love the big bold flavours, huge portions and constant near perfect consistency.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Bogota.

Chef Burger Poblado

10th. Walterio – Asunción, Paraguay

After years of research and constant refinement of the product they have a burger that is as good as you will ever taste.

They always have specials on and rotate their menu to mean you’ll always have another excuse to come back again. A brilliant burger experience.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Paraguay

Walterio Hamburger

9th. T.T. Burger – Rio, Brazil

For them it’s all about souring the products and especially their meat which is where the real quality of the burger lays.

Big and juicy with the toppings packed in they are best enjoyed with one of their ice cold craft beers. Life doesn’t get much better than eating and drinking here.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Rio De Janeiro

T.T. Burger in South America

8th. Street Burger – Miraflores, Peru

Wildly popular and once you taste the burgers it is not hard to see why. They have a remarkable standard of consistency and source world class beef.

The buns are soft,  the patties juicy and the cheese is always perfectly melted. You couldn’t dream up better burgers.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Lima, Peru

South America Burgers

7th. Holy Burger – São Paulo, Brazil

You’ll probably not see better looking burgers no matter where you travel in the world. The fact that they taste delicious is the big bonus.

They are usually loaded with cheese and served up with super house cocktails. Everything you could want for a night out with good friends.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Rio De Janeiro

Holy Burger

6. The Burger Company – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Make sure you come with an appetite because these American style burgers made with the very best Argentinian are both huge and mouthwatering. They also have crinkle cut fries which are the perfect side dish.

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The Burger Company

5th. Crafted – La Paz, Bolivia

Their tagline says they focus on two things which are burgers and beers and that is going to get our vote every time.

Their burgers are classic in style, not overloaded with toppings and the perfect base to have before a couple of their beers. An all-round superb place.

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Crafted in South America

4th. Uncle Fletch Bellavista – Región Metropolitana, Chile

They’ve tapped into all the global trends and done so better than anybody else. The craft beer offering is unique, tasteful and the perfect side to the burgers.

Their burgers are fat, juicy and absolutely dripping with flavour. Their venues are packed with cool young people and they even have their own food truck. A superb offering all round.

Uncle Fletch Bellavista

 3rd. B, de Burger – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is a country that is famed for its world class meat around the world, but it feels like they’ve kept the very best right here to make what is easily one of the most perfect burgers in the world.

The 7 Most Instagrammable Spots In Rio De Janeiro

B, de Burger in South America

2. Burger Joint . – Buenos Aires, Argentina

To say that Argentinians are passionate about their beef would be an understatement. Their steaks are known the world over, but these burgers are every bit as good and absolutely exploding with flavour.

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Burger Joint in South America

1st. Home Burgers – Bogota, Colombia

They’ve perfected making burgers that look every bit as good as they taste. Every burger and side order looks like a work of art that you want to devour instantly.

Great beers, fresh sauces and a lovely bright and open space to eat your burger make this a simply world class experience.

Home Burgers in South America

If you loved these you will love the 50 best burgers in the world.

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