South American Steak

The 50 Best Steaks In South America

South American steak is well known as some of the very best in the world and the whole continent has a serious passion for juicy and tender beef. Basically, in many South American countries great steak is nearly as important as religion.

We wanted to find the best of the best. The places that you simply cannot afford to miss out on when travelling through here.

The only thing that we will warn you about is that you are going to be seriously drooling looking through these stunning steaks.

From Argentina to Suriname, we’ve got the suss on some of the very best ribeyes, Tomahawks and sirloins you’ll ever eat.

The best South American steaksHow do these rankings work?

50th. La Tias – Paramaribo, Suriname

Perfect juicy steaks every single time, with delicious sauces on the side. An ideal place to have a fancy night out with friends.

49th. Paulista Grill Churrasquería – Asunción, Paraguay

The meat is skewered and arrives at the table to be carved by the waiting staff. A wonderfully theatrical way to have steak, and the perfect talking point at the centre of the table.

48th. La Maga Parrilla Uruguaya – Pucón, Chile

Huge pieces of steak that are cooked on the open fire, giving them a smokey and rich flavour. The steaks are so tender that they taste like they would literally melt in your mouth.

47th. Don Diablo – Medellín, Colombia

They only source the very best Colombian ingredients and the the menu offers a 100% dry-ripened Colombian meat. It’s quite simply one of the best steaks you will ever eat.

46th. La Casa de mi Abuela – Quito, Ecuador

You will want to work up a serious appetite before coming here, because the steaks are absolutely massive. The meat is also incredibly tender and served with wonderfully roasted potatoes and great sides.

45th. Baco y Vaca – Lima, Peru

They offer a huge variety of different cuts and serve the food sharing style in the middle of the table. There is something on the menu for everybody, including lots of meats besides steak.

44th. Antonio’s Grille – Campbellville, Guyana

Classic steaks in a really fun setting. This is the sort of place where you go for a big might out with friends to enjoy yourself. The steak is a T-bone and is wonderfully juicy.

43rd. La Parrilla de Homero – Quito, Ecuador

They specialise in all sorts of grilled meats here, which come on large sharing platters. The steak is the king of them all though, and comes served in classic style with baked potato and the sauce of your choosing.

42nd. Mu Grill House – Calama, Chile

They are all about sourcing the very best cuts of meat and cooking them to perfection, on a large open grill fire. The result is a steak that is smokey and delicious.

41st. El Fogón del Gringo – Tarija, Bolivia

A relaxed steak house where people come especially for the steak and their massive portions. The beef itself is well-aged, super tender and cooked by serious professionals who know what they are doing.

40th. Parrilla La Estancia – Santa Fe, Argentina

A casual steak house with super friendly staff that has both indoor and outdoor seating. Their meats are carefully selected and cooked simply, to ensure that the steak is always the star of the show.

You will want to go back here again and again.

39th. Adega Steakhouse – Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Classic Brazilian steak house where can either order a steak cooked to you liking, or have it served on metal skewers at the table.

The sheer opulence and the drama of the way the beef is served make this a world -class South American steak experience.

38th. San Carbón – Medellín, Colombia

They’ve been open for 15 years, cooking some of the best steak, fish and grilled meats you could ever wish for.

They keeps things very classic in style with the steak very much the star of the show. Big, juicy and always cooked to your liking, this is a steak house you will quickly fall in love with.

37th. Acuarela – Asunción, Paraguay

An amazing restaurant that serves everything from pizza and sushi to the most delicious steak you could ever imagine.

So tender you could nearly cut the steak with a spoon. Do make sure to keep some room for their desserts though, because they are a serious treat.

36th. La Pulpería – Montevideo, Uruguay

A small and unassuming looking building from the outside that is home to one of the very best South American steaks.

The service is fantastic with knowledgable staff, who will guide you in your choice of steak. The perfect steak every single time.

35th. Barako – Caracas, Venezuela

A wonderful place for a night out. They make some seriously tasty cocktails, have a great wine list and focus on a great selection of grilled meats.

The steak is the star of the show though, and you would be foolish not to choose it. Tender and seriously flavoursome.

34th. La Brigada Parrilla – San Telmo, Argentina

An absolute institution of a restaurant with signed football jerseys on the walls and staff who treat you like family.

The steaks are wonderfully matured and cooked in a very classic style. You will not be leaving here with anything other than a huge smile on your face. Steak heaven.

33rd. Carnal Prime Steakhouse – Miraflores, Peru

They focus on imported Angus, Aberdeen & American meats that are certified and USDA prime quality approved.

The steaks are a taste sensation and handled by true professionals. The only problem is that once you have a steak here, no other steak will taste as good again.

32nd. La Vaca – Montevido, Uruguay

A fine dining restaurant where they have some amazing seafood, shellfish and other quality main courses to choose from.

What you want to focus on though is the grilled steak. Have it on its own, or as part of a meat platter that comes sizzling to the table. You will instantly be in a meat lovers heaven.

South America Steak

31st. Cotele – Pelluco, Chile

A simple, stripped back restaurant where the theatre is the fact that the steaks (and other meats) are cooked in the centre of the room on a large open fire pit.

The aromas that fill the restaurant as soon as you walk in will have you drooling and waiting for what is one of the best South American steaks.

Slow cooked South America Steak

30th. Parrilla Don Ferro – Santa Fe, Argentina

When it comes to this country, they breed and serve up some of the best beef in the world. This is one of the steak houses that take things to another level, and has been doing so consistently for years.

Thick steaks that are perfectly charred on the outside and juicy beyond belief in the centre.

The best South America Steak

29th. El Palenque – Montevido, Uruguay

An absolute showstopper of a restaurant where the seafood selections are huge. The steak is the true star though, as you can see it being cooked on the open flames.

Coming here is a proper night out and a place that you’ll eat with friends and never forget.

28th. Rest. Amazonia Grill – Caracas, Venezuela

A very traditional setting where people come especially for the steak which is known to be one of the best in the country.

The T-Bone is the way to go and presented whole at the table, where you can then feast yourself into a food coma. The portions are big, so you may be taking some home with you.

27th.  Fogão Gaúcho – São Paulo, Brazil

A classic Brazilian steak restaurant where they do absolutely everything right from the second you walk in the door.

As the meat is carved at the table and your side orders spread around you, you will be licking your lips in anticipation. A wonderful South American steak eating experience.

26th. Gustu – La Paz, Bolivia

Fine dining done at its very best – this is a restaurant that could hold its own with any in the world. So much to choose form on the menu, but the steak is the dish to choose for a truly magical experience.

Their wine pairings are seriously good too, so take their advice and have them match a beautiful red with the beef.

25th. Secret Parrilla – Buenos Aires, Argentina

A relaxed and informal place that wouldn’t instantly strike you as one of the best places in Argentina to eat steak. You would however, be wrong to walk past.

Huge hunks of beef that are cooked by chefs who seriously know what they are doing, Sitting here with a glass of red wine and eating beef is one of the great pleasures in life.

24th. La Cabrera – Asunción, Paraguay

As a steak lover you are going to fall in love instantly with this restaurant. There’s a huge range of different cuts of beef. Their side orders and sauces are what really turn this into a special experience.

23rd. Entrecote – Quito, Ecuador

A traditional Parisian style Steak House. Local and imported high quality cuts of wood roasted beef cooked to your liking and accompanied by a side dish of french fries and an open Salad Bar.

Perfect in every single way.

22nd. Cabaña Las Lilas – Buenos Aires, Argentina

The absolute full package when it comes to a steak house in the country that is home to some of the best steak in the world.

Perfect cuts of meat, a super wine list and a buzzing atmosphere served by buzzing staff. You’ll fall in love with this South American steak house instantly.

21st. La Biferia – Bogota, Colombia

They serve great hamburgers, ribs and sausages, but you should be focusing on the steak when you come here.

Big, juicy cuts of beef cooked to perfection which are perfect for sharing. Their sauces are superb and with a glass of red in hand you will be super content here.

South America Steak

20th. Don Carlos – Santiago, Chile

Don Carlos is a classic steak house where they take their beef very seriously. You can either eat inside with the starched white linen and great service, or outside on the terrace in the warmer months.

The steak is so tender, it will melt in your mouth.

South America Steak

19th. Lo De Osvaldo – Asunción, Paraguay

A charming bar and restaurant where it is simply impossible not to have a good time. The room is always buzzing, the steaks are generous in size and the beer and wine is top class.

You’ll come for a steak, but could end up staying all day.

South America Steak

18th. Patio de la Cañada – Córdoba, Argentina

High-end steak cooked to absolute perfection. They put a huge emphasis on sourcing the very best beef and maturing it to perfection.

Walk in here at anytime and you will see a room full of people smiling, eating some of the best South American steak you will ever find.

South America Steak

17th. Santabrasa – Concón, Chile

They’ve quickly been expanding across the country from their humble beginnings, and it is not hard to see why. The quality of steak, service and wine here is as good as anything in the world.

Big, juicy steaks are on the menu, so make sure you come here with a serious appetite.

South America Steak

16th. San Telmo – Quito, Ecuador

A super restaurant that serves great seafood, grilled meat and cocktails, but you come here for one reason and that is the steak.

Perfectly cooked and wonderfully tender, this is a South American steak you are not going to forget in a hurry.

15th. NB Steak – São Paulo, Brazil

Brazilian beef is known for its quality all over the world, and this is the perfect place to come and sample it at its very best.

A world-class steak house where they prepare steak as if it was their religion. Lots of cuts to choose from and some brilliant sides and sauces.

14th. Osso – Lima, Peru

Osso is an ethical butcher shop that have a small restaurant where you can sample their world class produce. This includes sausages, which are made 100% naturally.

Their beef is the star of the show and having it handled, butchered and cooked by such experts is a real treat.

South America Steak

13th. La Churrasquería – Bogotá, Colombia

They import their beef especially from Argentina, and cook it on firewood and charcoal grills for that authentic taste.

Washed down with a lush glass of red wine, this is one of the biggest treat meals you could ever wish for.

12th. La Perdiz – Montevido, Uruguay

Fine dining in a casual and relaxed atmosphere, where they focus on seafood, pasta and some of the best steak in the country.

Their portions are big and feature original cooking with serious flair on show. You’ll be planning your next visit after the very first bite.

Juicy South America Steak

11th. El Arriero – Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

A super popular local restaurant that has been cooking great steaks and winning awards for doing so for decades.

Their menu features lots of different cuts (and different meats if you don’t just want steak!) that are cooked by seriously talented chefs. Proper South American steak at its very best.

10th. La Cabrera – Buenos Aires, Argentina

They choose the very best raw produce and only use Hereford and Aberdeen Angus breeds for their meet.

The steaks are so outrageously good that the whole table will go silent in disbelief once you start eating and get that first taste. Insanely good beef.

9th. Mi Vaquita Steak House & Bar – Maracaibo, Venezuela

They cook up some of the very best steaks in the country and do so in a fantastic, classical style. They don’t over complicate things, because when you have their produce and technique you simply don’t need to.

Juicy steaks that are irresistible.

Stunning South America Steak

8th. Mania de Churrasco – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

A super popular spot that does amazing steaks, burgers and ribs. They serve them all up with delicious fries, onion rings and a huge range of gorgeous sauces.

The perfect informal place to bring friends for a really lovely steak experience.

South America Steak

7th. El Pobre Luis – Buenos Aires, Argentina

They set the standard seriously high for great steaks in Argentina and no visit to the country would be complete without a visit here.

The room is absolutely buzzing with super friendly staff, and their wine and steak combinations are the stuff that dreams are made of.

6th. Columbia Steak House – Quito. Ecuador

The steaks are so big here that they will often cover the edges of the plates, giving you a huge eating challenge. This is not a place you are going to be leaving hungry.

Washed down with their red wine and homemade fries, this is the stuff that South American streak dreams are made of.

The very best South America Steak

5th. Don Julio Parrilla – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Not just one of the best South American steaks, but one of the best in the entire world. Huge, juicy portions of beef that is so tender you could slice through it with a spoon.

You couldn’t wish for a better steak experience if you dreamed it into reality.

4th. Carnal Prime Steakhouse – Vitacura, Chile

A fine dining steak restaurant where you are made to feel like a rock star from the second you walk in the door.

All the small details are taken care of to perfection, and the steak itself is allowed to shine like the true star that it is.

South America Steak

3rd. Tragga – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

From the second you walk into this restaurant, you know you are in for a magical experience. The waiters bring the steak and either carve it or cook it for you at the table using blow torches.

The portions are massive but made for sharing, so this is a lovely social dining experience.

2nd. Restorán Garcia Carrasco – Montevido, Uruguay

They place a huge emphasis on finding the best produce to start off, with as they believe that is the key to a great steak experience.

They cook their steaks simply using open flames and the smokey flavour and tender texture will have you nodding your head in approval. A stunning steak experience that you will never forget.

South America Steak1st. La Carniceria – Buenos Aires, Argentina

To claim the best steak on the continent and to come from a country like Argentina is a serious achievement, but this is a very special restaurant.

The portions are big, the sourcing superb and the service and chefs make this restaurant the huge success that it is. You haven’t really tasted great steak until you eat here. World-class.

South America Steak

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