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The 25 Best Burgers In South Carolina

If there is one food that defines classic America it is the humble hamburger, and South Carolina burgers are among the best in the country.

Being the greedy souls we are, we set out to find the 25 best burgers in the entire state. The burgers that you have to add to your bucket list and simply cannot ignore. The best of the best. From the packed buns loaded with toppings to the more classic cheeseburger, there is something here for everybody.

Time to start ticking these off your list. Grab a friend, forget your diet for the day and get stuck into one of the very best South Carolina burgers

Best burgers in South CarolinaHow do these rankings work?

1. Pawleys Front Porch – Columbia

A word of warning: do not come here unless you have a serious appetite because their portions are absolutely massive.

They do killer chicken sandwiches, tacos and salads and have 21 beers on draft, but you come here for the burger and the burger alone. A thing of absolute perfection.

2. 39 Rue De Jean – Charleston

The Brasserie Burger at this classic French bistro, that inexplicably also serves sushi, is not to be missed. It’s big, so you’ll need both hands for this one. And it comes topped with a choice of cheddar, gruyere or roquefort. Ooh la la.

South Carolina burgers

3. Big Billy’s Burger Joint – North Charleston

Big Billy’s is famous for their excellent comfort food, shakes, cocktails and some of the best burgers you’ll ever taste.

They load them up with brilliant fresh toppings and their own homemade sauces. You will never come here and have a bad burger.

4. Rush’s – Lexington

This spot is a local chain that is super popular with people in the area. You simply cannot come to this state and not try one of their meals at least once.

Double patties with super crispy fries and coleslaw on the side is the way to go. Fast food in the best possible sense of the word.

South Carolina burgers

5. Moe’s Crosstown Tavern – Charleston

Moe’s Crosstown Tavern might look like an ordinary sports bar with ordinary sports bar food. However, you mustn’t judge a book by its cover. Their Eye Opener burger served with a fried egg, bacon, cheddar, lettuce and tomato is burger perfection.

6. Grill Marks COLA – Greenville

Grill Marks has three locations in the state (two in Greenville and one in Columbia) where they serve great burgers, shakes and have a full bar. What a great combo.

Their burgers are on the big size, making this is the perfect place to bring the family during the day or some friends at night for a serious treat meal!

7. Bourbon – Columbia

A simply wonderful Bourbon-centric whiskey bar with 400 whiskies and a Cajun-Creole restaurant with one of the best burgers in the state.

Come for the drinks, enjoy an incredible burger and then stay for more drinks with friends. An all-round top class experience; although there are some other great items on the menu, trust us and stick with the juicy burger.

South Carolina burgers

8. Purlieu – Charleston

The P237 Burger (named after Purlieu’s location on 237 Fishburne Street) at this charming bistro is a beauty. It comes double stacked with American cheese, dijon mustard, caramelised shallots and pickled lunch box pepper.

9. Blacow Burger – Fort Mill

They serve their burgers up in casual style, wrapped in newspaper and absolutely brimming with exciting toppings.

The portions are big, the flavours are always innovative and exciting, and it is the sort of place you’ll be rushing back to in a hurry for your next visit. When it comes to South Carolina burgers you simply don’t want to miss this one.

10. Come Back Shack – North Charleston

They first opened in 2011 and have been going strong ever since. Come Back Shack is an essential SC burger bar.

It’s very much a local burger joint that’s all about fresh, delicious, handmade, homemade food at an amazing value. They place huge emphasis on sourcing the best beef, which is the key to their delicious burger.

11. Hamburger Joe’s – Myrtle Beach

Hamburger Joe’s is a laid-back burger joint that is the perfect place to hit after a long day on the beach. The service is friendly and fast and the food ticks every single box you could ever ask for.

No airs and graces, just seriously good (and well priced!) burgers and fries.

12. The Whig – Columbia

Quirky decor, a buzzing atmosphere and some seriously good drinks including a great craft beer selection make this a must visit.

That is before we even mention the burgers. Juicy, hand-made daily and packed full of great flavours and toppings. Not a spot you are going to want to miss.

13. Coleman Public House – Mount Pleasant

They have a great selection of beer that they complement with a well thought out and contemporary menu. The burger is very much the star of the show and the perfect match for one of their beers.

The sort of place you’ll linger for a couple of drinks with friends after your meal.

14. Little Jack’s Tavern – Charleston

This old school American Tavern serves up a damn fine burger that is praised for its simplicity. A juicy, beef patty comes in a sesame bun with melted cheese, griddled onions and their signature tavern sauce. And it’s manageable, so you can hold it in one hand and a cold beer in the other.

15. LTO Burger Bar – Greenville

LTO Burger Bar is a local burger and sports bar featuring farm fresh ingredients, 25 beers on tap, awesome milkshakes, insane burgers and even some tasty vegan options!

Every burger that they make looks like a work of art so make sure to get a picture before you try and stuff it all into your mouth. Heaven on a plate every single time.

South Carolina Burgers

16. Cru Cafe – Charlestown

The cook some of the very best Southern food you could ever wish for, but set that aside for a moment and focus on the main prize: the amazing burgers.

It’s all about the super fat and juicy patties which are bursting with flavour and pair up perfectly with their skinny crispy fries. World-class.

17. Burger Tavern 77 – Columbia

Five meats, nine cheeses, 30 toppings and 23 sauces allow for you to have over 250,000 combinations for one Killer Burger.

Throw in some great beers on tap and by the bottle and this is a meal that you are not going to forget in a hurry. Absolute burger perfection.

South Carolina Burgers

18. Art Burger Sushi Bar – Myrtle Beach

As the name suggests, they serve burgers and sushi so you’ll be able to appeal to two very different audiences by bringing people here.

Both their offerings are superb with beach views thrown in to make it an extra special meal. The burgers themselves have super creative toppings and are beautifully presented.

Tasty South Carolina Burgers

19. Ted’s Butcher Block – Charleston

The ‘Saturday Burgers’ at this neighbourhood butcher come round just once a week. No prizes for guessing when. You can choose from the famous ‘Backyard Burger’ with a choice of toppings.

Or, you can go for the feature burger which changes monthly. The current feature burger comes with whipped goat cheese, bacon and a peach BBQ sauce.

Unreal South Carolina Burgers

20. Sesame Burgers and Beer – Mount Pleasant

They serve up a great selection of innovative burgers that are all ground in-house daily and use only the very best and freshest ingredients.

They also do great tacos and salads, but to come here and not have one their awesome burgers would be to seriously miss out.

21. Butcher and Bee – Charleston

The burger at this popular local spot is nicknamed ‘The Redheaded Stranger’. It comes with hatch chiles, bacon and buttermilk ranch dressing sandwiched between a soft brioche bun. In other words, it’s spicy, sexy and unforgettable.

Tasty South Carolina Burgers

22. Big Gun Burger Shop & Bar – Charleston

They say that they do “serious burgers for filthy eaters” and we can tell you they are spot on with that quote.

They also have a killer little bar where there is Karaoke. Oh, and watch out for their half price burgers from Monday – Friday between 4pm-6pm. What’s not to love about this place? South Carolina burgers simply don’t get any tastier than this.

23. The Flipside Restaurant – Rockhill

With three locations they offer some proper Southern cooking, as well as one of the very best burger and fries combos you could ever wish for.

They don’t overload it with toppings because they simply don’t need to, given the quality and the taste. Pure deliciousness.

The best South Carolina Burgers

24. River City Cafe – Myrtle Beach

The main thing to know here is that you don’t come unless you have been working up a hunger all day long. To say the portions are big would be an understatement.

Their burgers are huge and juicy, and best enjoyed with their seriously famous and tasty onion rings. River City Cafe is a place for a serious feast.

South Carolina Burgers

25. Seanachai – Charleston

This is a pretty rough and ready Irish bar in a parking lot. However, if you are truly committed to finding the best burgers in Charleston, you won’t let that put you off.

The Signature Burger consists of two enormous patties, topped with caramelised onions, cheddar, horseradish aioli and dijon mustard. One of the best South Carolina burgers you will ever taste.

South Carolina Burgers

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