space hotels future

Is This Really What Space Hotels Could Look Like in the Future?

One small step for hotels? A pretty big leap, we reckon. aims to be the first online travel site to offer future hotel bookings in space. T+L reports that as space tourism advances, has a new imaginative bookings page of what they picture space hotels to look like.

Is this what hotel life will be like when we go zero-gravity with intergalactic hotel stays? If so, it looks pretty great… Thinks This is What Space Hotels Will Look Like in the Future

space hotels future

From a Space Suit Robe and Moon Boot Slipper Set to a Meteor Minibar stocked with astronomical snacks. There’s even a space deck pool with 360-degree views of the Milky Way. They’ve covered all the elements you could expect to see in this solar system and beyond.

The hotel lobby is complete with robot bellhops, AI concierge, and light-speed elevator service, your first zero-gravity stay is sure to be five stars — or should we say five planets? Snuggle up in your special Space Robe and hit the minibar, because in space it’s always 5pm somewhere.

Take a dip, indulge in an oxygen boost and relax.

Enjoy the breathtaking view at O2; the zero-gravity space deck pool

space hotels future

“The way things are going in 2020 inspired us to see if we can extend that offering to the entire galaxy,” Josh Belkin, vice president of global brand at, toldTravel + Leisure. “This announcement is our hope to encourage and move forward the concept of space tourism, while revving up excitement for that aspect of the travel industry that is sure to come sometime in the near future.”

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Sarah Clayton-Lea
Sarah Clayton-Lea

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