Steak In Austin

The 7 Best Places For Steak In Austin

This is a city that has a buzzing foodie scene, but we wanted to focus on one dish in particular and find the best steak in Austin. We did show you how to make the ultimate steak at home for those in lockdown, but nothing beats having one made for you by the pros.

One thing is certain; you will want a big appetite when venturing into these restaurants. You might want to find a couple of your meat-eating friends to bring along with you…

Sit back and be prepared to drool as you scroll through these places…

The Best Steak In Austin

1. Vince Young Steakhouse

A locally owned and operated fine dining restaurant in the heart of Austin, Texas. Serving USDA prime steaks, elegantly composed entrees and house made deserts.

The room is warm and inviting and always has a buzz as soon as you walk in the door. Add in a great wine list and lots of variety in terms of cuts of beef, and you will quickly realise you have discovered a truly great steakhouse.

Steak In Austin

2. Salt & Time Butcher Shop and Restaurant

Salt & Time is a full-service butcher shop, salumeria and restaurant, featuring fresh cut meats from sustainable Texas ranches. Although many come and buy their meats to cook at home, you would be wise to enjoy a meal here. The key is how they source and prepare the meat. They are true professionals and absolute best in class at what they do.

Nothing complicated, with everything pared back and a pure focus on seriously good quality beef.

Steak In Austin

3. Steiner Ranch Steakhouse

Steiner Ranch Steakhouse have a focus on prime steaks and super fresh seafood, serving a great end product by focusing on sourcing the best produce.

If you are up for a challenge and feeling seriously hungry, try the Tomahawk. A piece of pure steak perfection on a plate, with gorgeous sides to match. Add in live music and a view overlooking the lake and you will quickly be planning your next visit.

4. Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille

What started as a butcher shop has now developed into a small chain of exceptional quality.

Their USDA-aged steaks are of unparalleled quality, with exceptional marbling for the best texture. The menu is also packed with some great seafood options so the surf and turf is a sure fire winner every single time. Steak in Austin just doesn’t get any better than this.

Steak In Austin

5. III Forks

As soon as you walk through the doors you will see that everything is set up for your dining pleasure. The room is intimate and always buzzing with staff who will instantly make you feel at home.

The French-themed menu features some brilliant classics, but you should zero straight in on the fillet steak. Absolute melt in the mouth perfection every single time.

6. Eddie V’s Prime Seafood

Although they highlight their seafood offering in their name, Eddie V’s also happens to cook one of the best steaks in the city.

The dish to go for if you want to be super decadent is the “Oscar” style fillet of beef. It comes bacon wrapped and adorned with king crab, grilled asparagus and sauce béarnaise. The stuff that dreams are made of.

7. ALC Steaks

The Capitol city’s only independent, family owned steakhouse that have been doing what they do since 1993. With close to three decades experience and a loyal following, you know they are going to be seriously good at what they do.

They keep things classic in style, with large portions cooked in a refined setting. The sort of place where you come over and over again and never have a bad meal.

Steak In Austin

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