Best Steak in Denmark

The 25 Best Places For Steak In Denmark

Aebleflæsk, one of the most traditional Danish dishes, features delectable, savoury pork belly that is fried up with sweet ingredients. Sounds tantalising, right? Yes, it absolutely is. But, it’s nothing in comparison to the best steak in Denmark.

Truly, there’s something about the way that the Danish cook up a thick, hearty steak that’s absolutely out of this world. And, you’ll find that there are great spots all over the country. So, whether you’re exploring Copenhagen or Odense or any city in between, you’re likely to find something you love.

But, we won’t make you wait any longer. You’re going to want to make sure you map out a route that lets you visit every single one of the spots on our list of the best places for steak in Denmark.

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1. MASH – Copenhagen

You’ll find that MASH has a few locations throughout Germany and even in London. But, the heart and soul of this superb steakhouse has always been in Denmark. They offer quite a large selection of juicy steaks served up with heaps of sides. Definitely order the fillet first. But, we suggest heading here with friends to ensure you can sample and share from different plates and types of cuts.

Best Steak in Denmark

2. Madklubben Grill – Copenhagen

While you’ve got lots of options in terms of steak in Copenhagen, Madklubben Grill is one of the most iconic spots for steak in the city. And, while they’ve recently upgraded their menu to include even tastier grilled dishes, you’ll want to stick with the original offering though and get their perfectly seasoned steak with mashed potatoes. Be prepared to enjoy a flavourful journey straight to foodie heaven. It’s that good.

Best Steak in Denmark

3. Salinaz – Odense

Dining at Salinaz is a full experience from beginning to end. The restaurant features just enough class to make it a great spot for a full dinner, but none of the pretence you’d expect out of a stuffy steakhouse. And, they serve up some of the most unique cuts of meat in the country. Try the Santo Angelo, which comes with a strong fat marbling on one side, giving the meat a very special and very delicate taste.

Best Steak in Denmark

4. KöD Vesterbro – Copenhagen

You’ll find KöD Vesterbro at a few locations all over Denmark, but as a traveller, you’ve gotta visit the Copenhagen location in the “red-light district.” You can enjoy a lavish dinner complete with some of the world’s finest steaks and the city’s best wine. The staff is also extremely knowledgeable about the steak they’re serving, meaning they’ll help you out with suggestions if you get stuck.

Best Steakhouse in Denmark

5. A Hereford Beefstouw – Kolding

This restaurant fuses high-end steak and wine along with art, service and design to craft a dining experience that’s creative and unique. From your first sip of wine to your last bite of steak, expect to be blown away by the flavours and the entire culinary journey you go on. It’s all constructed around the tender, juicy steaks they grill from the best imaginable beef in the industry. That’s the key to the excellence here.

6. Asador Restaurant – Copenhagen

Fancy sampling a taste of Argentina without leaving Denmark? No worries, just make a reservation at Asador Restaurant. This Copenhagen restaurant prepares steaks of only the highest quality according to age-old Argentine grilling traditions on the grill. You can almost taste the rich tradition, the full South American flavours in each bite. And, that’s what makes the steaks here some of the best steaks in Denmark.

7. Steakeriet – Vejle

Steakeriet is home to one of the cosiest atmospheres in the country, especially if you love to enjoy an intimate setting and a fine glass of wine along with your steak. They’ve got a three-course seasonal menu that they change a few times a year depending on what’s available. And, it’s highly recommended by numerous different travellers. And, it’ll give you a chance to sample their steak made from Australian and New Zealand Hereford and Black Angus beef cattle. It’s simply divine.

8. Restaurant Flammen – Vejle

Feeling super hungry? Check out Restaurant Flammen. They specialise in serving up a meat buffet with over 15 different kinds of meat to choose from. Their cutters are ready to slice up any type of meat and cut that you’re craving. And, you can enjoy as much of it as you want. When paired with their world-class wines, it’s a flavourful treat that you’re going to want to savour time and time again.

Best Steak in Denmark

9. Korup Steak House – Odense

There are almost too many delicious dishes to try at Korup Steak House. You’re going to need to visit this Odense restaurant more than once to get the full effect of the flavours they serve here. Starting with the beef carpaccio, however, is a great idea. Theirs features super-thin slices of raw marinated Hereford beef fillet, peppered with flakes of parmesan. It’s as mouthwatering as it sounds.

10. Taurus Steak House – Kerteminde

Delectable, juicy steaks are the specialty at the aptly-named Taurus Steak House. Here, you’ll find guests devouring some seriously thick steak burgers. And, while they’re definitely worth a try, it’s all about the beef fillet and sirloin. They serve up some fantastic veal as well, which features a fine, smooth and tender taste you won’t find anywhere else in the region.

Best Steak in Denmark

11. Brasserie Belli – Aarhus

If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon Brasserie Belli then you’re in for one hell of a treat. It’s a French brasserie that sticks pretty true to its French tradition while also infusing each dish with the local ingredients and Danish family recipes. Start with some carpaccio and then move onto the ribeye. It’s served with garlic butter, fries, mayo, baked tomatoes and bearnaise sauce.

12. Gourmandiet – Copenhagen

Gourmandiet focuses on using “raw materials carefully selected to satisfy your taste buds.” The gourmet dishes here are some of the finest you’ll find in all of Copenhagen, regardless of whether you order steak or not. But, seeing as they serve some of the best steaks in Denmark, you can’t miss out. Ask the butcher to cut your beef exactly how you like it. They’re incredibly talented.

Best Steak in Denmark

13. La Melisa – Odense

La Melisa is actually an Italian restaurant as opposed to a full-blown steakhouse. And, that’s actually part of its charm. You won’t find any pretentious servers here bombarding you with an overwhelming amount of choice in terms of steak. Instead, you’ll enjoy the delectable aroma of fresh pasta alongside one of the best steaks in Denmark. The rib-eye is thick and juicy with just the right touch of tenderness.

14. Restaurant MEAT – Aalborg

Craving a meal of sustenance? Restaurant MEAT is a spot where you’ll find different sorts of quality meat that’s all grilled to perfection. Namely, they offer some of the best steaks in Denmark, made from well-prepared fine cuts. Visit with friends to treat yourself to the Meat Symphony for 4, which comes with Uruguayan filet, Danish Tournedos, Rib Eye, New York Strip, and Wagyu beef.

15. Empire – Copenhagen

Empire serves up a true empire of world cuisines. Here, you’ll find a little bit of everything all done up to near perfection. However, their steaks are absolutely the show-stealers. Their two main offerings are their 200g tenderloin and the 300g rib-eye steak. We’d suggest pairing it with a sauce of your choice as it really enhances the already scrumptious flavour of the meat.

16. Latinerly – Viborg

Latinerly is, first and foremost, a gathering place of like-minded individuals who convene in search of the city’s finest food, wine and some great live music. The historic charm of the restaurant creates a pretty intimate setting in which guests can graze their way through a fantastic array of dishes. But, the steak is an absolute can’t-miss. It’s served with spicy ferrets and chilli bearnaise to round out the meal.

Best Places for Steak in Denmark

17. Savana – Copenhagen

If you’re not looking for it, it’s pretty easy to miss Savana. This unassuming little cafe is tucked away inside a small space where you might not expect to find some of the best steaks in Denmark. However, upon the first bite, you’ll understand what everybody is raving about. From thin-cut steak strips to ribs, it’s all wonderfully flavourful.

18. Marcello’s – Sønderborg

From late-night food to fantastic brunch fare, Marcello’s does it all. You’ll find that this local eatery might not look like a fancy steakhouse. And, that’s because it’s not. It’s a cool, laidback spot for elevated brunch fare and fantastic steak dishes. If you’re not in the mood for a full-on steak, however, definitely still sample their Black Angus burger. It’s just as flavourful and filling.

19. Den Gyldne Okse – Viborg

You don’t have to look far to find a local who thinks that Den Gyldne Okse is the absolute best steakhouse in Viborg. It’s located in a pretty historic building, only adding to its overall charm. Settle in, order a glass of your favourite wine and then prepare to dive straight into one of the best steaks in Denmark. They’ve got it all: pepper steak, beef tenderloin, beef fillet and so much more.

20. Fuego – Copenhagen

Fuego focuses on serving up Argentinean-style street food and wine. So, you’ll get to enjoy all of the flavours you’d expect out of local Argentinean beef but in a setting that’s elegant and intimate. As for the steaks, they use only the finest Aberdeen Black Angus. So, you know it’s quality.

Best Steak in Denmark

21. Nelson Steakhouse Tapas & Vinbar – Aabenraa

Restaurant Nelson is many things in one. It’s a steakhouse but also a fun wine and tapas bar. Because, what pairs better together than a juicy steak and some fantastic red wine, right? Start the evening off with the wine of your choice. Then, get stuck into a delectable 180g beef fillet with three different sauces and two kinds of potatoes.

22. Floras – Copenhagen

Just one look at the steak here and you’ll see why so many locals think it’s one of the best steaks in Denmark. At Floras, the focus is on choice. You choose your own cut, the size of the steak, the sauce and potatoes. This means that you’re able to truly hand-select exactly what you’re ordering. So, you’re guaranteed to enjoy the meal every time you visit.

Best Steak in Denmark

23. Chalet Steak & Burger – Østerbro

Chalet is well-known for serving up some of the best burgers in the area. But, truly anything beef-based they whip up is going to tantalise your tastebuds. Guests rave about the fact that they always seem to cook it according to your individual tastes. So, whether you’re after something tender and juicy or something a bit rarer, they’ll take good care of you.

24. Fox and Hounds – Sønderborg

Fox and Hounds is a genuine Scottish pub in the centre of the city where you can enjoy fantastic beers and some of the best beef in the country. They offer 80 different kinds of bottled beers and a variety of 45 whiskies. So, you’ll have no problem finding something to help you wash down your fantastic steak. The specialty is their Côte du Boeuf, which is tantalisingly delicious.

Where to Eat the Best Steak in Denmark

25. Restaurant B – Maribo

Restaurant B offers up a little bit of everything. From the starters straight on through to drinks and dessert, they seem to balance out their menu with a variety of flavours that all balance each other out. And, the same is true for their four different kinds of steaks. Choose from pepper steak, steak Bearnaise, garlic steak or plank steak.

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