Best Steak in Finland

The 7 Best Places To Eat Steak In Finland

When you think of Finland you might not automatically think of steak, but this Nordic country is actually teeming with quaint little spots where you can enjoy some of the world’s best and highest quality beef.

When visiting Finland, definitely be sure to sample the local fare. From Karelian pastries and cinnamon buns in the morning to a delicious plate of sautéed reindeer in the afternoon, everything is a must-try. However, come nightfall, you’re going to want to make reservations at one of the spots we’ve listed below.

Go ahead, treat yourself to a full evening of tender, juicy steak. You won’t be disappointed, we promise. At least, if you sample the best steak in Finland in at one of these seven spots.

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1. Rafael’s Steakhouse – Porvoo

The steak at Rafael’s Steakhouse features superior flavours that come from the smoky charcoal grill they use to cook their meats. Here, it all starts with the quality of the premium meat they source. Then, they have expert grillmasters cook them to perfection atop the Josper grill. Order the steakhouse’s signature steak, which is a beef fillet served with Aura cheese, red wine sauce and potatoes fried in garlic butter.

2. Restaurant & Bar Grotesk – Helsinki

Fancy something a bit, well, fancy? This upscale bar, terrace and restaurant is the spot to be on a weekend evening out in Helsinki. From weekend lunches to evening DJ sets, you’ll enjoy the vibes here but also the world-class steaks, too. They’re all made with Black Angus beef. Their petite tender, flat iron, and entrecote are all worth a try, especially when you pair them with a glass of red wine from the impressive wine list.

Where to Eat Steak in Helsinki

3. Goodwin The Steak House – Helsinki

In search of the best steak in Finland? You’ve got to visit Goodwin. It’s an iconic steakhouse in Helsinki using principles from steakhouses in America and Australia. They focus on the origin of steak production and cooking culture here. The result? A top-notch steak no matter what you order. For something truly spectacular, try the rib-eye steak, which is especially juicy and aromatic.

Best Steak in Finland

4. Angus Steak & Wine – Lappeenranta

This warm and casual yet classy restaurant serves up what is easily some of the best steaks in Finland. And, what’s even better is that they pair each and every meat dish with various different options for wine. Settle in and order a glass of rich red wine. Then, choose which of their delicious cuts of Angus steak you’re going to pair it with.

5. Ravinteli Huber – Tampere

As they put it, Ravinteli Huber is a restaurant for carnivores. Here, it’s all about meat and loads of it. They dry-age their tender meat on-site, in cabinets in the dining room. Then, they bring out each succulent cut and grill it over a high-end charcoal grill. The result is a unique fusion of flavours in each and every bite. Order the club steak and prepare to have your mind blown.

Best Steak in Finland

6. Stefan’s Steakhouse – Vaasa

At Stefan’s things are simple. The unique dining room is a place for lovers of good food and connoisseurs who don’t want to make good things too complicated. So, they source prime ingredients and cook them up to perfection without too much added flare. And, honestly, they don’t need anything else aside from the natural, juicy flavours already present in each steak they serve.

7. Petteri Rosenbom’s Steakhouse – Pori

You’ll find numerous locals who say that this is the spot where you can enjoy the best steak dinner in Finland. Paired with a nice glass of their house wine, you’ll find that each and every bite of your steak is like a burst of complex, unique flavours. You’re going to want to savour the steak here, or perhaps come back for seconds.

Best Steak in Finland

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