Steak In Iceland

The 7 Best Places To Eat Steak In Iceland

When you think of Iceland you might not automatically think of steak. You think of waterfalls, rolling green hills, black beaches and, of course, secret lagoons. But, you’re going to work up quite the appetite after exploring all of those Icelandic natural wonders, right?

Right! So, when it’s time to refuel for another day of exploring, we wanted to give you some good options for the best steak in Iceland. These are the places serving up some of the thickest, juiciest, most tender cuts of steak around. You know, the kinds that melt in your mouth and leave you drooling for more.

In fact, we bet you’re drooling now, aren’t you? We won’t wait any longer. Here are seven spots where you can indulge in some of the best steaks in Iceland.

Best Steak In IcelandHow do these rankings work?

1. Grillmarkaðurinn – Reykjavík

You only have to look at a photo of the steaks at this Reykjavík hotspot to understand why so many people think they’re some of the best steaks in Iceland. The restaurant space itself is upscale and elegant. An intimate setting is accompanied by the delectable aroma of freshly-grilled steaks. They age them, grill them and then serve them slathered in an in-house BBQ sauce that’s to die for.

2. 900 Grillhús – Vestmannaeyjabær

When you’re craving meat, there are few better places to try than 900 Grillhús, which is a spot that specialises in steak, sure, but also a lot of other delectable dishes. From juicy burgers, BBQ ribs and even pizza, you’ll find that this grill house is the perfect spot to ease your craving for a meaty meal. Order the steak and enjoy all of the fine flavours that the seasoning adds to it.

3. Steakhouse – Reykjavík

It’s all in a name and the name of this Reykjavík restaurant couldn’t be more perfect. It’s a steakhouse, plain and simple, serving up some of the country’s most prime cuts of meat. Settle into the rustic setting, order a glass of your favourite wine and then prepare to dive into a delectable tomahawk cut of beef or dry-aged ribeye. Our suggestion is to visit with friends so you can all sample something different.

4. Hereford – Reykjavík

Aside from quite an extensive wine menu, Hereford serves up some of the best steaks in Iceland. As one of the most renowned steakhouses in Iceland, their hallmark is a varied selection of carefully chosen parts of beef. This means that whether you order the extremely tender beef tenderloins, the cross-cut backbone t-bone steak or the Mesquite-smoked rib-eye, you’re in for quite the delectable treat.

5. Reykjavík Meat – Reykjavík

Luxury and elegance meet fantastic, superbly-sourced meet at this upscale steakhouse in the country’s capital city. Everything here, from beginning to end, is like a fantastic journey of flavours, aromas and textures. We suggest opting for the three-course tasting menu, which will let you order steaks to share. Choose from Australian beef sirloin, porterhouse steak or even rib-eye. It’s honestly all so good.

Steak In Iceland

6. Grillhúsið – Reykjavík

There’s nothing on the menu here that’s not absolutely divine. However, guests can’t seem to stop raving about the impressive pepper steak. It’s 200g of tenderloin beef served with deep-fried onion rings, green beans, baked potato and creamy pepper sauce. Looking for something a bit thicker? The Graceland steak is the way to go.

Steak In Iceland

7. Kol – Reykjavík

Kol is fine dining at its best. Count on world-class service from beginning to end, complete with a theatre performance for those interested in a full evening affair. Here for just the steak? We don’t blame you. It’s fantastic. Their grilled beef comes served so elegantly with truffle egg, sour chickpeas, spring onions, and spice biscuits. Each bite is like a flavourful explosion that you simply just can’t get enough of.

Steak In Iceland

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