Steak In Norway

The 7 Best Places To Eat Steak In Norway

Traditional Norwegian food might not naturally extend to include lots of steaks, but you’ll find that the best steak in Norway compares to that of the kind of cuts you’d find at top steakhouses in places like Argentina, Australia and even the United States.

So, treat yourself to local delicacies first. Indulge in some pickled herring, some tender potato dumplings and, of course, whale steak. Then, get ready to truly treat yourself to a full dinner of beef steak. You know, the kind you dream about after a long day of travelling and exploring.

Whether you’re travelling to Oslo, Bergen or plan on exploring the lesser-known parts of the country, there’s something on this list for everybody. Check out our picks for seven of the best spots to enjoy a nice juicy steak in Norway.

Best Steak In Norway

1. Trancher Entrecôte – Oslo

Situated along the harbour in Oslo, Trancher Entrecôte is a great spot to relax and enjoy some city lights and fantastic steak dishes. As the name suggests, they specialise in entrecôte, which is a premium cut of beef that they’ve salted and grilled to perfection. Order it however you like and enjoy the fantastic flavours that come after they tenderise is in-house and slow-cook it over low heat.

2. FG Restaurant & Bar – Bergen

Just the decor at FG Restaurant & Bar is enough to entice you in for a visit. A unique and relaxing atmosphere sets the stage for a perfect evening full of fine food, great drinks and, of course, some of the best steaks in Norway. And, there’s really nothing here that visitors don’t absolutely love. From filet mignon to rib-eye steak and even their delectable entrecôte, it’s all bursting with flavour.

3. Hereford & Friends Steakhouse – Sandnes

Meat hangs in coolers that surround the dining room at Hereford & Friends. It’s all enticing, each slab of carefully selected meat practically calling out your name as you try to decide what you’re going to try first. Do yourself a favour and order the Omaha steak, which is world-renowned for its quality. They carefully select this exclusive beef tenderloin for its tenderness and taste. You’ll leave absolutely satisfied.

4. St. Lars – Oslo

Owned by international TV-chef Andreas Viestad, St. Lars is a study in sheer excellence. From the decor and service straight through to the impressive wine list and steak varieties, there’s nothing here that’s not going to completely blow you away.  Each cut of beef is carefully selected, cut and prepared exactly according to your tastes. This means that you’ll enjoy balanced, perfect flavours in each and every bite.

Best Steak In Norway

5. Bullock Steak & Bar – Stavanger

At Bullock Steak & Bar, it’s all about the preparation. They start by using a Josper coal-fired grill. Then, they use coal from Argentina which gives a wonderful aroma to the meat. They’ve got 12 different cuts to choose from, ranging from sirloin and tenderloin to chuck and even top sirloin. Our suggestion? Order more than one to sample all of the fine flavours they’re serving up.

Steak In Norway

6. Borggården Biffrestaurant – Oslo

Centrally located next to the Oslo City Hall, this steakhouse serves up quality service, a luxurious environment and some of the best steaks in Norway. They’re well-known for steak that is especially tender, lean and juicy. Sourced straight from Østfold and Buskerud, the steak is local, fresh and served exactly according to your own individual tastes. You’re going to absolutely head back for seconds.

Steak in Norway

7. Atlas Brasserie – Oslo

From the interior dining space to the covered courtyard and straight on through to the superb brunch menu, there’s a lot to love about Atlas Brasserie. Order a house cocktail and then enjoy diving straight into their best meat dish, the beef tenderloin. It’s served with truffle potato purée, baked beets, mushrooms and thyme sauce. If it sounds drool-worthy it’s because it absolutely is.

Steak In Norway

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