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The 7 Best Places For Steak In Portland

With such a great food scene in the city, there are some amazing places for steak In Portland. From super tender fillets steaks to massive T-bone steaks, there is something on this list for everybody.

We did show you how to cook a perfect steak during lockdown, but nothing beats the pleasure of eating in a great steakhouse. Just sitting back and allowing the professionals cook it up for you. The ultimate treat.

All you have to do is round up some family or friends and pick one of these amazing spots to dine in.

The Best Steak in PortlandHow do these rankings work?

1. Laurelhurst Market

A friendly neighbourhood steakhouse and butcher shop where they make everything in house. That ranges from paté to hand-stuffed sausage all the way through to smoked ham hocks.

While many people just buy meat to cook at home, dining here in the restaurant is the real treat. The steak is wonderfully sourced, cooked to perfection and they keep it simple so as the flavour of the meat can do all the talking.

2. RingSide Steakhouse

RingSide Steakhouse have been serving steaks for over 75 years, so it is safe to say that they have perfected what they do.

Add in impeccable service with an unmatched wine list and this will quickly become a favourite of yours. The steaks themselves are delicious and super tender, but it is the wonderful variety of sides that take this meal to another level.

3. Portland City Grill

The dining room is 30 floors above the city and a truly spectacular spot to take in the sweeping city and landscape views.

The menu is very classical with everything you would expect in a good steakhouse, all served with massive attention to detail. The good news is that the cocktails and wine list are every bit as good as their world-class steaks.

4. El Gaucho

Enter a world of shimmering candlelight, live flamenco guitar music, and the palpable anticipation of a very special dining experience. South America is well known for its love of great meat and that is showcased to full effect here.

The menu is wide, ranging with some great seafood options but you would be foolish to ignore the steaks. They are cut thick, bursting with flavour and always cooked to perfection.

5. The Steakhouse at 9900

A wonderful venue that has a sports bar and cigar room, as well as the famous Lou’s bar. The ideal place to come and share a steak dinner with friends before having an evening of fun in the bar.

Watch the fire burning as you sink snugly into your seat and wait for your succulent steak to arrive. You will be living the good life at 9900 and quickly be planning your next visit.

Steak In Seattle

6. Urban Farmer

Their focus is on local, organic sourcing and simple straightforward presentations. In short the food does the talking when you eat here without any need for fancy distractions.

One dish that stands out is their 24oz Painted Hills porterhouse which is selected from only the finest Oregon cows. They place great emphasis on their beef being raised humanely and the end result is something that tastes even better.

Steak In Seattle

7. Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen

In 1946, Art and Dick Sayler bought a little chicken shack out in east Portland. Over the next three decades they built the Old Country Kitchen into one of Portland’s most popular and enduring restaurants.

The reasons they have been around for 74 years is down to serving great food and providing even better service. It really is that simple. An absolute dream of a meal every time you visit. Easily one of the best places to eat steak In Portland.

Steak In Seattle

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