Steak In Portugal

The 7 Best Places For Steak In Portugal

Steak in Portugal is right up there with the very best in the world, so we wanted to pick the places that you simply cannot afford to miss.

Here’s where you’ll feast on juicy, succulent pieces of beef that are the perfect meal for a special occasion. High quality produce, all cooked by chefs at the very top of their game…

With so many to choose from it was hard to get it down to just the seven best places to eat steak in Portugal, but here they are. Prepare to drool…

Best Steak in PortugalHow do these rankings work?

1. Sala de Corte – Lisbon

Sala de Corte dry ages their meat in special cabinets that you can see as you walk into the restaurant. Once you sit down into their plush banquettes and leather seats you know you are in for a pretty special experience.

The steaks themselves are cooked over an open flame for that perfect smokey crisp exterior, and always cooked to perfection. Some of the best steak you will ever eat.

2. Meating Steakhouse – Almada

This is a stylish steakhouse and cocktail bar that is the sort of place you come to really spoil yourself. The menu is packed full of all the good things in life, so make sure you are seriously hungry before you arrive.

Dig into a juicy cut, but do keep some room for desserts as well, because they are every bit as good as the incredible steaks.

3. Muu Steakhouse – Porto

As soon as you walk in the door and are greeted by the friendly staff and the atmospheric setting you know you are in for a real treat.

The menu has great variety with some delicious appetisers, but it’s all about the steak here. If you are feeling super extravagant and want to try something special, their tomahawk steak (below) is a thing of pure beauty.

4. Butchers Restaurant – Almancil

This is a restaurant where they are passionate about all things beef. They source the very best available, handle it with care and serve it up expertly. As well as stunning steaks, they do a fantastic beef tartare as an appetiser if you really want to double down on beef.

With so many cuts to choose from you will be in steak heaven, with the meat even being presented to you at the table to choose the cuts before it’s cooked.

Steak In Portugal

5. Vinum – Porto

This venture was created between two families with a huge passion for steak and great wine. The ultimate marriage made in heaven. The setting is spectacular, the service also friendly and the steak is so tender it melts in your mouth.

Add in the amazing wine list and some local port and you are in for a very special night indeed.

Steak In Portugal

6. Atalho Real – Lisbon

To say they are passionate about great steak here would be to state the obvious. You’ll feel that as soon as you see the huge pieces of meat on display behind their glass counters. The expert staff will walk you through the various cuts and cooking techniques to ensure you get the perfect steak.

The other good news is that their cocktails are just as good as the steaks. The ideal place for a night out with friends.

Steak In Portugal

7. BYF Steakhouse – Lisbon

Not only do the have a huge selection of meats and cuts to choose from, but they also cook all the steaks in a unique Josper oven.

That oven ensures you will be eating some of the juiciest meat you have ever tasted in your life. With food this good you really don’t need to over complicate things – a simple sauce and some red wine is all you need.

Steak In Portugal

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