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The 25 Best Places For Steak In Sweden

You might think of Scandinavian fare as fresh seafood and pickled veg, but there’s also some amazing restaurants here that serve up some of the juiciest steaks you’ll try in Europe. From sleek restaurants in Stockholm to cosy bistros in Malmo, these are the places to come for the best steak in Sweden.

Best Restaurants for Steak in SwedenHow do these rankings work?

1. AG – Stockholm

AG describes itself as a ‘restaurant for meat lovers’, so you can be very sure of a satisfying steak here. Start your meal with some tapas-style plates at the bar, before digging into some of the city’s best porterhouse, clubsteak, ribeye entrecote and more. They dry-age all the prime cuts themselves onsite for proper quality results.

2. Mando – Malmo

Mando is a popular local steakhouse in Malmo that goes above and beyond for its customers when it comes to friendly staff and – of course – great steak. It’s been serving up all sorts of tasty grilled meats for years. Choose from entrecote, sirloin or fillet cuts, with rich béarnaise sauce and perfectly crispy fries.

3. Meet – Gothenburg

Believe us when we say that Meet is pure paradise for meat lovers. Not only is it one of the few restaurants in Sweden that has the famous Kobe beef from Japan, there’s various other gourmet cuts including Australian sirloin or Belgian Rosé calf. They hang all their own beef here until perfectly tender and cook it on the grill to sear in the jus and flavours.

4. Jay Fu’s – Uppsala

This is a unique mix of two incredible cuisines. Jay Fu’s is all about the best from the East and West; hearty meat dishes from the grill mingle with Asian specialities for a plate that’s loaded with flavour. The exact steaks on offer vary depending on what’s best that day, and come presented to you at the table before cooking so you can choose your perfect cut.

5. The Grill – Gothenburg

The Grill is a consistently great restaurant, with a founder from Persia who is a ‘meat master’ with over 50 years experience. With a menu that includes premium butcher’s cuts of entrecote and t-bone steaks, you’re in for a real treat. For something different, a selection of traditional Persian barbecue dishes is also served.

6. Mello Yello – Malmo

With so many great restaurants in Malmo, it can be hard to stand out, but Mello Yello impresses with its creative dishes and buzzing outdoor terrace on Lilla Torg. As for the steaks? They keep things simple-yet-perfect with a Swedish beef tenderloin that’s served with crispy French fries, French beans, red wine sauce and béarnaise sauce.

7. Griffins – Stockholm

For a night to impress, come to Griffins in Stockholm. It’s an eclectic, design-focused restaurant with industrialist decor and atmospheric lighting. All that is simply the lead up to some of the best steak in Sweden. Featuring cuts from across the world, you can indulge in anything from Nebraska ribeye to local, grass-fed and dry aged strip steak.

8. NOM – Västerås

NOM is a beautiful restaurant with deep, vaulted ceiling and warm red bricks that provide the perfect setting for its delicious food. While there is always at least one fish dish and something vegetarian, the heart of the menu consists of meat and they recommend you get dishes to share. We suggest the meat tasting platter of the chef’s choice of steak styles.

9. Köttmästarn – Stockholm

‘Meatmaster’, as this restaurant name translates to in English, really are meat masters. It’s a fun, trendy restaurant that doesn’t take itself to seriously yet still enthuses serious passion into each dish. There’s grade A5 Wagyu beef, as well as free-range Swedish cuts of ribeye, t-bone, sirloin and tenderloin. Come with friends and order the ‘meat party’ platter of steaks to share.

10. Perssons Kök & Bar – Malmo

This is a French steakhouse, so expect classy vibes and all the French favourites, from buttery sauces to juicy and pink steaks. Perssons stands out particularly for its excellent value food, never shirking on quality. For a no-fuss, delicious steak dinner in Malmo, you’ll never go wrong with Perssons.

11. Angry Bull – Linköping

This American-style steakhouse focuses on charcoal grilled meats that are dripping with jus, wonderfully seared on the outside and full of flavour. Angry Bull has everything a carnivore could possibly want: tender marbled beef, New York striploin and and must-eat T-bone steak that’s been dry aged for 28 days.

12. Vassa Eggen – Stockholm

Not only is Vassa Eggen a steakhouse, it’s also a very popular bar that attracts Stockholm’s hip crowd for hip hop and soul Saturday club nights. Before you hit the dancefloor though, sit down for a steak feast. The beef is butchered and hung in-house for tender cuts of steak that melt in the mouth.

13. Prime Grill – Gothenburg

Kick things off at this stylish restaurant and lounge with a heavenly beef tartare with porcini crème, smoked almonds, gruyère, pickled onions and Jerusalem artichoke chips, before moving onto the main event. And oh boy, this is a real treat. Steak choices such as Brazilian fillets, Australian Wagyu or Swedish entrecote are simply divine.

Steak in Sweden

14. GUTE – Stockholm

The menu at GUTE changes with the seasons, but they always serve only the very best  meat and cuts that are grilled and smoked to perfection. Highlighting plenty of local ingredients, the chefs add a global flair to Swedish cuisine that adds up for one of the best steaks in Sweden, with the Scottish beef a must-eat.

Steak in Sweden

15. Carnivore Steak House – Malmo

No surprises here for guessing that Carnivore Steak House lives up to its meaty name and is home to some of the tastiest steak in Sweden. You’ll start licking your lips as soon as you enter the dining room as the smell of grilled meats wafts towards you. What to order? Keep it simple with a juicy entrecote and crispy fries.

Steak in Sweden

16. Rob’s Burger & Steak – Jönköping

While you might be tempted by the burgers at Rob’s (they’re made with prime beef on bakery-fresh buns), we urge you to save them for another day and hone in on the steaks. These tasty cuts are served a perfectly pink medium and you can choose between a thick beef fillet or juicy entrecote. Gourmet sides round it all off.

Steak in Sweden

17. De Svartengren – Stockholm

For a truly special dinner in Stockholm, come to De Svartengren. With a keen focus on made-from-scratch dishes and local ingredients, you can taste the quality in every bite. The steaks here are all locally raised beef, reared and butchered in a sustainable way direct from the Stockholm archipelago. You can’t beat that.

Steak in Sweden

18. Monster Steakhouse – Malmo

Come to Monster Steakhouse with an appetite, because there’s no way you’ll want to leave a single piece of steak on your plate. Their massive porterhouse to share is dry aged for 28 days and is one of the most succulent pieces of beef you’ll try in the country. Sides such as roasted marrowbone and a creamy potato gratin will make your meal even better.

Steak in Sweden

19. La Mancha Steakhouse – Gävle

La Mancha Steakhouse is a ‘Texican’-style restaurant, aka a droolworthy mix of Texan and Mexican cuisine. Being two regions that really loves their grilled meats, you can rest easy knowing that La Mancha has some incredible steaks on the menu. Cooked just how you like it and beautifully tender, this place is aways great.

Steak in Sweden

20. KOL & Cocktails – Malmo

Kol is an essential place to eat in Malmo, not only for its coal-grilled seafood and hearty vegetable dishes, but for its show-stopping steaks. Each cut is grilled over hot charcoal for a slightly smokey finish and a juicy bite. Go all out and order the Japanese Wagyu with a bottle of one of their finest red wines.

Steak in Sweden

21. Blackstone Steakhouse – Gothenburg

Blackstone Steakhouse has all the key elements of a long lasting steakhouse: quality beef cuts, skilled chefs, friendly staff and delicious sides. It’s just a classic place for a great night out with friends and really good food. What more could you ask for?

Steak in Sweden

22. Kings Corner Steak `n Pub – Helsingborg

Dig into a hearty platter loaded with crispy fries and wonderfully tender steaks in the cosy basement restaurant in Helsingborg. You’ll hardly be able to wait until the plates are set down on the table before you dive right into these beauties. Come here with friends to get loads of dishes to share.

Steak in Sweden

23. Styrmans Stekhus – Stockholm

For rustic, American-style steaks using local Swedish beef and local ingredients for side dishes, you can’t go wrong here. Styrmans Stekhus serves up a tempting menu of steaks from the grill, including a hefty Tomahawk and a surf ‘n turf. The steaks here come with tomato salad, large potato wedges & smoky whiskey & pepper sauce for a real feast.

24. Texas Longhorn – Nyköping

Texas Longhorn is the spot to come to for a serious feed – just like you’d get in Texas itself. Huge cuts of beef include a 1kg grilled steak with spicy corn on the cob, a fillet with half a lobster on top or a juicy ribeye. Arrive here hungry, as portion sizes are big. But when food tastes this good, we’re sure you’ll manage!

Steak in Sweden

25. Grill – Stockholm

This unique restaurant takes inspiration from five continents, with playful decor ranging from hunting lodge style or Oriental to Versailles luxury. Each section of the restaurant has a different style, so you can have a new experience every time. As for the food? They use five different grilling methods: wood stove, rotisserie, smoke, charcoal and table grill, for amazing steaks.

Steak in Sweden

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