The 7 Best Places To Eat Steak In Wales

Steak is a pretty international dish that’s good no matter where you go. But, you’ll find that the best steak in Wales is without a doubt some of the absolute best in all of Europe.

Sure, if you’re visiting Wales then you’re going to want to definitely sample cawl, which is their soup-like national dish. And, it goes without saying that it wouldn’t be a true foodie trip unless you tried some savoury Glamorgan sausage.

But, if you’re craving something really meaty, head to any one of these spots. We’ve scoured the country in search of seven of the best places to enjoy the absolute best steak in Wales. Commence drooling.

Best Steak In WalesHow do these rankings work?

1. Just Steak – Mold

Guests can’t stop raving about the steak at Just Steak. While the name suggests they only serve steak, they do serve other delightful meat dishes. However, the steak is absolutely the show-stealer. From the gargantuan tomahawk to the fillet, they cook it all to perfection each time you order, done up exactly to suit your individual tastes.

2. Dylan’s – Menai Bridge

The goal at Dylan’s is to celebrate the local produce, character and natural beauty of North Wales. And, all of those wonderful local flavours truly shine through in the Welsh rump steak. It’s served tender and juicy along with cherry vine tomatoes, flat mushrooms, Cafe du Paris butter and, of course, piping hot chips.

Best Steak in Wales

3. Viva Brazil – Cardiff

Every town’s got a quality Brazilian steakhouse and Viva Brazil is Cardiff’s. Dining here is like immersing yourself into all of the wonderfully vibrant sights, sounds and flavours of South America. Head here hungry to ensure you can sample their signature cut of beef, picanha, which is the cap of the rump. Cooked to perfection and dripping with flavour, it’s the kind of meal you dream about after it’s over.

Best Steak in Wales

4. Miller & Carter Killay – Swansea

There are quite a few Miller & Carter locations in the UK. In Swansea, they’re all about serving up steaks that they’ve sourced from field to butcher to grill. They’ll serve on the finest British and Irish cuts, which is why they’ve been awarded the “Master of Steaks” from the Craft Guild of Chefs. The flavour truly is just that spectacular.

Best Steak in Wales

5. Pier 64 – Penarth

After an elegant evening full of fine wine and great steak? Pier 64 is the spot for you. This is the kind of place you’d plan an intimate anniversary dinner or, honestly, just the kind of place you’d head when you’re craving a thick, world-class steak. They hand-select the meat from local butchers and then have their butcher select only the finest cuts.

6. Steak of the Art – Cardiff

First and foremost, Steak of the Art is a unique dining concept that’s an absolute must to experience if you’re in town. The funky interior might seem distracting, but once you dig into the steak here, you won’t be able to focus on anything else. All of their steaks are selectively and responsibly sourced from West Country farms in Devon, Cornwall and the Welsh borders. It’s never frozen, always fresh, and insanely flavourful.

7. Asador 44 – Cardiff

A wood-fired parrilla grill draws your eyes to the centre of the room at Asador 44. The grill and the ingredients are imported from Spain, such as their Rubia Gallega chuletón steaks, which they’ve dry-aged for up to 70 days in-house. Everything that comes off the grill is absolutely dripping in flavour. It’ll melt in your mouth and then linger on your tongue for long after, leading you to only crave more and more.

Best Steak in Wales

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