Steaks In Copenhagen

The 7 Best Steaks In Copenhagen

This city has developed a reputation as magnet for foodies from around the world and the steaks, so you can be sure that that the steaks in in Copenhagen are right up there with the very best. You can spend your day walking around the pristine streets and admiring the beautiful architecture before setting in for a special treat meal.

From huge juicy ribeyes to perfectly tender fillets of beef,. there is something on this list for everybody. One thing is certain: when you come to Copenhagen you will eat well.

All you have to do now is pick the one that you and your friends are going to tackle first!

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You’ll find that MASH has a few locations throughout Germany and even in London. But, the heart and soul of this superb steakhouse has always been in Denmark. They offer quite a large selection of juicy steaks served up with heaps of sides. Definitely order the fillet first. But, we suggest heading here with friends to ensure you can sample and share from different plates and types of cuts.

Steaks In Copenhagen

2. Madklubben Grill

While you’ve got lots of options in terms of steak in Copenhagen, Madklubben Grill is one of the most iconic spots for steak in the city. And, while they’ve recently upgraded their menu to include even tastier grilled dishes, you’ll want to stick with the original offering though and get their perfectly seasoned steak with mashed potatoes. Be prepared to enjoy a flavourful journey straight to foodie heaven. It’s that good.

Steaks In Copenhagen

3. KöD Vesterbro

You’ll find KöD Vesterbro at a few locations all over Denmark, but as a traveller, you’ve gotta visit the Copenhagen location in the “red-light district.” You can enjoy a lavish dinner complete with some of the world’s finest steaks and the city’s best wine. The staff is also extremely knowledgeable about the steak they’re serving, meaning they’ll help you out with suggestions if you get stuck.

Steaks In Copenhagen

4. Asador Restaurant

Fancy sampling a taste of Argentina without leaving Denmark? No worries, just make a reservation at Asador Restaurant. This Copenhagen restaurant prepares steaks of only the highest quality according to age-old Argentine grilling traditions on the grill. You can almost taste the rich tradition, the full South American flavours in each bite. And, that’s what makes the steaks here some of the best steaks in Denmark.

5. Gourmandiet

Gourmandiet focuses on using “raw materials carefully selected to satisfy your taste buds.” The gourmet dishes here are some of the finest you’ll find in all of Copenhagen, regardless of whether you order steak or not. But, seeing as they serve some of the best steaks in Denmark, you can’t miss out. Ask the butcher to cut your beef exactly how you like it. They’re incredibly talented.

6. Empire

Empire serves up a true empire of world cuisines. Here, you’ll find a little bit of everything all done up to near perfection. However, their steaks are absolutely the show-stealers. Their two main offerings are their 200g tenderloin and the 300g rib-eye steak. We’d suggest pairing it with a sauce of your choice as it really enhances the already scrumptious flavour of the meat.

7. Fuego

Fuego focuses on serving up Argentinean-style street food and wine. So, you’ll get to enjoy all of the flavours you’d expect out of local Argentinean beef but in a setting that’s elegant and intimate. As for the steaks, they use only the finest Aberdeen Black Angus. So, you know it’s quality.

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