The 7 Best Stockholm Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Stockholm

No matter where you travel in the world, you can always rely on finding a good burger joint to satisfy your cravings. The good news is that Stockholm burgers are as good as any you will find across the globe, so we’ve picked out 7 of the very best.

All you have to do now is work your way through the list, one delicious burger at a time…

The Best Stockholm Burgers

1. Franky’s Kitchen

Franky’s Kitchen started in 2014 from a 12 sq meter street-grill in central Stockholm, but since then word of mouth has spread across the city and the burgers are worshipped far and wide.
Franky’s Kitchen Burgers In Stockholm

2. Barrels Burgers & Beer

If somewhere is going to focus on beer and burgers they’ll always get top marks from us because those really are two of life’s great joys. An absolute joy of a burger to eat and plenty of choice as to what beer you’ll wash it down with.

Barrels Burgers & Beer In Stockholm

3. Svenska Hamburgerköket

People rave about their fries and would come for them alone – we can see why. Their burgers are the perfect size fitting into one hand perfectly and packed full of flavour, seriously juicy and with delicious and original toppings.

Svenska Hamburgerköket In Stockholm

4. Bun Meat Bun

They keep things super simple here, without overcomplicating their burgers with unnecessary toppings. A focus on really good freshly ground meat and their perfect buns make this a winning combination.

Bun Meat Bun Burgers In Stockholm

5. Phil’s Burger

Phil’s Burgers has 10 restaurants in total with six across Stockholm, so you’ll never be far away from one of their great burgers. They are also the first hamburger chain in Scandinavia to serve the Beyond BurgerTM. The world’s first plant-based burger that looks, is cooked and tastes like meat.

Phil's Burger In Stockholm

6. Flippin’ Burgers

A wildly popular Stockholm burger joint that also has their own food truck. Their burgers are piled high (try the secret menu ‘flimpy’ – a four patty smash, if you have an appetite) and the cheese oozes to perfection as you bit into that wonderful texture. Their focus is creating the perfect meat to bun ratio, and they do it every time.

Flippin' Burgers In Stockholm

7. Bastard Burgers

Once you get past the slightly unconventional name you’ll realise that this neighbourhood burger joint is the real deal. Huge portions and some of the best fries in the city make this a winning combination.

Stockholm Burgers

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