The 7 Best Stockholm pizza

The 7 Best Pizzas In Stockholm

Have a craving for the best Stockholm pizza? Consider this your DIY slice-by-slice guide to the tastiest pies in the city. Stockholm has an incredible food and drink scene: burgers, cocktails and of course, coffee.

Whether you’re a local looking for new food spots or just in the city for a few days while you’re visiting Sweden, this is one place where carb lovers will be safe and sound.

Get your game face on and get ready to eat your bodyweight in fresh cheese and chargrilled dough at these seven best places for pizza…

Best pizzas in StockholmHow do these rankings work?

1. 1889 Fast Fine Pizza

Named after the year the first Margherita pizza was served in Naples, this is one of the most exciting and innovative pizza experiences you will ever come across.

The pizzas are wonderfully creative – think smoked deer, crispy beetroot and lingonberries – and come served with seriously good cocktails and salads that are to die for. A great place to start a night out with friends.

Margherita pizza

2. Crispy Pizza Bistro

Crispy Pizza Bistro is a wonderful restaurant that serves up super crispy pizzas, burgers and a great selection of craft beers. Seriously, what more could you possibly need?

Their toppings are original, fresh and sourced from only the best of ingredients. Make sure to keep room for their brilliant desserts.

Crispy Pizza Bistro

3. Meno Male

Meno Male does super classic Neapolitan-style pizza that are every bit as good as anything you’d eat in Italy. The crusts are big and spongey and wonderfully charred in their 800 degree oven.

Their toppings are inventive but you are best keeping it simple because the dough, cheese and sauce are all simply perfect.

Meno Male Pizza

4. 800 Grader

Their pizzas are classic in style but with original and unique toppings that make every visit here a treat. They use local Swedish flour to make their dough, and if you’re lucky there might be a free seat outside.

They only source the very best toppings and their cheese is as good as anything you’ll ever taste. This is one Stockholm pizza that is just as good sitting in or taking them away to go.

800 Grader

5. Pizza Hatt

They focus on creating really good pizzas and complementing it with great craft beer menu. Two of the world’s greatest treats served in one place that will make you seriously happy.

Pizza Hatt’s super chilled atmosphere with friendly staff will mean that you’re sure to hang around for a couple of beers after your meal.

Pizza Hatt  In Stockholm

6. Galinas Pizza

You can eat in, take out or they deliver. Galinas Pizza is basically on hand for whatever carb-emergency you have. They keep the pizzas super simple and classical in style with a real focus on high end quality ingredients.

Slightly thinner than some on the list and perfectly crispy from their wood fired oven.

Galinas Pizza

7. Giro

They opened in 2015 with the goal of creating one of the best Neapolitan-style pizzas in the country. Well done Giro – they’ve delivered on that goal and then some. The secret is all in their perfectly fermented dough.

A pizza and a glass of wine here is one of the great pleasures in life. A wonderful Stockholm pizza experience.


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