The 7 Best Stuttgart Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Stuttgart

The food scene is always exciting in this German city, but nothing comes close to the quality of Stuttgart burgers. We’ve picked out the 7 best so you can focus all your energy on the easy part: eating.

From the huge stacked burgers full of toppings to the more simple and classic cheeseburger, there is something here for everybody.

So get ready for a big night of beers and some quality Stuttgart burgers. These bad boys are seriously amazing…

Best burgers in StuttgartHow do these rankings work?

1. Triple B – Beef Burger Brothers

Beef Burger Brothers are masters of big proper portions of beef which is ground fresh at all times. As well as the burgers themselves being big, they come with an enormous side of fries, so save this one up until you are super hungry.

A casual style burger joint with a friendly atmosphere.

Beef Burger Brothers in Stuttgart

2. Flo Steak & Burger

As the name suggests, they specialise in both steaks and burgers, although they do have a range of salads and some other dishes for non-meat lovers. Take our advice though and go for the burger, which is plump and full of flavour.

Flo Steak & Burger in Stuttgart

3. Burger House

They have a huge focus on the quality of ingredients they use and that is why they are growing so quickly. Burger House a real local favourite.

The source the best local beef and bake their own bread every single day. If only every burger in the world tasted this good.

Burger House in Stuttgart

4. No.70 Finest Burger & Salads

No. 70 is known for their huge salads and classic-style burgers. As for us? Forget the salad, we are going with the burger every single time. The place to bring somebody who wants to be health conscious while you stuff your face!

Simple burgers with classic toppings that taste absolutely unreal.

No.70 Finest Burger & Salads

5. Stuggi Town Burger

Stuggi Town Burger is fast food in the very best sense of the world. Most of their customers order the double burger which is a real feast.

The toppings are traditional (why look beyond bacon and cheese?) with their crispy chips on the side making this an absolute winner.

Stuggi Town Burger in Stuttgart

6. Bonnie & Clyde

This is a cosy little bar come restaurant where their food offering is superb with some great comfort dishes on the menu. To look past the burger though would be a travesty.

Sitting outside in in their compact terrace eating one of these in the summer is an absolute joy. A delicious, tasty joy.

Bonnie & Clyde hamburger

7. Büffeli, Burger aller Art

They do a huge range of tasty burgers here, where you can either choose one of theirs or build your own from scratch. They are also known for salads but who wants a salad when you can have a burger, right?

Burgers come piled high with toppings and lots of great sauces.

Stuttgart burgers

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