Super Healthy Recipes

7 Healthy Recipes To Kick-Start Your Health Drive

When starting out on a health buzz, it is essential that you have a series of super healthy recipes in your arsenal. You could buy meal plans or eat out, but that can be expensive, so cooking your own fresh food is always better.

We created a series of 7 recipes that are quick to make, packed full of goodness while not losing anything on the flavour front. Tasty and healthy. The ideal mix.

Time to get super healthy; that all starts with the improved diet. Enjoy these classics…

Healthy Homemade Recipes

1. Superfood Post-Gym Chicken Stir Fry

After a tough workout, you need to refuel with something full of goodness: this post-gym stir fry is perfect. Using chicken and a range of vegetables that are incredibly good for you, it will give you that extra boost of energy and aid with muscle recovery.

2. Cajun Chicken & Mango Salad

Salads can often be a bit bland and leave you still feeling hungry, but this recipe for a chicken and mango salad is a dish that will leave you fully satisfied. Juicy, tasty and super healthy.

3. Zingy Turkey Burgers With Peppers & Zesty Yoghurt

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice flavour, and these zingy turkey burgers are the perfect example of that. The high-protein turkey mince combined with sauteed peppers and a simple yoghurt sauce is healthy eating at its very tastiest.

4. The Ultimate Acai Smoothie Bowl

A fresh acai smoothie bowl is the ultimate healthy breakfast dish – full of colour and nutrients, and super simple to make. Acai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) berries are a superfood, packed full of antioxidants and fibre. You’ll find these vivid purple smoothie bowls in almost every brunch hotspot, but why not make your own?

Super Healthy Recipes

5. Quick Seared Tuna With Chinese Kale

This gorgeous fresh tuna with Chinese kale is one of those simple, healthy recipes that is ideal for a post-work out meal. The best bit is that you’ll be able to make the whole dish from start to finish in less than 20 minutes.

Super Healthy Recipes

6. Cajun Yoghurt Chicken Tenders With Pickled Cucumber

Cooking tasty dishes at home shouldn’t be a stress, and these gorgeous cajun yoghurt chicken tenders prove how simple eating well can be. It’s a quick ‘n easy dish that’s absolutely exploding with flavour.

Super Healthy Recipes

7. Ten Minute Ginger Fried Pork With Crispy Veg

If you are looking for a super simple recipe that is low in carbs, tasty and quick to make, then this ginger fried pork is the one for you. You could team it up with rice or noodles, but it’s also just as tasty eaten on its own.

Super Healthy Recipes

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