The 7 Best Swiss Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Switzerland

Switzerland is one of those countries that seems to have absolutely everything going for it. Stunning mountains and scenery, world class food and a high standard of living are just some of the boxes it ticks.

But what about Swiss burgers? You guessed it: there’s incredible burgers to be had here. We’ve rounded up the seven best burgers across the country to try as you eat your way around this beautiful little central European country.

1. The Hamburger Foundation – Geneva

The Hamburger Foundation was founded by three childhood friends who just wanted to make the best burgers possible. They started with a simple food truck and now have two restaurants and two food trucks as well as a couple of oyster restaurants. The burgers are absolutely packed full of toppings.

Swiss Burgers

2. Heidi & Tell Co. – Zurich

They insist that the key to their burgers tasting so good is that they are flame grilled, which adds that extra flavour. Heidi & Tell Co. also make their own buns and select the best local cheese for added flavour. As Swiss burgers go, this is about as good as it gets.

Heidi & Tell Co. Burgers In Switzerland

3. Zooburger – Lausanne

It’s all about the sourcing of the best products for the guys behind this burger joint. That means buns that have been carefully selected and some of the best cheese and beef in the country. An added bonus is some great outdoor seating to enjoy your burger when the sun shines.

Swiss Zooburger

4. Inglewood Eaux-Vives – Geneva

This is a casual American-style burger joint that keeps things simple and classic in style and gets it absolutely right. With locations in Lausanne St-Laurent & Grancy, Sion and Geneva you are never going to be too far away from their burgers which is a good thing.

Swiss American-style burger

5. The Bite – Zurich

A Swiss and Canadian-owned gourmet burger restaurant which first opened back in 2013 and which has been going from strength to strength. A great selection of original burgers with inventive toppings or you can build your own from scratch. Also keep an eye out for weekly special burgers which are super tasty.

Swiss Burgers

6. Wolf – Burger & Steak Bar – Luzern

Wolf is the perfect place for meat lovers to come and feel right at home. Many go for the juicy steaks but to miss out on the burger would be a travesty. Throw in a great craft beer selection and this is the perfect place to come with a group of friends and linger for a couple of hours.

Burger & Steak Bar

7. The Butcher – Zurich

Casual burgers that come wrapped in paper with fries on the side served from their 4 locations across the city. The service is fast, the burgers super tasty and they also have a great veggie option if that is what you are after.

The Butcher Hamburger

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