Sydney Chicken Wings

The 7 Best Places For Chicken Wings In Sydney

There are some foods that as soon as you get a craving for, you just have to have them. Case in point? Chicken wings. Glorious, finger-licking -good chicken wings to be precise. Sydney chicken wings are as good as they get, so we wanted to narrow it down to the best spots in the city.

You’ll probably want some beer to wash them down with, or maybe they are the hangover cure after a big night out? Either way, grab a couple of mates and get ready for some seriously tasty food.

Forget that diet and get ready for a serious cheat meal…

Best chicken wings in SydneyHow do these rankings work?

1. Wings and Tins

This place does exactly as it says and serves up a huge selection of both wings and craft beers. The sauces are hot and the beers are cold; this is the sort of place that you wish there was one of them in every city.

Sydney Chicken Wings

2. Papa Do’s Chicken

Papa Do’s is a small joint that is big on chicken and serves wings in a wonderfully spicy and sticky sauce. They do specials too, so this is the perfect place to head with a group of mates at the weekend.

Sydney Chicken Wings

3. The Wanderer

Great selection of craft beers that are tailor made to go with their various succulent wings. Make sure to come on Wednesdays for their half priced wings. The perfect food to enjoy with friends.


4. Stuffed Beaver Dining Parlour

Some seriously tasty items on the menu like mac and cheese, tater tots and fried chicken sandwiches. You can pick and choose a few dishes but whatever you do, don’t leave the wings out. You’d never forgive yourself for missing out on these bad boys.

Chicken Wings Sydney

5. Belly Bao

Belly Bao serves up delicious sharing plates and Bao that is good as any in Asia itself. Their sticky wings are absolutely to die for, and once you taste them once you’ll be addicted for life.

Sydney Chicken wings

6. Bat & Ball

A proper wholesome spot to get food that is going to fill you right up and leave you licking your lips. Their wings come in a spicy sauce. It’s the perfect match for a couple of beers or some cocktails from their extensive menu.

The sort of place you won’t leave in a hurry.

7. The Norfolk Hotel

Classic dive bar and all-round great place to spend time. They have a huge selection of beers and wonderful bar snacks to go with them. Take our advice and order a bowl of their crispy-yet-juicy chicken wings.

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