The 7 Best Tel Aviv Burgers

The 7 Best Burgers In Tel Aviv

This bustling Mediterranean coastal city has a great foodie scene, so you can be sure that when it comes to Tel Aviv burgers they are as good as anything you’ll find around the world.

The whole place combines a 24-hour culture with a unique pulse, with sandy Mediterranean beaches alongside a world-class nightlife. Sounds ideal? It is.

All you have to do before a big night out is grab a friend and hit up one of these seven incredible spots for Tel Aviv burgers

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1. Memphis

Memphis is small neighbourhood spot where the focus is on getting the very best quality ingredients to start out with. They shape their meat patties daily so the burgers are always of maximum freshness.

Their toppings are simple but perfect – if something isn’t broken, why fix it? Absolute Tel Aviv burger heaven every single time.

Memphis Hamburgers In Tel Aviv

2. 26 Gourmet Burger

The founder Myriam Benarouche came from France with a love of cooking and great cheese, so the burgers here use only the best European flavours.

Their burgers are ground daily using three cuts of beef imported from France and Italy and served with freshly cut and twice fried fries. They say the biggest secret though, is the brioche bun which is a strict family recipe. The whole combination is absolutely delicious.

Tel Aviv Burgers

3. Prozdor

It’s all about choice in this wonderful burger and beer bar. That means you can create your own burger from over 30 toppings and sauces, so everybody at the table can have something different.

They also focus on local breweries and offering a diverse beer menu. Add in a special burger and beer of the month and you will never find yourself eating the same thing twice here.

Prozdor Hamburgers

4. America Burgers

America Burgers grind their beef on a daily basis and keep the burgers at the perfect size – so you can just grab it with two hands and wedge into your mouth. Being flame grilled they have a fantastic flavour that goes perfectly with their crispy fries.

Some delicious house cocktails finish everything off in style here, making it a place you’ll be coming back to on a regular basis.

America Burgers in Tel Aviv

5. The Little Burger Shop

Unlike their name there is nothing “little” about these burgers. Piled high with super fresh toppings and ridiculously tasty sauces, you’ll struggle to eat these in one go.

Their presentation skills also make these burgers seriously Instagrammable, with a battle raging between your stomach and the need to wait before digging in and get that epic Tel Aviv burger shot.

The Little Burger Shop

6. Susu and Sons

With seven locations across the city, Susu and Sons have long been the venue for those just starting a night out or on their way home from one.

The menu is compact with some of their own house burgers or you can choose from a list of toppings and make your own from scratch. Along with some imaginative sides you will not be leaving here in any way hungry.

Susu and Sons Hamburgers

7. Vitrina

Vitrina is one of the trendiest burger joints in the city, and is super popular with the young hip crowd. It’s known just as much for the fried chicken burgers as the beef, but we’d go for the latter.

Their unique party trick? The sweet potato and regular fry combo that makes it super different to 99% of other burger joints. Whatever you do end up ordering from their delicious menu you’ll be leaving a happy camper.

Vitrina in Tel Aviv

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