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The 25 Best Burgers In Norway

The simple hamburger is easily one of the tastiest creations in the world; juicy, meaty and always reliable, it’s a relief for fellow greedy guts to know that the burgers in Norway are some of the best in Europe.

From the huge and monstrous burgers packed with toppings; street vendors cooking up simple patties right through to fine dining restaurants with their gourmet take on this American snack, we’ve come up with a list that has something for everybody.

All you need to do now is hit those beautiful roads and start eating. Think of it as a road trip feast…

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25th. Munchies – Oslo

A place to stop in after a night having some beers or out partying with friends. The menu features lots of combos, they serve beer and the service is fast and friendly. There’s two handy locations in the city, and keep an eye out for their burger of the month – this month has a tasty vegan cheddar.

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24th. No.3 – Mo i Rana

No.3 is a prime example of how excellent neighbourhood restaurants can be – it’s a Nordic charcoal grill restaurant that transforms into a buzzing cocktail bar at night. There’s lots of local eats on the menu but their burgers are a must-order. Smoked over charcoal, it’s juicy beef with toppings such as smoked cheddar, bacon, relish, and bbq sauce.

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23rd. Royal Gastropub – Oslo

Swing by the Royal Gastropub for a game of shuffleboard and one of the best burgers in Norway. They mince their own prime beef in-house for a juicy and tender burger patty. What to order? Their Triple Chilli burger with chili con carne, chili dressing, cheddar cheese and jalapeños is a spicy-but-delicious eat.

22nd. Inside Voss Rock Café – Vossevangen

This swinging rock bar is located in the quiet Norwegian mountain town of Voss, and is a top spot for a game of darts and burger feast.

There’s a burger topped with bacon, aioli, chili, jalapeños and BBQ sauce that will cure even the worst hangover, as well as other tempting toppings such as fried cured ham, pepper brie and akasie honey.

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21st. Harbour Café – Bergen

They perfect location for some great food and people watching especially if you can grab a seat by one of their large windows. Their burgers are stuffed full of delicious toppings and you’ll struggle to eat them all in one go. We will say make sure you come with an appetite, as the portions are large.

20th. Kvess – Byrne

Kvess has a delicious and varied menu that caters to all burger lover’s needs. Their beef burger options are out of this world, and with a huge band of loyal customers they never shirk on quality. The mouth-watering cheddar burger comes with bacon as well and is topped off with onions and mayo.

19th. Burger Joint – Oslo

A very American-focused concept “where rock’n’roll meets the world of high quality burgers”. Their options are stacked so high with toppings and thick, juicy patties, that you’ll struggle to get it in your mouth in one go – but that’s half the challenge.

Burger Joint

18th. Bardus Bistro – Tromso

Bardus Bistro takes inspiration from the bistros of southern Europe, so expect local and seasonal ingredients fro Tromsø, including reindeer and king crab. Their signature burger though, is a real highlight. It’s made with local beef and comes with onion marmalade, pickled cucumber, Sriracha mayo, and fluffy hand cut chips.

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17th. Smakeriet BurgerBar – Bekkjarvik

There’s eight different burgers to choose from at this fantastic burger bar owned by three local firefighters. Smakeriet is simply an incredible, casual burger joint where the food tastes just as good as it looks. If you like a burger that’s stacked high with toppings and dripping jus and cheese, this is the place for you.

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16th. Det Lille Kjøkken AS – Bjerkvik

‘The Little Kitchen’ might be small, but its burger offerings are seriously mighty. This fast food spot is the perfect pitstop on a road trip through Norway for their famous Bjerkviking burger. Their burgers have no frills to them; just a good ol’ burger that is made to juicy perfection.

This is a real treat to be savoured.

15th. Beist Burger – Sandefjord

If you’re in Sandefjord and craving a proper burger, then this is the place to go. Everything from the presentation to the flavour right through to the service is absolutely world-class.

Toppings range from classic crispy bacon and cheddar to chorizo, taleggio cheese, green chilli salsa or a tangy cranberry ketchup.

14th. Er-An Veikro – Søfteland

This American diner just outside Bergen on route E39 serves rich, creamy milkshakes to go along with their burgers, which are no fuss and just perfectly made. And yes, they do taste just as delicious as they look. The burgers (with names such as the Memphis BBQ with onion rings and BBQ sauce) are huge, and full of flavour.

the best burgers Norway

13th. Troys Burger – Oslo

A tiny restaurant in the centre of Oslo that packs a big punch when it comes to the flavour of their burgers. Their truffle infused burger is one that gets people talking, and it won’t let you down. The savoury and rich truffle flavour with the tender beef makes an incredible combination.

the best burgers Norway

12th. Burgasm –  Bodø

For a one-of-a-kind gourmet burger and over the top milkshakes, Burgasm hits the spot. It’s taking things up a notch when it comes to burgers in Norway, with all sorts of wild creations.

While the menu totally changes every three months, they do also offer four flash-back burgers every three months. These are the most wanted burgers of all times, voted back by devoted friends and fans.

the best burgers Norway

11th. Wünderburger – 0slo

This laidback burger joint has a great selection of inventive burgers, including a lamb version, but it’s hard to look past the classic with that super crispy bacon. Although, we defy anyone not to be tempted by their droolworthy triple onion burger… Chilled vibes and a great space to come and hang out with friends.

the best burgers Norway
Image: @wolt.norge

10th. Royal – Bergen

They are best known for two things, which are their burgers and their extensive gin menu. The burgers themselves are so picture perfect that you nearly don’t want to ruin them by eating them! Nearly.

The sort of place you come with friends and stay on for a couple of drinks. World class dining.

the best burgers Norway

9th. Hekkan Burger – Sandnes

The burgers are big at Hekkan so you’ll want to come with a serious appetite but one thing is for sure… You will be leaving with a big smile on your face. One bite and you’ll realise why this is one of the best burgers in Norway. There’s butter-brushed buns, beef patties dripping with jus and double stacked cheddar.

the best burgers Norway

8th. Kverneriet – 0slo

They now have two locations in the city and their loyal fan base absolutely love their burgers. It’s not hard to see why. Kverneriet has some brilliant inventive toppings and sauces for people who want to liven things up a bit. Think: classic pinnekjøtt (salted lamb rib), tangy lingonberry sauce & swede purée, or a Thai burger with spicy Tom Yum dressing.

the best burgers Norway

7th. Illegal Burger – Oslo

Illegal Burger is a small space serving burgers that are absolutely huge. The beef patties have a superb flavour, as the meat is chargrilled for a perfect finish. There’s 13 incredible burgers to choose from, with toppings such as truffle mayo, pineapple, green chilli salsa and all sorts of cheese.

Also a good choice for those looking for a gluten free option, as they have gluten free buns.

the best burgers Norway
Image: @larsspiser

6th. Oxe Burger – Haugesund

Oxe Burger is changing the scene of just how good burgers in Norway can be. They have their own farm, which is where all the beef for the burgers and milk for shakes comes from. On top of that, the buns come fresh every morning from a local bakery. Try the dry aged beef burger with blue cheese from Stavanger Ysteri, bacon, caramelised onion and pickled beetroot.

the best burgers Norway

5th. GoGrilla Foodtruck – Oslo

Nothing tastes better than a burger served from a street truck, eaten in the palm of your hand. Their burgers look fast food-esque but taste very gourmet. The perfect combination in our eyes.

These guys have nailed the simple burger and if you try their sweet potato fries you are in for a serious treat.

the best burgers Norway

4th. Bun’s Burger Bar – Oslo

Set up by four friends in 2014 who wanted to bring great burgers to Oslo – they’re certainly delivering on that promise. The burgers keep things simple without going overboard on toppings and taste absolutely out of this world. You also get a great view of the city from here, as you try to get your mouth around their huge burgers.

the best burgers Norway

3rd. Bien Snackbar – Bergen

Simple and ridiculously tasty food combined with a large selection of beers and classical cocktails.  They focus on seafood and snacks, but the burger is the real star of the show. Big juicy patties with simple classical toppings make this a complete winner. It’s easily one of the tastiest burgers in Norway. Your best bet is to head here ASAP to see for yourself.

the best burgers Norway

2nd. Burgr – Tromso

This fun burger joint has retro video games and some of the best burgers in Norway – what more could you possibly need? There’s plenty of toppings and burger creations to pig out on, with highlights including fennel salami & truffle mayo, bacon cooked in beer, or a pickle & mint yoghurt sauce.  The end result? It is absolutely mouthwatering.

the best burgers Norway

1st. Døgnvill Burger – Stavanger

The menu here features everything from a classic cheddar & bacon burger to original flavours, such as blue mustard cheese or a confit pork rib topping. The beef for the burgers is super high quality from Stavanger and a local baker delivers fresh buns every day. One of the best burgers in Norway? No doubt, if not the best.

Be sure to order one of the thick, American-style milkshakes made with Norwegian premium ice cream on the side.

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