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The 25 Best Burgers In Poland

The simple hamburger is easily one of the tastiest creations in the world; juicy, meaty and always reliable, it’s a relief for fellow greedy guts to know that the burgers in Poland are some of the best in Europe.

From the huge and monstrous burgers packed with toppings; street vendors cooking up simple patties right through to fine dining restaurants with their gourmet take on this American snack, we’ve come up with a list that has something for everybody.

All you need to do now is hit those beautiful roads and start eating. Think of it as a road trip feast…

Best Burgers In PolandHow do these rankings work?

25th. St. Michał – Lublin

St. Michal is a top notch craft beer pub with 31 taps of rotationally changing beers from the best Polish and foreign breweries. Not only is it ideal for beer lovers, the food here – in particular the burger – is superb.

There’s seven creations to choose from, including a ‘Regional’ burger with bacon from Cioczek, tarragon mayo, Korycinski cheese and red onion jam.

24th. Balkan Burger – Wroclaw

Balkan Burger is all about making the most of local ingredients, and cooking them up into some of the best burgers in Poland. You can choose the level of spiciness that you want your juicy beef burger to be and also swap out the beef for tender mutton.

Toppings include cheese, grilled sweet pepper, tasty sauces, onion, cucumber, and cabbage.

23rd. Bobby Burger – Multiple

The burgers here are absolutely huge – they come with two delicious patties and are packed full of wonderfully original and exciting toppings. The big question is, will you try to get it all in your mouth in one go, or break out the knife and fork?

It’s a popular chain of burgers in Poland, yet still manages to keep an amazing level of consistency and quality.

22nd. Piano Burger – Poznan

This amazing little food truck serves up some mighty burgers, both in terms of portion size and flavour. There’s eight burgers to choose from (all named after musical legends): you can’t go wrong with the Chopin which has blue cheese, rocket and pear.

And yes, they do taste just as delicious as they look.

21st. Burger Park – Bydgoszcz

Burger Park is yet another food truck cooking up amazing burger bites. There’s some creative toppings such as The Big Kahuna with grilled pineapple, as well as a new monthly burger special, such as one with jalapeno mayonnaise, chorizo jam, homemade pickles and red onion.

20th. Projekt Burgers – Szczecin

There’s plenty of choice on the menu at Projekt Burgers for all tastes, including grilled veggie patties, crispy fried chicken and classic beef burgers with all sorts of toppings, from bacon to Camembert cheese.

No matter what you choose, all the burgers here are no fuss and just perfectly made.

Image: @szczecinska_magdagessler89/Instagram

19th. Burger Ltd. – Wroclaw

Make your way to Wroclaw for some of the juiciest burgers in Poland at Burger Ltd. Each beef burger is a hefty 200g portion of prime beef, with endless delicious topping choices. For a local taste, get the Polski burger with mustard, slices of grilled white sausage, horseradish sauce and marinated beetroot.

It’s the best of both worlds!

18th. Farma Vegan Burgers – Krakow

Don’t assume that to serve up some of the tastiest burgers in Poland there’s gotta be meat involved – Farma Vegan Burgers prove that plant-based burgers can be just as good. Everything on the menu is fully vegan, and fully delicious. 

Toppings include crunchy celery,  nut cheeses and tangy sauces.

17th. Bydlo I Powidlo – Warsaw

The focus here is on two main dishes that both come from premium Argentinian beef: steaks and burgers. Both are fantastic with the burger being super juicy; a tasty beast you’ll struggle to fit in your mouth. Some of the best cooking in the city.

Gourmet toppings include creamy spinach, gorgonzola or truffle oil.

Bydlo I Powidlo Burgers In Warsaw

16th. Gruba Bula – Krakow

The burgers are big at Gruba Bula so you’ll want to come with a serious appetite but one thing is for sure… You will be leaving with a big smile on your face. It has a loyal local fanbase who just can’t get enough of these burgers.

For something a little different, order the burger with nachos,  jalapenos, hot sauce and BBQ sauce – it’s spicy and full of flavour.

Image: @peter.shoots/Instagram

15th. Brooklyn Restaurant – Warsaw

As the name suggests, the burgers are very American in style and the place has an upmarket diner feel to it. You’ll find some great ribs and other hot dogs on the menu but you simply can’t come here and not have the burger.

It’s juicy, seared beef with the perfect char on the outside, served up in a freshly baked buttered potato-bun. Divine.

Brooklyn Restaurant Burgers In Warsaw

14th. Original Burger – Gdansk

This small, family-owned burger joint in Gdansk’s Old Town has some unique features (such as a a row of chairs straight from the old cinema!) alongside its amazing burgers. They use 14 days-aged Aberdeen beef for their burgers and are passionate about serving only the very best, including fresh herbs from the owner’s own garden.

13th. Gastromachina Stacja – Lodz

You’ll find this popular food truck at two points in the city: Piotrkowska 217 and Piotrkowska 89. There’s 14 different burgers to choose from – your only struggle will be deciding which one to pick.

One bite and you’ll realise why this is one of the best burgers in Poland, no doubt.

12th. Corner Burger – Krakow

Corner Burger uses top quality beef from a local supplier and has freshly baked buns delivered to the store daily. It’s a laid-back, fun spot to come with friends for a proper feed. Aka, the best combo of good vibes and great food. Toppings include double beef patties, grilled sausage, sauteed onions and all sorts of cheese.

11th. Serial Grillers – Warsaw

The burgers at Serial Grillers are absolutely bursting with flavour, so you’ll want to come with a serious appetite as the portions are absolutely huge. Throw in super friendly service and a Mexican influence on the menu and this is a place you’ll quickly be visiting again.

10th. Fat Bob Burger – Poznan

If you like a burger that’s stacked high with toppings and dripping jus and cheese, this is the place for you. Fat Bob Burger is an American-style burger joint where you can really pile on all the trimmings for your perfect burger.

Their burgers are huge, meaty and bursting full of delicious toppings and sauces.

best burgers poland

9th. Między Bułkami – Warsaw

A great place to come for fast casual food where they do an especially good breakfast menu. It’s all about the burgers though, which use only the very freshest of ingredients and will always leave you feeling full satisfied.

As well as juicy beef burgers, there’s also tasty vegan options and fantastic homemade sauces such as parsley pesto, tomato-herb ketchup, or homemade savoury jam.

best burgers poland

8th. Bro Burgers – Szczecin

A popular food truck in Szczecin, Bro Burgers are super passionate about each and every element of their burgers, and you can really taste the quality in every bite. Must-order creations include the Blue Mike, with tomato, onion, cranberry marmalade, and blue cheese, as well as the Basil with creamy mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, onion, fresh tomato, and basil sauce.

best burgers poland

7th. Soczewka Kitchen – Wroclaw

With a slick, minimalistic interior and a droolworthy burger menu, it’s easy to see why this spot is a must-visit when it comes to seeking out the best burgers in Poland. They grind their own beef daily, make all their own sauces and even bake their own buns.

Choose how you like your meat cooked and feel free to add on toppings such as mac and cheese or fried egg.

best burgers poland

6th. Moo Moo Steak & Burger Club – Krakow

When a place has such a key focus on high quality steaks and meat, you know that the burgers are going to be outstanding. They’re famous in the city for their juicy, delicate and aromatic flavours when it comes to burgers – you’ll be a repeat customer here after just one bite. They cook all burgers to a perfect medium, with just the right amount of pinkness.

best burgers poland

5th. Barn Burger – Warsaw

There’s a huge range of burgers in this wildly popular restaurant. Their toppings are all super original, with something for everybody on the menu. Washed down with one of their large selection of beers you’ll be in heaven once you discover this place.

They prep all the burgers patties fresh daily from only the best Charlois beef, adding on homemade coleslaw and fresh salsa.

best burgers poland

4th. GOGO Burger – Krakow

GOGO BURGER is consistently named as one of the best burger spots in Krakow. They’re known for fresh ingredients and burgers bursting with toppings. All burgers are served medium, with add-ons such as bacon (go wild and have double!), guacamole or goat cheese.

Everything from the presentation to the flavour right through to the service is absolutely world-class.

best burgers poland

3rd. Burger Stacja – Gdansk

These burgers are almost too beautiful to eat – tender, juicy beef with oozing cheese in a pillowy soft and buttery bun. What more could you possibly ask for? They come stacked high and full of the good stuff you’d find in most burgers. The burgers here are generally thicker than normal beef patties so know that before ordering a double patty – it’s a beast.

best burgers poland

2nd. Moaburger – Wroclaw

Moaburger is a family-owned, New Zealand-inspired burger restaurant that goes above and beyond when it comes to gourmet patties and toppings. Highlights include the Surf n Turf with grilled tiger prawns, home made garlic mayo, red onion, tomato, and lettuce. Or, their classic cheese burger includes a choice of cheddar, brie, mozzarella or blue cheese.

It’s safe to say you are in for a serious treat here.

best burgers poland

1st. Taste Burger – Warsaw

As for where you’ll find the best burgers in Poland? Taste Burger in Warsaw is the place to go. They focus on cooking the burgers fresh here with amazing ingredients (everybody talks about the bacon). The end result is an understated, elegant and delicious burger.

The beef is perfectly seasoned, the buns super fresh and the toppings out of this world.

Taste Burger In Europe

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