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The 25 Best Burgers In Portugal

When it comes to Portugal burgers you are going to be pleasantly surprised by the quality this Western European country has to offer.

As you’ll see from the stunning burgers on this list you will be licking your lips just looking at the photos. How could you resist?

From the huge burgers that are loaded with toppings and sauces to the more humble and classic cheeseburgers, there is something here for every type of burger lover.

It’s time to grab a friend and get stuck into the 25 places for Portugal burgers…

Best Burgers in PortugalHow do these rankings work?

1. Hamburgueria do Bairro – Cascais

The burgers here are so pretty that you nearly don’t want to disturb them and nearly everybody takes a photo!

When you do grab it in both hands and bite in you are treated to an absolute explosion of flavour. With burgers this good you don’t need to over complicate the toppings because simple is always best.

2. Ground Burger – Lisbon

The burgers here are quite simply works of perfection. Many locals consider them to be the best in the city. For something a little special go for the chilli burger and finish off the meal with one of their epic doughnuts. If only all food tasted this good.

3. Real Hamburgueria – Porto

To say their portions are huge would be an understatement. Your biggest challenge here will be figuring out how to tackle the burger (without cutlery!) and finishing it all.

Super fresh meat with the tastiest toppings, all rounded off with their super crunchy homemade fries.

4. The B.B.E – Best Burger Ever – Sagres

They certainly spell it out exactly as it is with the name of the restaurant here – it really is the best burger ever. Get down here ASAP.

The sort of place to come and get some really good comfort food like nachos, chicken wings and other treats. Focus on the burger though, because it truly is exceptional.

5. A Cultura do Hambúrguer – Lisbon

There’s some delicious burgers here, including their super unusual red burger baps which really catch the eye. Perfectly formed and juicy patties inside soft buns that are the perfect size for wedging into your mouth in one go.

6. Burgers & Bowls – Almancil

They pride themselves on sourcing the very best ingredients and it shows in the end product. This is a burger of exceptional taste and cooked by chefs at the very top of their game.

The menu also features super healthy items, so it is the perfect place to bring a group of people looking for different things from a meal. You’d be foolish to look beyond the burger though!

7. Honorato Clérigos – Porto

They combine their burgers with some of the best craft beer and cocktails in the city. Add in super friendly staff and a buzzing room, and this is easily one of the best restaurants in the city.

The burgers are made using the freshest of ingredients; classic in style and tasty toppings.

8. Álef Burger Bar – Faro

The perfect relaxed place to come and have a burger and a couple of beers with friends before a night out.

The room is relaxed; if you are lucky enough to get one of their terrace seats you will truly be in heaven eating these great burgers.

9. To.B – To Burger Or Not To Burger – Lisbon

Delicious burgers that are served with simple toppings and along with some of the freshest and tastiest cocktails in the city. The combination makes this a perfect place to hang out with friends and start a night out. C’mon, the answer is always yes to ‘burger.’

portugal burgers

10. Hamburgueria da Baixa – Faro

The sort of place you come when you want a real treat and to let your hair down with a great meal. The portion sizes are absolutely massive, so you will want to make sure you have a serious appetite.

Do make sure to keep some space for their desserts though because they are also magnificent.

11. Backson’s Fine Burgers and Mussels – Porto

This is probably one of the only restaurants in the world that combine mussels and burgers as their specialities. They pull it off with considerable style though.

The burgers come with classic toppings and alongside a large selection of craft beers, it makes this the perfect spot to start a night out with friends.

portugal burgers

12. Hamburgueria B&B – Portimão

A huge selection of innovative burgers with toppings and sauces that come in all shapes and sizes. They even do a superb veggie burger if that is what you are after.

The portion sizes are big too. Along with their superb fries and a large selection of craft beers this is everything you want from a burger experience.

13. CURB – Porto

CURB does American-style burgers served up in a casual setting that are absolutely packed full of flavour. The perfect size to pick up and eat in two hands without having to worry about cutlery.

As soon as you bite into these burgers you’ll already be planning your next visit.

14. Hamburgueria A Gina – Lisbon

The burgers here come served on large wooden boards with mounds of french fries on the side. Their toppings are super diverse or you can build your own burger from scratch. They even have stuffed burgers with cheese on the inside. A proper Lisbon burger experience.

15. Supléxio – Ponta Delgada

They make all their burgers by hand on the premises along with the sauces and you can taste the difference in the end product. To say these burgers are fresh and delicious would be the understatement of the year.

To eat a burger in a setting as pretty as this only adds to the experience.

16. Munchie The Burger Kitchen – Porto

There’s a large selection of really good burgers including a seriously good veggie option. Their toppings are inventive which is what will keep you coming back to try all the different varieties.

portugal burgers

17. Hamburgueria do Mercado – Funchal

A small cosy and wonderfully bright restaurant where the service is super friendly and the burgers will blow your mind in terms of quality and taste.

Big juicy patties served in the freshest bread with lots of delicious sauces. Burgers don’t really get much tastier than this.

18. Hamburgueria Lili – Nazaré

Not all the burgers are as big as the one pictured below, but they do love a good big portion here. They also have original red-coloured buns which look fantastic and some super creative toppings.

The sort of place you will be leaving with a huge smile on your face after you finish your meal.

19. Lisbon Burguer – Lisbon

Lisbon Burguer are known mainly for two things, which are pizzas and burgers. You are going to struggle to find somebody who isn’t a fan of either of those great dishes. Throw in a great selection of beer and a very fine veggie burger and there really is something for everybody.

portugal burgers

20. Nah Nah Bah – Lagos

You’ll struggle to walk into a restaurant and see more exiting and colourful food anywhere in the world. Every single plate is like a work of art.

They do great tacos, nachos and cocktails but really you come here for one reason and that is their burgers. You’ll fall in love at the very first bite.

21. MARIANUS Hamburgueres – Porto

The sort of burger joint that ticks all the boxes with great beer, terrific home cooked fries and some of the tastiest burgers you could ever imagine.

They place a large emphasis on only having the freshest of ingredients, which really shows in the end product. Divine.

portugal burgers

22. Hamburgueria do Bairro

This is a chilled spot in a simple room where the food does all the talking. Their burgers are classic in style and perfectly formed. The fries steal the show, alongside their house sauce and the wonderful fast service. The sort of place you’ll never get bored of eating in.

portugal burgers

23. Black Mamba – Porto

They do really good salads, sweet treats and doughnuts, but it is all about the star of the show here: the burger. It’s super juicy and comes with thick, tasty chips.

Perfectly sized with fresh toppings, this really is truly one of the great Porto burgers.

24. Castelo dos Hamburguers – Funchal

People have been enjoying these burgers for years and their huge fan base of loyal customers tells you everything you need to know.

The thin baps are loaded with delicious toppings, perfect thin burgers and a secret sauce that is the stuff of legend. You won’t be forgetting this burger experience in a hurry.

25. Honorato Belém

Big, juicy burgers that come with huge portions of fries on the side so you’ll want to make sure you come with a serious hunger on you. They also serve great cocktails so it’s the perfect place to start a night out with some good friends.

portugal burgers

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