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The 25 Best Burgers In Spain

The simple hamburger is easily one of the tastiest creations in the world; juicy, meaty and always reliable, it’s a relief for fellow greedy guts to know that the very best burgers in Spain are top class.

From the huge and monstrous burgers full of toppings; street vendors cooking up simple patties right through to fine dining restaurants with their gourmet take on this American snack, we’ve come up with a list that has something for everybody.

All you need to do now is hit the road and start eating. Think of it as a road trip feast…

The judging criteria:How do these rankings work?

  • Finalists were selected from across Spain
  • Votes were cast by Big 7 readers across our 1.5million community on social media and by our editorial team
  • Online reviews, previous media coverage and notable blogs were also included in the overall rating
  • The final list is subjective – if we’re missing any must-try burgers in Spain please do let us know!

The best burgers in SpainHow do these rankings work?

1. Bacoa Burger – Barcelona

What started off as a tiny “hamburguesería” in 2010 has expanded into one of the city’s best burger outlets, with locations across Spain. They do big, juicy and utterly mouthwatering burgers, and you can choose from beef, lamb, chicken, veg or more.

best burgers Spain

2. Bar Centro – Burgers & Craft Beer – Barcelona

If you mix insanely good burgers with top quality craft beer and do it in a city that’s as much fun as Barcelona is, then you’re onto an instant good thing. That’s exactly what you’ll find here. Great fun with even greater burgers.

3. Alfredo’s Barbacoa – Madrid

Forget about the traditional tapas and wine for one evening and come down to Alfredo’s Barbacoa for one of these truly unique burgers. They have some unusual salsas and toppings for those looking to liven things up.

4. Goiko Grill – Valencia

The burgers here are consistently good, and they put that down to sourcing the very best ingredients. You’ll never get a bad burger in here.

You’ll find them in multiple locations as they continue to grow with their legions of super fans. The burgers are so pretty you nearly don’t want to spoil them by eating them. Nearly!

5. A Fuego Negro – San Sebastian

This hip restaurant is featured on the Michelin guide and offers up a funky, modern take on traditional Basque cuisine. They’re renowned for the Makcobe burger: a mini Kobe beef burger pintxo with banana chips.

It’s innovative, super tasty, and one of the best burgers in Spain. Order two!

6. All Grill – Benalmadena

Their burgers are super classical in style; it is all about the quality of the beef here which always shines through.

The perfect size to forget about the cutlery and just grab in two hands and start munching into it. A seriously good burger.

7. The Butcher Ibiza – Ibiza

This stylish burger bar started off in Amsterdam, since opening its popular Ibiza location. It serves top-quality burgers, prepared on the spot using only the freshest ingredients.

Order the Babaganoush for something different: it’s topped with mashed grilled aubergines blended with sesame sauce.

8. House Of Burger – Seville

Their burgers are cooked in a coal oven and made with 100% Black Angus veal. The end result? An absolute taste sensation; it is easy to see why they are expanding across Spain.

Make sure to keep some room for their desserts, because they are a seriously tasty end to a meal.

9. The Burger Cafe – Tenerife

The Burger Cafe shows that amazingly tasty burgers don’t have to be bad for you. They use fresh vegetables and 100% organic livestock from their neighbourhood supplier for burgers that taste out of this world.

They also have an amazing range of veggie burgers, so non-carnivores will be happy here.

10. Burger Beer – Valencia

They have a passion for two things and doing them really well, and that is craft beer selection and burgers. Any venue focusing on those two things is always going to get our vote.

The burgers are high on quality and they keep the toppings simple to let the meat shine through. Simply world-class.

11. Burger Bar – Marbella

They open at midday and stay open until 3am which makes this the perfect place to start a night out or even to finish it. Or you know, you can do both.

Their burgers feature massive juicy patties, wonderful fries on the side and tick every single box when it comes to world class burgers in Spain.

best burgers Spain

12. SteakBurger Atocha – Madrid

SteakBurger are best known for their steaks; especially the way they dry age and look after their beef. So, it goes without saying that their passion for beef extends to the burger. With four locations around the city you are never far away from one of their burgers, which is a really good thing. Big and bold in flavour.

best burgers Spain

13. De Paula – Barcelona

De Paula is one of Barcelona’s top spots when it comes to all things meat, and their burgers are made with barbecue steak with picanha, artisanal bread and super fresh ingredients. With a Latin American vibe, the atmosphere is fun and the food full of flavour. Burgers come with crispy patatas bravas.

best burgers Spain

14. The Good Burger – San Sebastian

They serve up amazing burgers, hot dogs and milkshakes – it can be hard to choose what you actually want because it all looks so good.

The meat is super fresh as are the buns, and with their simple but classic toppings added you are onto a winner. Sometimes you don’t need to overcomplicate a burger and they don’t. Simple perfection.

best burgers Spain

15. Zombie Bar – Madrid

Zombie Bar does brilliantly original burgers in an informal setting where everything screams of creativity. Multi-coloured buns, exciting toppings and a wonderful atmosphere that you won’t forget in a hurry. The menu is not just limited to beef burgers either as some other great fillings including a lovely veggie burger.

best burgers Spain

16. Burguett – Seville

There’s some of the prettiest burgers you will ever see in this minimalist style restaurant. They also happen to taste seriously good, with super fresh meat and wonderfully original sauces.

Wash it down with one of their beers and some of their home made fries and you will be leaving with a big smile on your face.

best burgers Spain

17. The Bronson Bar – Zaragoza

This spot is all about fun, flavoursome food: it’s a themed bar dedicated to Spaghetti Western actor Charles Bronson. They serve up only the best 100% beef burgers that are piled high with delicious toppings.

Super hungry? You can go wild (wild west?) and double the meat patties. Yum.

best burgers Spain

18. FBI “Freak Burguer International” – Murcia

Freak Burguer International is the place to go for the best burgers in Spain that are full of tasty toppings and BIG. You’ll struggle to finish one of these bad boys, but in the best way.

Top pick: the Deep Harlem with a juicy 200g beef patty, tomato, lettuce, cheddar, rentero sauce, pickle and red onion.

best burgers Spain

19. BlackLabel Urban Grill – Malaga

They place huge emphasis on the raw ingredients and the sourcing of the very best beef and toppings. Add in the fact that they make all their own buns and these burgers are the real deal.

The perfect place to start a night out with friends over drinks and burgers.

best burgers Spain

20. Burger Joint – Madrid

They make their own buns every day fresh on the premises and even have a gluten free option which will tempt many folk trying to stay away from wheat. Street-style burgers served casually in a very classic style. A perfect place for some of the best burgers in Spain.

best burgers Spain

21. Mostaza Green Burger – Granada

Burgers here are all made fresh daily, with natural ingredients and vegan choices. The beef patties are tender and juicy, while fresh baked buns tie the whole thing together.

Sitting on the scenic terrace with one of these burgers in hand is an essential eating experience in Granada. Satisfying bites out of one of the best burgers in Spain? It’s a no-brainer.

best burgers Spain

22. La Central Hamburguesería Laietana – Barcelona

A trendy venue set with industrial-vintage style where you will feel right at home. Their buns are made daily and stamped with their branding, which is a nice touch. Inventive toppings, reasonable prices and lovely beers make this a must visit. Barcelona burgers don’t get much better than this.

best burgers Spain

23. Tipula – Bilbao 

After 10 years living in Los Angeles, the owners of this slick burger joint in Bilbao returned to the city to open up Tipula. As well as a funky interior with graffiti and great lighting, the burger menu smacks of creativity.

Toppings include double beef with boletus aioli, smoked idiazabal cheese, straw fries and fried egg or smoked onion marmalade.

best burgers Spain

24. Circo – Alicante

Circo is a stylish American restaurant in Alicante that has all sorts of tasty things on the menu, but the burgers are a real highlight. Burgers range from classic cheeseburgers with cheddar to seriously indulgent options. Think: a veal burger with 100% mi-cuit Foie, fig jam, salt flakes and arugula.

best burgers Spain

25. Anauco – Madrid

It’s all about the raw ingredients here. They take huge pride in sourcing the very best meat which is always local and even make their own sauces and relishes. The meat is ground and shaped fresh every single day. The end result? One of the very best burgers in Spain you will ever taste.

best burgers Spain

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