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The 25 Best Coffee Shops In Poland

A Third Wave of coffee has been sweeping over Europe in the last decade, with great coffee fast becoming the norm. So we’re celebrating with a shout out to the very best coffee in Poland.

A whole range of passionate coffee enthusiasts have been redefining our expectations, educating both the consumers and other people entering the coffee industry. Those are the coffee shops we wanted to celebrate today. Some are big, some are small, but they are all equally passionate about their product.

Best Coffee Shops In PolandHow do these rankings work?

25th. Café Lisboa – Krakow

Cafe Lisboa brings the best of Portugal’s coffee scene to Krakow. You’ll instantly feel like you’re in Lisbon with those familiar blue tiles and gentle fado music playing in the background.

Their coffees here are fantastic too and you must have it with the tart that is a Portuguese specialty!

24th. Tłok – Gdynia

When you combine speciality coffee, natural wines, talented staff and interesting events such as movie nights and art exhibitions, you get this super little coffee shop. As well as a rotating range of beans for espresso brews, you can also enjoy drip, Aeropress, or Chemex coffee styles.

It’s a beautiful spot.

23rd. Stragan Kawiarnia – Poznan

Stragan Kawiarnia has been one of the best places for speciality coffee in Poland since opening in 2013. Alongside a team of skilled baristas who compete yearly in the Polish Barista Championships, the coffee beans are top notch. Choose from a creamy flat white or refreshing cold brew, with an entire shelf full of different beans to buy to take home.

22nd. Karma Cafe – Krakow

Good karma will definitely come to the baristas at Karma Cafe for they are some of the nicest and friendliest people in Krakow and they roast their own coffee in shop. Coffees are complex and delightfully delicious here too.

Have one of their hand-roasted coffees and pair it with a snack at Karma Cafe.`

21st. Składak – Gdansk

Skladak is a funky coffee shop in the trendy neighbourhood of Garnizon where you’ll find speciality coffee and specialty bicycles. They take pride in using Polish coffee beans and regularly switch up the beans, so there’s always something new to try. The space is sleek and stylish and they also host guest roasters with public cupping sessions.

20th. Uno Espresso a.i. – Poznan

This longstanding coffee store and distributor has been providing coffee shops across the country with Vergnano, Dibar and Izzo coffee for over 10 years. So you rest assured that when somewhere has this much experience helping other cafes, their own homebase is going to be superb. The cafe is laid back with speciality brews and tasty snacks.

19th. Cafe Tektura – Krakow

When you’re busy visiting the Old Town of Krakow, a coffee break would be a nice little reprieve from all the sightseeing. Cafe Tektura is near the edge of Old Town and offers some of the best specialty coffee in Krakow.

Indulge in a cup of their coffee and have one of their tasty homemade cakes to go with it.

18th. Filtry – Warsaw

Filtry is a Third Wave coffee house that serves up some of the best freshly roasted coffee in Warsaw. It’s small and cosy, with all sorts of coffee items on the menu.

Don’t leave with tasting the amazing brownie cake with sea salt. It goes perfectly with the rich and creamy coffees.

17th. Fairy Cafe – Kolobrzeg

It’s all about good vibes here: there’s a large communal co-working desk, dogs are always welcome and you’re encouraged to bring your own mug for coffee to reduce waste. They’re always innovating when it comes to their brews and have their own recipe for nitro and cold brew.

Filter coffee from the brew bar changes, but is always either fruity or nutty.

16th. Cafe Rozrusznik – Wroclaw

Don’t expect anything minimalist here – this cosy cafe is wonderfully traditional, and that’s why we love it (and so do so many others!). However, they still stick to speciality coffee brewing methods and do it perfectly. Sip on a rich Americano or smooth Chemex brew and be sure to order a beautiful freshly baked treat to go with it.

15th. Cheder Cafe – Krakow

Cheder Cafe is one of the more calmer places to have a cup of coffee in Krakow. This cafe draws on the Jewish heritage of the Kazimierz district this shop is in and offers Israeli coffee and a variety of kosher snacks.

If you’ve never tried Israeli coffee, give it a shot here at Cheder Cafe. You’ll soon be sipping on a cup of some of the best coffee in Poland.

14th. The Hive – Tychy

The Hive is a micro and artisan bakery that serves up fresh French pastries and local speciality coffee. Whether you’re running in to grab a pillowy bagel and coffee to go, or sitting in for a croissant and silky flat white, you’ll be in heaven here. The coffee menu is simple, but the quality of the beans and how they’re brewed makes it stand out.

13th. Trzecia Kawa – Poznan

Roasters change here all the time, from smooth javas from Costa Rica to rich Ethiopian brews, so there’s a coffee for all tastes. With great design, skilled baristas and delicious homebaked cakes and bites to eat, Trzecia Kawa ticks all the boxes. The coffee is simply to die for but the food is a very close second.

12th. Black Woolf – Katowice

Funky vibes, neon lights, artsy books and an effortlessly cool interior design are the cherry on top of the fantastic coffee at Black Woolf. Not only is it one of the best cafes in the area, it’s known for serving some of the best coffee in Poland. Their pink coffee machine makes ordering a brew here extra cute – it’s a real vibe.

11th. The Ministry of Coffee (Ministerstwo Kawy) – Warsaw

Ministerstwo Kawy is a popular coffee store that’s been a local favourite for over five years, thanks to their rich Arabica brews. Whether you go for a drip coffee or espresso, it’s guaranteed to be great.

Be sure to order one of their homebaked pastries on the side.

10th. Drukarnia Cafe  – Gdansk

This cafe might be small, but the brews are mighty. Baristas are super passionate about the coffee here and you can smell the aroma of beans roasting each morning. There’s always a drip coffee of the day, such as a single origin Ethiopian brew, and there’s plenty of other coffees on the menu. Take your pick from classic espressos or V60 styles.

9th. Migawka – Racibórz

This specialty coffee store and tearoom has fresh coffee delivered weekly from Polish roasters, from the highest quality 100% Arabica beans. There’s always at least five different espresso blends to choose from, with helpful notes on the blackboard or you can ask the friendly baristas.

Easily some of the best coffee in Poland.

8th. Pożegnanie z Afryką – Warsaw

Pożegnanie z Afryka cafe has been in the same place for 25 years, and is one of the longest-standing places for amazing coffee in Warsaw.

There’s over 50 types of coffee beans to choose from here, which you can take home to try. Want to chill out here? They do all sorts of tasty styles of coffee.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

7th. Miel – Poznan

Miel is creative (serious interior goals!) and everything from the tasty croissants to the coffee is utterly charming.This is a great place to be when it comes to specialty coffee among local and international coffee lovers. They do espresso making, hand drip, siphon – whatever you like. Our tip? Try the espresso with local honey.

6th. KAFO – Gliwice

Start with what kind of beans you’d like in your coffee (it changes every week from the best Polish and foreign roasters), and then choose how you would like it made. Think: espresso, Kalita or Siphon methods. There’s a roasting and cupping workshop room in the back, so you’ll get the scent of coffee as soon as you walk.

The baristas here love to experiment with new techniques, so don’t be afraid to try something a little different if you see them playing around with something new!

5th. Post Coffice – Bydgoszcz

Bydgoszcz might not be the first place you think of when it comes to world-class coffee, but Post Coffice is a showstopper. You’ll find all your coffee needs will be fulfilled here. It’s also effortlessly cool – it wouldn’t look out of place in Brooklyn. They roast all their own beans in-house and regularly change up their coffee menu.

4th. Cophi – Warsaw

This small family company specialises in expert roasting of only the best beans. The coffee store has funky tunes, and you can drink coffee from one of 10 coffee mixtures they offer every day.

This includes filter coffees, single origin espresso and creative styles – think Vietnamese coffees and more.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

3rd. Proficiency Coffee – Kraków

Proficiency Coffee imports and roasts coffee from all over the world in the most ethical ways possible. They do a booming wholesale business but their coffees are best enjoyed served up by one of their super talented baristas in the shop. Coffee perfection.

Their coffee is world-class and the precision and talent of their staff is raising the bar for the entire city.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

2nd. Coffeedesk – Warsaw

One of the brightest and most colourful coffee shops you’ll find in Europe, ,they are proudly leading the way in introducing new coffee standards in Poland.  Alongside the . great coffee you’ll find an abundance of sweet treats and healthy breakfast options. An absolute dream of a coffee shop.

Their staff are super attentive to detail and the drinks are spectacular.

best coffee in Eastern Europe

1st. Gniazdo – Wroclaw

As for where you can find some of the most incredible coffee in Poland? The country is becoming a real java hotspot and this is the best cafe in the city. Coffee comes direct from local roasters and is as fresh as can be, brewed up by a team who are as about as coffee mad as can be.

A quirky layout and some great drinks like their tonic espresso will keep you cool in the summer months. A great place to sit and people watch.

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