Best Pizzas In New Zealand 2020

The 25 Best Pizzas In New Zealand 2020

The best pizzas in New Zealand are some of the cheesiest, sauciest, tastiest pizzas you’ll find in the world. They deserve a spot on any foodie bucket list, as Kiwi crust, sauce, toppings, and of course the cheese are all the best of the best.

Whether you’re travelling through the country on a trip to find the best eats or simply want to stop off for a tasty pie as you explore Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch and beyond, there’s something for everybody on this list.

Get ready to treat yourself. You’re travelling, after all, so calories don’t count, right? Grab a few friends and get stuck into the 25 best pizzas in New Zealand for 2020.

Best Pizzas In New Zealand 2020How do these rankings work?

25th. Big Poppas Pizza – Hamilton

Big Poppas Pizza serves up pizzas that are, well, big on flavour. And, as they put it, bigger flavours lead to bigger tastes. We can’t argue with that, and neither can the regulars who frequently stop by for a flavourful dive into some of this spot’s hottest signature pizzas. From Pulled Pork and something called a Tropical Veggie Crunch straight through to BBQ Beef & Onion, there’s something here you’ll love for sure.

24th. Avenue Pizza – Tauranga

Avenue Pizza excels in serving up wonderfully authentic pizzas that are simple in nature but absolutely not simple when it comes to taste. They focus on pure freshness as well as the quality of the ingredients they use to yield a tasty pizza each time you order. Count on enjoying a perfectly crispy yet fluffy crust that easily balances out all of the toppings they throw on. It’s definitely one of the best pizzas in New Zealand.

Best Pizzas In New Zealand 2020

23rd. Zucchini Bros – Dunedin

Fancy a truly well-crafted pizza that you can enjoy over a long evening of sipping some local wine or craft beer? Zucchini Bros is the spot for you. Using fresh and healthy seasonal ingredients, this spot crafts some pizzas that all begin with a thick, chewy crust as the base. Then, the lather on some ooey-gooey cheese and piping hot toppings. The result is a flavourful adventure of tastes that you can’t miss out on.

22nd. Farina – Auckland

If you’ve ever sampled the tasty pizza by the metre at Toto Pizza then you’ll absolutely love Farina in Auckland. It was created by the same people. Here, however, the flavours are truly reminiscent of genuine Italian street food, which means you can enjoy everything from homemade pasta to wood-fired pizzas straight out of the oven. If fresh, smoky flavours are your favourite then this is one of the best pizzas in New Zealand for you.

21st. Ms. White – New Plymouth

Few things pair better together than a cold beer and hot, cheesy pizza. That’s the cafe for sure at Ms. White in New Plymouth. You can enjoy a delectable variety of over 40 craft beers that they’ve hand-picked just for their guests. Tack on the fact that their pizza features a delicious hand-rolled crust and you’ve got the recipe for one of the best pizza spots in New Zealand for sure.

20th. Fratelli – Wellington

Fresh Italian cuisine and a truly upscale dining space are what you can expect to enjoy when you visit Fratelli in Wellington. Here, they’ll serve you some of the best pizza in the city, or you can enjoy 100% homemade pasta, gnocchi and risotto. It’s all bursting with flavour and authenticity. However, the pizza’s truly the show-stealer as they make it using only the finest, freshest ingredients around.

19th. That’s Amore – Auckland

That’s Amore is one of the only places in the country where you can sit down and sink your teeth into an authentic Neapolitan pizza. They’ll use both local ingredients and ones sourced straight from Italy to bring you the finest flavours around. And, what’s especially great is that they keep things simple here. Instead of fussing around with crazy toppings, they let the flavours speak for themselves. No fanfare needed.

18th. BASE Woodfired Pizza – Christchurch

It’s hard to find a wood-fired pizza spot in New Zealand that isn’t absolutely divine. However, BASE Woodfired Pizza truly takes the cake (or should we say pie) in terms of the best wood-fired pizza in Christchurch. They’ve got a lot to offer as well, such as a vegan pizza and something called a Sir George, which comes with bacon strips, pulled beef, red onion, pepperoni, and a smokey BBQ sauce that’s truly scrumptious.

17th. Scopa Caffe Cucina – Wellington

Numerous Wellington locals will tell you that Scopa Caffe Cucina serves the best pizza in the city. We can’t argue with that, as their hand-crafted pizzas all feature a homemade dough base topped with house-made sauce and fresh ingredients. Choose a tomato base or an olive oil base and then enjoy devouring the freshest pizzas you’ll ever try. Head here hungry, because you’re absolutely going to want seconds.

16th. Tutto Bene Restaurant – Christchurch

Tutto Bene has been serving classic Italian food in the Merivale neighbourhood for over 20 years now, which ensures that they know a thing or two about quality. They’re some of the best pizzas in New Zealand if you love a thin crust, too. They’re just the right amount of thin and crispy, served with a large selection of delicious toppings. Get stuck into a large pie, pair it with a cold Peroni, and enjoy an evening of indulgence.

Best Pizzas In New Zealand 2020

15th. Pekaren – New Plymouth

If you ask a local about Pekaren in New Plymouth, they’re likely to tell you all about their sweet treats. And, while you should absolutely sample one or two (or three…), their pizzas are the real star of the show. The bakers know how to craft a thoughtful pizza from start to finish, putting time and effort into balancing out the toppings, sauce, cheese and crust. Snag a spot out on the terrace and enjoy your pizza in the sun.

14th. La Bella Italia – Wellington

La Bella Italia combines the best of traditional, authentic Italian cuisine with New Zealand’s passion for service. The result is an absolutely enjoyable experience every time you visit. But, more than just service, you can also expect to enjoy a variety of unique pizza pies. Their Zeataly, for example, comes with marinated king salmon, mascarpone, and baby spinach. If it sounds drool-worthy, that’s because it is.

13th. Pizzeria Da Francesca – Dunedin

Chefs with a history of pure Italian cuisine craft the pizzas at Pizzeria Da Francesca, which are without a doubt some of the best pizzas in New Zealand. It’s, in part, due to the fact that they source only the freshest produce and highest quality local and imported ingredients. The result is an array of delicious pizzas for you to try, whether you order prosciutto, pepperoni, or stick with a specialty like their Mac & Cheese, served with thyme and truffle oil.

Best Pizzas In New Zealand 2020

12th. Mizzoni Woodfired Pizza – Hamilton

Pizzas at Mizzoni are not only wood-fired, giving them a unique, somewhat smoky flavour that’s absolutely divine. But, they’re served hot, fresh, and fast. Truly, they serve them fast. To yield a superior taste, they only cook them for two minutes in a 400-degree oven. Then, they serve them to your table piping hot, the cheese oozing all over the place like delicious molten lava. There’s no way you’re leaving here hungry.

11th. Tommy Millions – Wellington

Located in a kiosk on Courtney Place, Tommy Millions serves up pies whole or by the slice. And, what makes them some of the best pizzas in New Zealand is the fact that they’re all pretty darn creative. Case in point, the one pictured below. It’s a slice of their “Batman & Reuben,” which comes with pastrami, sauerkraut, provolone cheese, pickles, and LuckySauce. Drooling yet? We don’t blame you. Go ahead, order seconds.

Best Pizzas In New Zealand 2020

10th. Non Solo Pizza – Auckland

In Italian, “non solo” means “not only,” which means that this Auckland hotspot doesn’t serve only pizza. And, while their other menu items deserve a taste test or two, you’re going to want to ensure you’re sampling a fresh pizza first before you try anything else. They’ve been serving high-quality pizza since 1997, which means they’ve had plenty of time to perfect their recipes. And, perfect they are (or at least as close as you can get).

9th. Bella Cucina – Queenstown

Housed inside of a unique historic building in Queenstown’s Brecon Street Dining Precinct, Bella Cucina serves up world-class pizzas in a trendy setting. Upon entering the room, you’ll immediately be drawn to the huge wood-fired oven which is likely fired up and churning out perfectly thin and crispy pizzas. Settle into your seats, order a pie and prepare to take your tastebuds on a flavourful journey. They’re that good.

8th. Winnie Bagoes City – Christchurch

What’s so special about Winnie Bagoes City (there are a few things, but let’s start with one of the most impressive) is that they serve a special Kiwi Pizza that’s a must if you’re visiting New Zealand for the first time. It features a deep dough base that’s infused with herbs. Then, they load it up with local and artisan ingredients. It’s the same for any one of their 13 traditional pizzas or 23 gourmet-styles you decide to indulge in.

Christchurch pizza

7th. Dante’s – Auckland

Ask a few Auckland locals where to eat some of the best pizzas in Auckland and they’ll likely tell you to head over to Dante’s for a slice or two. They’ve got a few locations peppered throughout the city, meaning you’re never too far from a high-quality pizza, some local wine, and a tasty tiramisu. Head here hungry, as you really are going to want to save room for more than one glass of wine and a sweet dessert.

6th. Pipi Cafe – Havelock North

What’s not to love about this pink-coloured cafe in Havelock North? The answer you’re looking for is nothing. Everything about dining here is flavourful and exciting, from start to finish. From the impressive wine list straight through to their specialty pizzas, it’s all scrumptious. Sample the Occhio di Bue, which features a tomato base and then is topped with egg, mozzarella and delectable smoky bacon. It’ll blow your mind.

Best Pizzas In New Zealand 2020

5th. Pizzeria Napoli – Wellington

There’s a reason why so many locals think that Pizzeria Napoli serves some of the best pizzas in New Zealand. This delightful Italian restaurant is located in the heart of Wellington CBD, making it a convenient stop for any traveller looking to enjoy a delicious plate of pasta or a wood-fired pizza. Don’t expect anything too over-the-top. Here, they don’t rely on fancy toppings to enhance the taste. It’s all just pure goodness.

Best Pizzas In New Zealand 2020

4th. Neighbourhood Pizzeria – Gisborne

At Neighbourhood Pizzeria, they serve pizza the way it should be: authentic, fresh, and without lots of crazy add-ons that detract from the original flavours you’d find in any pizza in Italy. They’re particularly well-loved for their rotating pizza of the week menu, which has included everything from crazy dessert pizzas to this one, a pie showcasing shredded beef, roasted squash, blue cheese and olives. Simply delicious.

Best Pizzas In New Zealand 2020

3rd. Fat Badgers Pizza Bar – Queenstown

The pizzas at Fat Badgers pizzas are not to be messed with. These 20-inch pies are bigger than your head, ensuring that you’ll have to bring along a friend or two just to enjoy the gooey, flavourful goodness that is a pizza pie here. They offer New York-style pizzas done up with New Zealand flare. The Scratching Badger is a local favourite, served with thick-cut bacon, chicken, baby spinach, red mushrooms, ricotta, and mozzarella.  Order it and prepare to have your mind blown.

2nd. Epolito’s Pizzeria – Auckland

The secret behind the success at Epolito’s is the fact that they make all of their own dough and sauce. And, when it comes to their meatballs and sausage, they use a secret family recipe that’s been passed down for generations. It’s the touch of local authenticity that sets these pies apart from the rest. Fresh, local flavours, the perfect amount of toppings, a delightfully crispy crust and some ooey-gooey cheese. What more could you ask for?

Best Pizzas In New Zealand 2020

1st. Pizza Pomodoro – Wellington

It’s pretty hard to rank the absolute best pizza in New Zealand. But, numerous travellers think Pizza Pomodoro deserves the No. 1 spot. They simply offer the perfect mixture of atmosphere, quality, flavour and service to present visitors with a fantastic spot in which to enjoy their pizza pies. Furthermore, they’re certified by Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana, which makes their Neapolitan pizzas that much more authentic and flavourful.

Best Pizzas In New Zealand 2020

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