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The 25 Best Steaks In Belgium

Have a craving to try some of the best steaks in Belgium? Home to a plethora of French-style brasseries and Flemish style eateries, there are plenty to choose from. Whether you’re headed to Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and more, there’s plenty of delicious steaks to be had! Take your pick from any one of these restaurants for some of the best steaks in Belgium.

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1. El Bife – Antwerp

Ask any local where to find the best steak in Antwerp and they’ll point you to El Bife. This steakhouse is known for its hearty cuts of meat cooked to perfection. Be sure to order one of their strong reds to pair.

2. Meet Meat Schuman – Brussels

Meet Meat Schuman is one of the best in the game when it comes to providing thick and juicy steaks. This Brussels classic is known for its incredible entrecote and fillets.

3. Upper Restaurant – Ghent

Head to Ghent’s Upper Restaurant for their premium steak options. Sink your teeth into their txogitxu or grill choices-either way, come hungry.

4. Restaurant De Wijngaert – Bruges

Book a table at Restaurant de Wijngaert in Bruges. Fat cuts of grade A beef cooked over a fire resulting in a perfectly smoked steak is what they do best. They prioritise quality cuts, service and seasoning over everything else, making it a local favourite.

5. Colonel – Brussels

Colonel is the proud holder of one Michelin star and it’s not hard to see why. They get delicious meat right with generous cuts and expert seasonings. Prepare to be romanced by the selection of prime cuts as soon as you sit down.

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6. La Meute – Brussels

La Meute, French for “the herd” is a Brussels staple for meat lovers. Three friends made it their goal to bring their passion for steak and quality meat to the people of Brussels and that’s what they’ve done with La Meute. Take your pick from any of their prime cuts and enjoy a feast of deliciously seasoned beef.

7. Restaurant Gillis – Gent

This Belgian steakhouse is all about quality when it comes to their juicy cuts. Treat yourself to their ‘butcher selection’ option for a full steak feast. Don’t forget to ask for their wine list.

8. Bistro Tribunal ” Chez Yf – Leuven 

Bistro Tribunal is another Michelin star restaurant famous for its thick and hearty steaks. Its no-fuss atmosphere means all the focus is where it belongs – on the food! Enjoy any one of their steak varieties or if you’re feeling brave, order their famous hand-cut steak tartar.

image: @legourmandbelg/instagram

9. Restaurant Vincent – Brussels

This traditional Brussels restaurant has been wowing guests with their delicious steaks since 1905. They offer a large variety of beef cuts that are cooked to perfection every time. Order an entrecote and dive in.

10. Steakhouse Hoeveke – Lier

Steakhouse Hoeveke in Lier is the place to be for steak. Known for their deliciously tender meats and barbecue-style cooking, it’s a favourite among locals. Be sure to order their big t-bone for an unforgettable feast.

11. Le Grillardin – Brussels

Hearty fillets cooked by the chef right in front of you? Le Grillardin is a favourite for its cosy homey atmosphere and generous cuts of meat. Dining at Le Grillardin feels like dining with the family with the warm moods and big portions.

12. Le Steak ’17 – Antwerp

Do yourself a favour and head over to Antwerp’s Le Steak ’17 for an unbelievably tender steak. At Le Steak, it’s all about the experience. The chef will explain the different cuts for you to choose from including their origin and what makes them unique. They take their meat seriously so it’s no wonder it’s home to some of the best steaks Belgium.

13. De Hoef 1627 – Uccle

This family restaurant has been passed down for generations with each one preserving the prior traditions. Starting as an old farmhouse in the 17th-century countryside, De Hoef 1627 has evolved into one of the best steakhouses in the country.

Image: @likeittotaste/instagram

14. Les Caves d’Alex – Brussels

Brasserie connoisseurs will love Les Caves d’Alex. This French-style steakhouse is famous for its brasserie traditions and strong attention to prime cuts. Take your pick from any one of their delicious steak options and be ready for a feast.

best steaks Belgium

15. La Traverse – Ghent

This Belgian French fusion eatery is famous for its incredible steak and incredible meat varieties. Their portions are generous and they are known for their simple menu. Be sure to order one of their famous matured steaks.

best steaks Belgium

16. B34 Steak & Burger House – Brussels

B34 prides itself on being the first and only restaurant in Brussels to offer a true wide variety of meat. Here you can enjoy zebra, buffalo, kangaroo, crocodile and a large selection of beef. Delight your senses with an unforgettable steak dinner at B34.

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17. Chumadia – Brussels

Treat yourself to a 2 pound cote de boeuf with a side of perfectly cooked potatoes at Chumadia. Their steak is one of the best in town and close to the best in the entire country. it’s famous among tourists and locals alike for incredible meat selections and generous helpings.

best steaks Belgium
image: Jacques Barbier/Facebook

18. Estro Armonico – Antwerp

Estro Armonico is another Antwerp favourite known for its incredibly juicy steak. Since your teeth into one of their award-winning filet mignons or rib steaks. Additionally, they offer a vodka flamed filet stroganoff that’s nothing short of legendary.

best steaks Belgium

19. Horse-House – Brussels

As the name suggests, Horse House is primarily famous for horse meat. More specifically, horse steak. This small and cosy Flemish-style eatery is known for its generous cuts of the unique meat that’s hard to find elsewhere.

image: Christina Verschueren/Facebook

20. Bistro Christophe – Bruges

Only a few steps from Groeninge Museum you’ll find one of Brussels best steakhouses. This Bruges favourite, Bistro Christophe is famous for its thick slabs of beef steak. If you are looking for an excellent meat-heavy meal, head here.

best steaks Belgium

21. Grill Restaurant d’Entrecote – Borgloon

This Borgloon gem is famous for, you guessed it, entrecote. Their perfectly flamed ribeyes are a legend in Belgium for being tender, juicy and always fresh. They pride themselves on sourcing only the highest quality meats and providing one of the best steaks in the country.

best steaks Belgium

22. De Rechters – Ghent

Slide into a booth at De Rechters for a delicious Belgian beer and steak. Whether you’re trying to impress a date, dine with family or just enjoy a hearty plate alone – De Rechters has you covered with a large variety of flavourful cuts.

best steaks Belgium

23. Meating Room – Leuven

If you enjoy steak fit for a king, head to Leuven’s Meating Room. You’ll find ample choices of juicy beefy cuts just waiting to be devoured. Whether you’re looking for a big t-bone or deliciously tender fillet, Meating Room has you in mind.

best steaks Belgium

24. Eetkroeg In ‘t Nieuw Museum – Bruges

This Bruges jewel gets steak right with a wide selection of cuts and beer to pair. Take your pick from favourites like the 800g ribeye cooked in the open meat station. Be sure to snag one of their local beers and steak while in Bruges.

best steaks Belgium

25. La P’tite Croquette – Profondeville

Have a seat at P’tite Croquette in Profondeville for an out-of-this-world steak. Whether you’re looking for a big ribeye, t-bone or filet mignon, La P’tite provides some of the very best of either. Easily one of the best steaks in Belgium, you can’t go wrong with any of their meat items.

best steaks Belgium

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