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The 50 Best Cities In Europe For Single People

Not all cities are created equal when it comes to love – or plain ol’ lust, for that matter. While meeting new people has never been easier than before, it turns out that a lot of dating luck depends on location. Eternally single? You should pay a visit to one (or all, if you’re really eager) of the best cities in Europe for single people.

Compiling data on singletons, dating apps, social life and the opinions of residents, we have the official 2021 list of the best cities across Europe for single people. Tinder swiping among Gen Z users increased by 39% in first few months of coronavirus lockdown, with many users engaging ‘passport’ mode to swipe in cities such as London and Stockholm. In Italy, swipe volume among Gen Z increased by a whopping 67% – the highest globally.

These are the cities where you’ll have the best chances of finding love. Or, at least a date for the evening…

  • Highest usage rate of Tinder and/or Badoo dating apps
  • Population percentage of single people per capita (Eurostat)
  • Overall population of city – you don’t want a date where you’ll bump into the person the next day!
  • Data from dating app research on Statista
  • Nomad List’s live data of ‘Top Tinder Places in Europe 2021’

The Best Cities in Europe for Single PeopleHow do these rankings work?

50th. Birmingham, England

With a large population, a lively nightlife scene and plenty of singletons, Birmingham is a top spot for a singleton. Dating apps are popular here, with a huge 65 million matches made on Badoo last Christmas period.

49th. Bergen, Norway

Bergen is a city that has a large population of younger residents, which likely accounts for the fact that Norway is the 7th top Tinder using country in Europe.

48th. Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia may be small, but it has one of the highest proportion of singletons in Europe. Slovenia’s capital city of Ljubljana is even known as the City of Love – we’re sold.

47th. Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius saw a substantial rise in single-person households (7% year-on-year), so you won’t be short of people to meet here. Locals report a satisfactory social life – in fact, citizens of Vilnius are amongst the happiest in Europe.

46th. Bordeaux, France

The charming city of Bordeaux is where you’ll find some of the highest concentration of single people in France. Over 50% of the city considers themselves single. We like those odds.

45th. Rotterdam, The Netherlands

The Netherlands has some of the highest usage of dating apps in the world, and even comes in at No.8 in the world as the best country to swipe on Tinder. Rotterdam carries on the saucy spirit with great bars and restaurants to talk late into the night.

44th. Leeds, England

Leeds sees an average of 64 million Tinder matches every few months, so it’s a city that’s prime for finding a date, be it online or in real life.

43rd. Leuven, Belgium

With a high single student population and plenty of bars (and Belgian beers!), Leuven is one of the best cities in Europe for single people.

42nd. Galway, Ireland

Galway has the highest percentage (at 53.3% ) of single people in Ireland, making it extra easy to find your very own Galway Girl. You’ve some decent chances at finding love in the singles capital of Ireland.

41st. Malmö, Sweden

The Swedes LOVE dating apps, and are in the Top 5 when it comes to Tinder usage in Europe. Stockholm might have the most singles, but Malmö was found to have the best dating experience by a local dating startup.

40th. Lille, France

The northern city of Lille is famed for its large student population and attractive nightlife. It’s also a hub for singletons: Lille has a promising 60.2% of the population not currently spoken for.
best cities europe single people

39th. Nottingham, England

Nottingham is another city that has a high single population: more than half of the people living here are single. It’s no wonder that Badoo found it to be one of the top locations in UK to find love.

38th. Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is one of the most densely populated cities in Europe, so there’s plenty of people on the dating market. It’s also a hotspot for dating apps, with one of the highest download rates of dating apps in Europe.

37th. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is an exciting city with plenty of opportunities to meet someone new. The app of choice here? Sliding into those DMs on Twitter! (Turkey comes in fifth in the world for having the most Instagram accounts). Badoo and Tinder come next, respectively.

36th. Hamburg, Germany

The second largest city of Germany, 47% of Hamburg’s residents are single. And, we hope, ready to mingle. Local residents rated the city’s dating scene highly.

35th. Ayia Napa, Cyprus 

Ayia Napa is one of the best known Cyprian islands and is famous for its loud and lively nightlife. It’s one of the most popular destinations each summer for singles under the age of 25.

34th. Edinburgh, Scotland

With a decent single population of 45.3%, you should find it pretty easy to meet a match in Edinburgh. There’s plenty of places to go on a first date here and a student-friendly, dating-app loving community.

33rd. Sofia, Bulgaria

PSA to all singletons! Sofia might be experiencing a huge dip in its population, but the cosy size of the city makes it easy to meet someone on a night out. People here enjoy a great social life, making it one of the best cities in Europe for single people.

32nd. Athens, Greece

Athens singletons use a mixture of Tinder and other dating apps to find love, but your best chance is to make your way to the city centre and grab a seat at the bar. People here say they are more forward when it comes to approaching potential partners.

31st. Zagreb, Croatia

Zagreb might be home to the unusual Museum of Broken Relationships, but it’s actually a great city for single people. A young population that are largely single is the perfect combination.

30th. Warsaw, Poland

Poland has the 11th highest Tinder usage in Europe, so your chances of making a match here are high. It’s also an affordable city for eating and drinking, so the quality of socialising here is excellent.

Warsaw things to do

29th. Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast has (at last count!) a grand total of 106,568 single people in the city. That’s 46.6% of the city’s population, a percentage that’s quite promising.

28th. Liverpool, England

With 56 million matches made on Tinder last Christmas in Liverpool alone, this lively city is a hotspot for love, dating and everything in between.

27th. Munich, Germany

In 2015, 38% of all households in Germany were single-person households, but this jumps to over 50% in Munich. Add in the fact that Germans are the second-biggest Tinder users in Europe and this is a great place.

26th. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague might not be the biggest city in Europe, but its excellent bar scene lends itself well to dating here. Czech Republic is one of the top Tinder countries in Europe too, so you should find love here.

25th. Cork, Ireland

The Irish accent is known as one of the sexiest in the world, and Cork holds the honour of 18th most popular Tinder city in Europe according to Nomad List users. It beats out countless other well known cities.

24th. Budapest, Hungary

On the lookout for love? Budapest is a great destination to chance your luck. Hungary has the 12th highest Tinder usage in Europe, so your chances of making a match here are pretty high.

23rd. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Locals say that the dating scene in Amsterdam is vibrant, which makes sense considering it’s one of the most popular cities on Tinder. A steadily increasing singles population and an open attitude to relationships and sex makes Amsterdam one of the best cities in Europe for single people.

22nd. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the ninth most popular city in Europe for Tinder Passport users. This is where users change their location before they arrive at their destination, to swipe through locals in advance.

21st. Riga, Latvia

Ladies will love dating in Latvia: there’s 103 men for every 100 women (ages 18-44 years) so the ratio is one of the best in the region. Try local dating app, which was founded here.

best cities europe single people

20th. Bristol, England

With 47% of the city’s population officially single, Bristol is one of the best cities in Europe for single people. Bristol local Ella-Morgan, 25, cosmetic surgeon consultant, was recently revealed as one of the Top 30 Most Swiped Singletons on Tinder in 2019.

19th. Moscow, Russia 

Moscow came in second place in a Badoo survey of the world’s most flirtatious cities, so you can rest assured it’s a decent place to go on a date. A huge population of 12 million people means there’s plenty of potential partners.

18th. Helsinki, Finland 

Finland has one of the highest number of Tinder users across the entire continent, and was named one of the best dating cities by Tinder. A large percentage of the city’s residents are single – perfect for a sauna date.

17th. Glasgow, Scotland

With 68 million Tinder matches made last winter and an impressive 49.2% of the city’s population being single, Glasgow is a top spot for finding love. The city’s vibrant social scene and quality of life are an extra bonus.

16th. Manchester, England

Dating site eHarmony recently revealed that 51% of Mancunians have been without a partner for 10 years or more, so now is the chance to get back on the dating horse. The city has one of the highest concentration of singles across the UK, so surely you can find a date here…

15th. Vienna, Austria

Not only is Vienna one of the most romantic cities in Europe, it’s also one of the best cities in Europe for single people. Almost half of the residents in Vienna are single, so you’ve a good shot at starring in your own version of Before Sunrise. 

14th. Copenhagen, Denmark

Denmark is the 16th best city in Europe when it comes to finding a match on Tinder, so singletons are in luck here. It’s also one of the top cities for dating app downloads, and locals highly rate the social life here.

13th. Dublin, Ireland

You’ll have the luck of the Irish when it comes to dating in Dublin, as it’s the 14th most popular city in Europe for Tinder Passport users. Dublin also ranks highly on Nomad List’s top Tinder cities in Europe, with users reporting positive reviews of the city’s dating scene and its openness to LGBTQ+.

12th. Brussels, Belgium

Belgium LOVES dating apps, with singletons here accounting for some of the most dating app downloads in Europe. The nightlife in Brussels is relaxed and slightly quieter than other European cities, but there’s plenty of places to meet a partner.

11th. Rome, Italy

The beautiful Italian city of Rome came in eighth place in a Badoo survey of the world’s most flirtatious cities. Maybe it’s the fact that just under 40% of the population is single, or maybe it’s due to the fact that Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world.

10th. Lisbon, Portugal

With a ratio of 105 women to 100 men (for 18 to 49 year olds), Lisbon works well in favour of men looking for love. It’s also a popular tourist city with one of the highest usages of dating apps in Europe. Nomadlist names it the Top Tinder City in Europe for 2021.

9th. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn might be small, but it’s a superb city for singletons. A compact nightlife with busy bars and restaurants makes it a vibrant place for single people. Its single population is steadily increasing year-on-year – join in!

8th. Oxford, England

Oxford takes the number four spot among cities in the world with the best luck on Tinder (i.e. the most matches). A solid 21% of the population are enrolled for full-time studies in two universities – the highest in England. Student town with plenty of singles? Perfect.

7th. Paris, France

Come to the City of Love to try find love with some of the 51%+ singletons in the city. That’s around 1 million people that you could stroll hand in hand along the Seine with. Paris is the second most popular city on Tinder, and is leading the way for France being the third-highest downloader of dating apps.

6th. Geneva, Switzerland

Geneva has the accolade of being the seventh-most Super Liked™ city on Tinder. A largely multicultural population makes it easy to meet people from all sorts of different countries and cultures.

5th. Berlin, Germany

Berlin’s legendary party and nightlife scene makes it a popular place for singletons, which may account for the fact that over half (51%) of the city’s approximate 3.4 million residents are single.

4th. London, England

245 million matches have been made in London on Tinder,  with 44% of people living here all alone. London is the No.1 best city in the world when it comes to dating apps, according to Tinder. A plethora of events and culture makes it an exciting city to date in.

3rd. Oslo, Norway 

The highest proportion (52.9 %) of single-person households in Europe was recorded in the Norwegian capital region of Oslo. Norway residents are one of the top users of dating apps on the continent – 31% of people here say they use dating apps.

2nd. Madrid, Spain

It’s better luck for the ladies here, as there’s around two men for every woman in Madrid. Female engagement on dating apps is also the highest in Madrid, so men looking for love should hightail it here.

1st. Stockholm, Sweden

And the No.1 spot among the best cities in Europe for single people? Sweden’s buzzy capital takes the prize. A promising 34% of Swedes use dating apps to find love, so singles in Stockholm can easily find a match. Tinder is the most popular, followed by dating site Mötesplatsen.

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