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The 50 Best Coffee Shops In Asia

A Third Wave of coffee has been sweeping over Asia in the last decade, with great coffee fast becoming the norm. You’ll now find some of the world’s best coffee in Asia, hands down.

A whole range of passionate coffee enthusiasts have been redefining our expectations, educating both the consumers and other people entering the coffee industry. Those are the coffee shops we wanted to celebrate today. Some are big, some are small, but they are all equally passionate about their product.

We’ve updated our list to include the very best of 2020’s coffee scene. We looked to our audience for suggestions regarding their favourite coffee shops, as well as contributions from the Big 7 Travel editorial team.

You’ll never be stuck again with this list of the best coffee shops in Asia…

The Best Coffee Shops In Asia 2020How do these rankings work?

50th. Coffee Culture – Mumbai, India

One of the liveliest and colourful cafes in Mumbai. With two fine outlets across the city, Coffee Culture is your go-to when in doubt. The quirky ambiance, polite service and great coffee will make up for your gloomy day.

A solid spot for a perfectly frothy cappuccino.

Check out the best coffee shops in Mumbai here.

49th. Bearded Bella – Singapore

Bearded Bella is a cute and quirky Melbourne-inspired cafe that serves up some of the best coffee in Asia. The coffee blends here are all seasonal, so you’re guaranteed to sip on only the best beans from Brazil, Panama, Ethiopia and Indonesia.

They even have their own custom made ceramic cups that make the coffee taste extra delicious. It’s a beautiful spot.

Check out the best coffee shops in Singapore here.

48th. Revolver Espresso – Bali, Indonesia

The Seminyak outpost of Baby Revolver Espresso might be tiny but the brews here are mighty. It’s hidden down a little laneway and is a pioneer in Bali’s coffee scene when it comes to espresso and artisan coffees.

They source beans from local farmers and roast them to perfection on a vintage 5kg Diedrich roaster. It’s a real vibe.

Check out the most Instagrammable spots in Bali here.

Image: @ryanlen/Instagram

47th. Felt Coffee – Seoul, South Korea

Felt Coffee is a very minimalist looking coffee but don’t its bareness fool you. They make fantastic coffees with some of the friendliest baristas in Seoul.

Its minimalism is reflected on the menu as well. There are only six items to choose from but all are done to perfection. Go with their most popular drink, their Vanilla Latte.

Check out the best coffee shops in Seoul here.

46th. Plus Nine Four – Colombo, Sri Lanka

Everything about this place oozes pure class. The coffee is simply to die for but the food is a very close second. They brew up all sorts of world-class cuppas: from espresso to Chemex drip.

Be sure to try their specialty Salted Caramel Affogato or their coffee-spiked ‘Dirty Chai’.

Check out the best coffee shops in Colombo here.

45th. Accro Coffee – Hong Kong

With a champion barista and siphonist at the helm, Accro Coffee is a speciality brew haven. Highlights include single origin beans and blends from Indonesia, Bolivia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala.

Plus, you can try your hand at different coffee classes, from Italian-style to hand drip.

Check out the best coffee shops in Hong Kong here.

44th. Ella and the Blackbird – Manila, Philippines

From the first moment you walk into this Quezon City joint you’ll fall in love with the whole experience. Their iced coffees are a thing of beauty. If you need a hot cuppa, they also do amazing hand brews and flat whites.

Check out the best coffee shops in Manila here.

43rd. LiLo Coffee Roasters – Osaka, Japan

LiLo Coffee Roasters might be small in size but it’s packed full of great coffee. You can taste a huge range of 18 single origin coffee beans from East Timor Kenya, Ethiopia and Nicaragua to the Dominican Republic.

Staff are keen to share their love of all things coffee with customers, so you’ll often happen upon a cupping or tasting session in progress.

Check out the best coffee shops in Osaka here.

42nd. Bean Brothers – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With two locations in KL, Bean Brothers is a super handy coffee stop off for when you want a consistently good cup. Their coffee is expertly home-roasted using beans sourced from all across the world, and there’s always a new and exciting blend to try.  Both stores also look amazing, with a raw and rustic feel.

Check out the best coffee shops in Kuala Lumpur here.

41st. KafeVille – Hanoi, Vietnam

KafeVille are pioneers for the coffee scene in Hanoi. They serve specialty coffee in espresso and and slow drip brews, as well as boozy coffee cocktails. And yes, they do also also serve cà phê Phin (traditional, strong Vietnamese coffee) at Kafeville, but using the best beans from Da Lat for a smooth taste.

Check out the best coffee shops in Hanoi here.

40th. Caffe Themselves – Seoul, South Korea

One of the prime spots for Seoul millennials to hit up is Caffe Themselves. With three levels for them to hang out coupled with a wide variety of caffeinated beverages, why not?

Despite having three levels, this place is often packed to the max! Caffe Themselves offer a discount on coffees that are to-go orders because of the large crowds that come here. Come here for your morning brew and take it to go and enjoy that discount.

Check out the best coffee shops in Seoul here.

39th. Winstons Coffee – Hong Kong

Winstons is an independent coffee shop founded by three British men when they couldn’t find a store in Hong Kong that ticked all the boxes. So, they created their own. With a La Marzocco coffee machine in pride of place and friendly staff, it has everything you need.

Check out the best coffee shops in Hong Kong here.

38th. Yellow Crafts Home Brewing – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai’s speciality coffee scene is soaring, and nowhere else proves this more than Yellow Crafts Home Brewing. They specialise in drip brews and have creative drinks made with pumpkin slices. They even make their own fresh soy milk in-house daily.

37th. Takamura Wine and Coffee Roasters – Osaka, Japan

Takamura Wine & Coffee Roasters is a wine and coffee shop located in Nishi-ku. Coffee is a serious business here, with the owners choosing one of the most advanced roasting machines, a smart roaster of which there’s only about 10 in Japan. Spacious seating means you can sit and enjoy your cup in peace.

Check out the best coffee shops in Osaka here.

36th. Café del Volcán – Shanghai, China

To say that Cafe del Volcan takes their coffee-making seriously just be an understatement. The seating in this cafe is so small because their roasting machine literally takes up almost a quarter of the floor space here. It’s no wonder then that you’re going to get a fantastic brew from this giant machine.

Try a premium coffee here that uses beans from as far away as Guatemala and Yunnan.

Check out the best coffee shops in Shanghai here.

35th. Habitual – Manila, Philippines

Coffee is a passion here and their baristas are absolutely top notch. Habitual have won multiple awards and it’s not hard to see why. They focus on Third Wave-style brewing, and are Aeropress Champions several years running.

Check out the best coffee shops in Manila here.

34th. Knockbox Coffee Company – Hong Kong

This is a great place to be when it comes to specialty coffee among local and international coffee lovers. They do espresso making, hand drip, siphon – whatever you like.

Be sure to come on Friday nights for their amazing coffee community evening: unlimited specialty coffee – all night, from 6-10pm. Easily some of the best coffee in Asia.

Check out the best coffee shops in Hong Kong here.

33rd. Piu Piu Piu – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

As part of The Zhongshan Building (a creative studio collective), Piu Piu Piu is creative and utterly charming. Despite the tiny size, you’ll find all your coffee needs will be fulfilled here. If you’re not lucky enough to grab one of the few seats instead, drink your coffee standing at the bar and just soak up the good vibes.

Check out the best coffee shops in Kuala Lumpur here.

32nd. Mesh Coffee – Seoul, South Korea

Mesh Coffee is a passionate place for light-roast coffee lovers. Come here to enjoy a great cup of coffee and expect to engage in conversation with the baristas here.

Order any of their coffees as they are all on the lighter side and tend to change on a seasonal basis. Tip: ask baristas here for their hidden menu!

Check out the best coffee shops in Seoul here.

31st. The Local Coffee Stand – Tokyo, Japan

The Local Coffee Stand is an incredibly small and unassuming coffee shop but don’t let its tiny size fool you. This place is more than mighty. Their coffees are roasted in-shop and are made from high-quality beans.

If you’re not feeling like a coffee here, they also make fantastic chai and matcha lattes too.

Check out the best coffee shops in Tokyo here.

30th. Coco Veranda – Colombo, Sri Lanka

As the name suggests they do have a lovely veranda to sit outside and sip your hot or cold drink. Their specialty Créme Brulée Latte is to die for, with artisan beans also used for rich espressos and cold brews.

Perfect chilled start to the day and a must-visit for some of the best coffee in Asia.

Check out the best coffee shops in Colombo here.

29th. Fika Fika Cafe – Taipei, Taiwan 

Meaning “Coffee Break” in Swedish, Fika Fika Cafe is a Swedish-inspired coffee shop that brings the Nordic coffee hits to Taipei.

Would it surprise you to know that their decor is very IKEA-esque as well? The interesting coffees at Fika Fika make it a worthwhile visit. Try their Rosetta-Laced Latte for a new latte experience.

Check out the best coffee shops in Taipei here.

27th. 18 Grams – Hong Kong

You can’t have a list about the best coffee in Asia and not include 18 Grams. This beloved cafe started as a small premium espresso bar in the corner of Cannon Street Causeway Bay. Now, there’s eight locations in HK.

They roast their own signature blend and serve it a number of ways: French press, Chemex or cold brew?

Check out the best coffee shops in Hong Kong here.

26th. Namusairo – Seoul, South Korea

Namusairo does everything right. From the coffees to the entire customer experience, Namusairo has it figured out. From the moment you walk in, you’re greeted right away by a barista. They are more than happy to help walk you through their menu and make a recommendation for you.

They are known for the espresso, which you can enjoy while sitting in the small outdoor seating section.

Check out the best coffee shops in Seoul here.

26th. Curious Palette – Singapore

This cosy venue on Printep street is famed for their artisan coffee, but along with a wonderfully minimalist decor and big bold tasty food you’ll also get some amazing Instagram snaps here. It’s a win-win.

The coffee is brewed up by expert baristas and is full of rich flavour.

Check out the best coffee shops in Singapore here.

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25th. Meraki Coffee Roasters – Male, The Maldives

Meraki is the top (and original) speciality coffee roaster in the Maldives that’s effortlessly cool – it wouldn’t look out of place in Brooklyn. They roast all their own beans in-house and regularly change up their coffee menu.

P.S. Don’t miss out on the homebaked cookies!

Check out the most Instagrammable hotel in the Maldives here.

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24th. Glitch Coffee & Roasters – Tokyo, Japan

Glitch Coffee & Roasters is a quaint little spot that has a big fanbase among coffee lovers in Tokyo. It’s not hard to see why as they source their beans from all around the world.

Come here if you’re looking for a lighter coffee roast (towards the lighter-medium side). Try their Guatemalan roast for a nice and light way to start your day.

Check out the best coffee shops in Tokyo here.

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23rd. PPP Coffee – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PPP is an independent coffee boutique, specialising in roasting and purveying specialty coffee in Singapore and Malaysia. This stylish flagship store is a combination of café, retail store and roastery, and they also have weekly coffee and cupping workshops.

Check out the best coffee shops in Kuala Lumpur here.

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22nd. KC Roasters – Mumbai, India

As they say themselves they are aiming to spearhead a new coffee culture in India and they are doing it in some style.

Their coffee is world-class and the precision and talent of their staff is raising the bar for the entire city.

Check out the best coffee shops in Mumbai here.

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21st. Jiro Coffee Studio – Manila, Philippines

From the moment you walk in here, everything screams of passion for coffee. Their staff are super attentive to detail and the drinks are spectacular. They source their beans ethically from all over the world, and even offer free tasting shots!

Check out the best coffee shops in Manila here.

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20th. NOC Roastery – Hong Kong

Some of the purest and best made coffee you will ever taste. The put huge emphasis on sourcing the beans, roasting them carefully and even finding the purest water.

Walking into their store is like walking into an Apple or high end design shop. Everything is done to absolute perfection.

Check out the best coffee shops in Hong Kong here.

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19th. Nylon Coffee Roasters – Singapore

This isn’t just about any old cup of coffee. Nylon Coffee Roasters are firm believers in working closely with the source to foster a relationship. They do a wonderful job of telling that story through their social media channels.

You feel good about drinking coffee here because of the effort they put in. It also happens to taste outstanding, which obviously helps too!

Check out the best coffee shops in Singapore here.

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18th. Metal Hands – Beijing, China

The coffee scene is really starting to take off all over China and this is one of the places setting the pace. Beijing is becoming a java hotspot and this is the best cafe in the city.

A quirky layout and some great drinks like their nitrogen cold brew which will keep you cool in the summer months. A great place to sit and people watch.

Check out the best coffee shops in Beijing here.

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17th. Single Origin – Macau, China

As the name suggests, this place is all about single origin beans from Brazil and Guatemala. They specialise in pourovers, so while the coffee might take a little bit longer to make, the flavour is worth it.

Their espresso drinks are also top-class.

best coffee Asia

16th. Rufous Coffee – Taipei, Taiwan

Rufous Coffee is a hip coffee shop with interesting decor. It looks like a 1960’s diner with hints of modern wood finishings to give it a new look and feel.

The coffee here is fantastic and is roasted in-house. They have a proud collection of roasts from South America that they expertly brew. Try their Maragogype roast from Guatemala for a lighter-tasting roast.

Check out the best coffee shops in Taipei here.

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15th. Cabana Cafe – Vientienne, Laos

A stylish design cafe in the heart of Vientienne, The Cabana Design Studio & Café is a beautifully tranquil place to spend an afternoon. The interiors are stunning, but the coffee is the real highlight.

Here, you can sip on simple drip coffees, authentic Australian flat whites or creamy lattes, as well as a superb cold brew.

best coffee Asia

14th. Easy Cafe – Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar is fast becoming the “golden child” when it comes to the best coffee in Asia, but a lot of their beans are mainly exported. Easy Cafe is paving the way for speciality coffee in the city, with Australian-style flat whites, slow drips and pourovers.

They source their beans locally from organic farmers, which are then roasted by Gentleman Coffee Roasters in Syangon.

best coffee Asia

13th. The Roastery by Nozy Coffee Cafe – Tokyo, Japan

Have you ever had espresso served in a champagne glass before? Yeah, didn’t think so. Well, you can try that elegant glass of espresso here in one of Tokyo’s hippest coffee joints.

For something lighter, try their americano or lattes. Grab your coffee and enjoy it on the go, as this coffee shop is located on the infamous Cat Street in Harajuku.

Check out the best coffee shops in Tokyo here.

12th. Seniman Coffee Studio – Bali, Indonesia

This coffee haven takes things to another level: Seniman is a green bean processor, coffee exporter, roaster, designer, maker, explorer, and proudly based in Indonesia. The boutique cafe roasts all their own beans on site, so every brew here tastes incredible.

Staff are always on hand to talk you through the latest coffee news and tips, making this a must for any coffee fan.

Check out the most Instagrammable spots in Bali here.

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11th. Third Wave Coffee Roasters – Bangalore, India

They have several locations across the city and a dedication to delivering pure perfection in a cup. Their name ties back to a mission to produce high quality coffee (read more here) and they’re certainly doing that in Bangalore via their brilliant staff.

Check out the best coffee shops in Bangalore here.

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10th. The Little Red Fox Espresso – Siem Reap, Cambodia

With a large variety of brewing technique, this Australian-owned and Cambodian-managed coffee store is a real highlight of Siem Reap. They keep everything as sustainable as possible and uses organic and chemical-free beans from Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

It’s an absolute gem that should be on any caffeine addicts list of where to get the best coffee in Asia.

best coffee Asia

9th. Giyanti Coffee Roastery – Jakarta, Indonesia

Giyanti Coffee opened its doors in 2012, starting off with only a small space hiding behind a former Beauty Clinic.

Now one of the best coffee stores in the city, with in-house “roast masters” that are hugely experienced and passionate about sourcing only the very best beans. Their iced latte on a hot Jakarta day is one of life’s great pleasures.

best coffee Asia

8th. Yardstick – Manila, The Philippines

You won’t find people more passionate about coffee and improving the whole coffee scene in the city than the folks in Yardstick. There’s some wonderful treats too, like their famous Salted Caramel and Lemon Curd waffles.

Check out the best coffee shops in Manila here.

best coffee Asia

7th. La Viet – Da Lat, Vietnam

La Viet is right in the heart of the coffee growing region of Da Lat, in Central Vietnam, so the beans here are fresh as can be. It’s a slick warehouse-style space whose whole bean coffee is made from hand-picked, carefully sorted and processed Arabica beans and comes in three roasting levels.

You can enjoy pourovers, slow drips and creamy lattes – it’s some of the best coffee in Asia.

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6th. VCR – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Run by a team that’s dedicated to always giving you the very best coffee and experience, VCR is a caffeine Mecca in the city. They’ve top-of-the-range coffee equipment and roast their own beans fresh every day. Plus, with two floors and outside seating, you’ll never be stuck for space.

Check out the best coffee shops in Kuala Lumpur here.

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5th. Rocket Coffeebar S.12 – Bangkok, Thailand

Rocket Coffee Bar specialises in artisan coffee, with single origin beans from Kenya and beyond. The coffee style here takes inspiration from the original founders’ Nordic roots. You can choose to sip on slow drips, espresso or creative cold brews with fresh lychee.

It’s a must-have on any list on the best places for coffee in Asia.

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4th. The Workshop – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

The Workshop was Ho Chi Minh’s first speciality coffee roaster, and is still going strong today and inspiring countless new cafes. You can sample every type of coffee style here, from V60, Wave, syphon or cold drip to their classic espresso offerings. Beans come from Da Lat and Colombia and are ethically sourced.

Check out the most Instagrammable spots in Ho Chi Minh here.

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3rd. Anthracite Coffee – Seoul, South Korea

Anthracite Coffee is a favourite among the locals because of the great coffee and even better shop atmosphere. It has an industrial-type of feel inside the shop and there is plenty of seating to enjoy your coffee.

Order a regular cup of coffee here or go for one of their lattes that are known to be smooth, nutty, and a bit spicy.

Check out the best coffee shops in Seoul here.

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2nd. Mel Coffee Roasters – Osaka, Japan

Mel Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee shop in Shinmachi who serve Melbourne-inspired brews that are freshly roasted on a vintage 5kg Probat Roaster. The coffee itself is rich and comes in a variety of blends, and you can also attend coffee classes to learn all about the craft.

You’ll be a forever fan once you try this spot – it’s a mecca for the best coffee in Asia.

Check out the best coffee shops in Osaka here.

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1st. Simple Kaffa – Taipei, Taiwan

Simple Kaffa is the creation of a former Taiwan and World Barista Champion and they are famous in Taipei for their cappuccinos. We’re calling it for the 2nd year in a row: this coffee shop is world-class.

Its flagship store on bustling Zhongxiao East Road is a design dream,  where art and coffee are combined. Get their Dark Brown Sugar Latte or their Cappuccino. Can’t go wrong with either!

Check out the best coffee shops in Taipei here.

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